It's time to cut them loose.

From: Oracle Films

This is how people are getting sick

From: Maria Zeee

Anonymous draws attention to the real pandemic.

Notwithstanding that all these deaths are falsely reported as COVID deaths. And that the existence of the pandemic is predicated on the false, 45 cycle, PCR test.

Suddenly stops spinning.

Paul Marik: A tremendous man who has paid a high price to maintain his integrity.


Have a giggle over this!

It's out there, but these days it seems anything is possible.

One erupting volcano is all it takes to spew more CO2 into the atmosphere than the entire amount released by humanity since the beginning of time.

This is indicative of the sick and perverted society we live in.

I prefer to remain marginalized from society than participate in the lives of the maniacs interviewed in this video.

From: Vigilant Fox

Has it? Do we trust him?

From: The War Room

Probably one of the most obscene pieces of legislation in recent history.

Stew Peters & Maria Zeee
Stew Peters Show

Interview With Dr. Peter McCullough: Red Voice Media


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