Laurasian Gleaner

This is a celebration of life for Dusty, Casey, Sasha and their owner Betty. I was their pet sitter for about ten years. I enriched their life and they enriched mine.

Memoirs of a Pet Sitter #3
Aunt Pat's Cats
My memories of caring for six cats: Joey, Blackie, Tina, Dottie, Pixie and Blondie

The Laurasian Gleaner with Alexandrian Petsitting Exercising & Training Service (APETS)
All photography by Aunt Pat and William J. Keck III
Video & Narration by William J. Keck III
Staten Island NY 2019

Mocha and Basil were very lucky rescue dogs.

This is a video about my doggie friends, Sage, the German Wirehaired Pointer and Sammi, the Japanese Chin.

If you want to know more about German Wirehaired Pointers, check this link at Wikipedia:

If you want to know more about Japanese Chin, check this link at Wikipedia:

This is my business website for APETS:


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