Hi all, I hope you are well...

This is not a sponsored video lol, however I want to share a book with you that really helped me understand what is meant by the NOW.

✨ That book is 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle. ✨

The Now Moment is a topic that we'll be discussing further in future videos. In this video we simply begin to break down two main components that help unfold into the NOW
- Awareness vs Ego
- Presence vs Absence

As we become familiar with these concepts we are training our consciousness to feel into itself to learn and expand.

I'm super excited to start discussing these ideas with you all :D!!

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Following on from the last video:

We're further breaking down how the vibration we hold opens a state of being, from which we experience our point of existence.

The vibration of Wholeness (HIGH vibe)
Mentally - Consciously Still - Aware
Inner Being - Alert/Alive - Present

The vibration of Lack (LOW vibe)
Mentally - Consciously Resting - E-go
Inner Being - Bored/Numbed - Absent - E-motion

I understand how complicated the Ego likes to make things so I've also put together some reading material that might lend some support whilst trying to identify the shadow self:

SOFT reading..
Following books by Eckhart Tolle
The Power of Now
A New Earth
Stillness Speaks
Oneness With All Life

HARD reading...
This next book comes with a warning as it triggered a lot of internal wounds which made for a much HARDER read. It's purpose is to target lock your shadow for some deep rooted healing. So keep in mind when approaching this book that it's goal is to overcome your shadows by showing you them and directly feeling through the traumas causing resistance and releasing them.
That book is:
COMPLEX PTSD - from surviving to thriving by Pete Walker.

If you have other book suggestions, thoughts or questions feel free to share, we are all figuring it out together after all :D xxx

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The earliest childhood memory I have is the sensation of being full of emptiness, an inner feeling of expansion I call 'The Pillar of Creation". At night I would lay awake to feel only the outline of my body, the left and right sides acting like two pillars holding space for creative energy.

It wasn't until later, during my awakening that I came to understand what 'The Pillar of Creation' is. Now I make videos trying to help point to this place we each hold inside.

Lavern xxx