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The protests going on in Iran have been engineered by the Zionists in order to flip the government of Iran and to establish a Rothschilds' owned Central Bank in Iran.

The Jews controlling NATO are trying to start WW3

William Redpillem interviews Mike Sledge

RBN - The Jews and their plan to destroy the United States and the Constitution

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If you like my content PayPal me - [email protected]
Who would you like me to interview?

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Alison Chablotz Holocaust Satirical Song
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This is the guy who made this documentary and he showed it to me so I posted in my channel. Go in his channel to check out his full work: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/KZdjrB5U3sOD/

Find most Amazon Banned Books here: https://www.realhistorychan.com/2-newbie-special-offer.html

Find most Amazon Banned Books here: https://www.realhistorychan.com/2-newbie-special-offer.html
This interview is in Spanish. Maybe I will translate it. It's on another channel of Bitchute and you can find it on Bitchute by research " La mentira del Holicausto". How you can see the video doesn't play. Hopefully I took it down a while ago and I saved the interview.

Find most Amazon Banned Books here: https://www.realhistorychan.com/2-newbie-special-offer.html
All the wars are caused by them, all financial crisis are caused by them, they are murderous parasites who control the money worldwide though the control over the central banks that are mechanism to steal from other populations. They killed President Kennedy, they attempted the assassination of Ronald Reagan, they impeached Nixon and they destroy, cancel and murder whoever try to stop their mass murders. they destroyed, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Japan, they control the main stream media that they use to spread lies. They pretend to be victims of an absurdity like the Holocaust that never happened only in order to use their state of fake victims to infiltrate and destroy countries from within. They commit genocide after genocide. They have not sense of guilt, they have no empathy or remorse toward anyone. They are on this planet only to kill, steal and destroy.


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Who would you like me to interview?

On January 2018 I was working at Emory Continuing Education (a section of Emory University) as a lecturer of Italian, Ancient Romans History and history of Opera when something happened.
I have always been very vocal against Communism and Islam that I consider two very evil ideologies (islam in particular is not a religion).

Keynon Burns, an individual praising Nazism and extreme ideologies on minds.com started to talk to me and I ignored him since I surely dislike him and his crazy attitude. His nickname on minds.com was Black Republican and he is still active on that channel using the nickname of Presidenchill. A couple of my videos in here describe and show what happened in detail.

This Keynon Burns got really mad at me for the fact of being ignored and so he reported me to Emory University calling me a "racist" (WTF!)
He found my information on-line.

Emory University fired me and doxed me for something that is not even true. In fact Islam and Communism are not races so I am technically no a racist. They also said that I am against immigration when I am a legal immigrant from Italy myself! How ridiculous is that?
I am against ILLEGAL immigration and MASS IMMIGRATION that is disrupting Western countries, their culture and their people and that is just plain EVIL. The Wheel, the leftist newspaper of Emory University aka: Phony Machine lied on that too and perpetuated their political persecution of whoever does not support their anti-American, anti-Western, anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Jews and anti-FREEDOM vision of the world.

The Commies at Emory University hate me and are trying in any way to slander my name because I oppose Communism and all their FASCIST suppression of any political opinion different than theirs! This is the truth!

Keynon Burns deleted all his accounts but he keeps stalking me online using fake accounts.
Unfortunately (being fired and really hard to find another job) I cannot afford an attorney to sue Emory for defamation - because that what they did.

All this motivated me to get even more vocal and research more about that disgrace that Communism, Socialism, anti-American and anti-White narratives are. And that is why I started this channel. (YouTube shadow-bans me and deletes my videos, same for Facebook and Twitter - no surprisingly Communist networks).

You can google my name "Laura Leonora Corvino" and see by yourself.
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