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The past 48 hours have induced mass hysteria on the right regarding Trump's soon to be DACA deal with the Democrats.

Looking back at Trump's previous comments on illegal immigrants and DREAMers, it seems most likely that those protected under DACA will not be deported, but rather given a path to citizenship (amnesty). This concession to the left already has Trump supporters burning their MAGA hats and has damaged the trust of his base. How he will handle DACA and the wall may determine his chance at re-election in 2020.

I pulled out my phone during a lecture once my professor started talking about a taboo topic - genetic heritability of IQ and other traits such as height and illnesses. I questioned whether or not I should upload it due to the bad phone image and swimming-pool-quality audio but figured it could be salvaged with subtitles... Here is me in my usual class environment, asking leading questions until the professor stops calling on me. Enjoy staring up my nostrils as I try to keep my phone hidden from my eagle-eyed professor.

The purpose of the questioning was to try and start a conversation that we, in our country, are often not allowed to have. Today, we're conditioned to believe that anybody can do anything, "as long as you work hard!" And rhetoric other than that is too brutal. The taboo nature of the topic was proven to me when all of the students were suddenly awake for this lecture and asking questions for the first time... and it can be further proven by anyone angered by this video. It's not socially acceptable to question human nature anymore.

Video evidence appears to prove that Heather Heyer was never hit by James Fields's vehicle

Footage appearing to show Heather being pushed to the ground 3:30

Gab, the social media site that has run on a platform of "speak freely", is now being given the option to censor Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer or face a shutdown of their domain within the next 48 hours.

This should be seen as an opportunity for Gab rather than a sentence, but we'll have to wait and see what CEO Andrew Torba decides for the future of the site.

The national anthem and the American flag are just two American symbols being attacked as of late by the media, Antifa, and the far left. If we continue to allow ruling by the emotional minority, we will allow American nationalism to be vilified. The Star-Spangled Banner is already being labeled a neo-confederate symbol just weeks after Charlottesville, and we know much people love the confederacy.

Fun Fact: During the War of 1812, the British hired American slaves to fight in their ranks against the U.S., many historians claim this is what was meant by "hireling and slave" in the controversial and "racist" stanza of the national anthem. Even Snopes corroborates this. It is about triumphing over our enemies, not enjoying the deaths of slaves. (Not that this matters, Francis Scott Key was still a white supremacis-gender male).

Like any good conspiracy theory, it may or may not be true.

Is the real reason we're staying in Afghanistan because it's home to a poppy-filled gold mine that boasts a multi-billion dollar drug industry? Probably not, but the facts about the opium trade there and U.S. involvement are still interesting.

Congress's Afghanistan Quarterly Report:

Marines claiming to protect poppy farmers:

Marines photographed with poppy farmers:

Graphs on opioid abuse in U.S. (from the CDC) :

Didn't touch on this in the video, but there's a new, more efficient poppy seed being brought into Afghanistan:

Imagine that sock collection.

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