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This video is a presentation by Webster Tarpley.
A very articulate scholar who has studied the Venetian model for decades since his time in Princeton.

Listen closely as he describes how the world and finally America, have devolved into a quagmire of Scientism instead of science.
Black magic instead of religion.
Pharmacia instead of Medicine.

Leaving us in a world today based on war, drugs and slavery. Where bankers have replaced sovereigns. Districts have replaced countries. Governments replaced by corporations.
All corporate policy in the Venetian model, now fully in view in 2024 America.

In this model, armed merchants demand you do business with them.
Eventually swallowing up those business into their own. As well as the cultures connected to it.
Enslaving the population, they then use to make cheap goods. Using up that country’s resources to undersell any competition in the next target population.

This model partner's with adversarial players in the targeted regime. Supplying the funds, at exorbitant interest rates, to massively beef up their militaries. Overwhelming your now, common enemy.

It works the same all through history.
These banking families paid Genghis Khan to decimate populations in what is now Asia and Europe.
Paid the Conquistadors to go back to their reserve’s in South America, and harvest the populations.

Paying the “ Sea People “, to harvest their
“ new world “ holdings in the north of the Americas.
Liquidating native populations in every land they infest.
From Cuba to Argentina and everything in between.

The inbred Nobility of Europe were easy prey for the clever agents of the bankers.
Who absorbed their business into their own holding. Now the British fleets can be combined with the Venetian armada’s.

Then the Dutch East India company and the British East Indian companies combined as the greatest sea force in history.
With the invention of gun powder, these merchant fleets were unstoppable.
Moving across the world harvesting primitive populations and pillaging their resources.

With their capture of the world’s legal system, it’s clear sailing ahead.

The “ corporation “ is the perfect tool for absolute totalitarian control of the world.

Here is how the world really operates.
Drugs, slaves, weapons, war.

Remember the pictures of American soldiers guarding the poppy fields in the Middle East?

Vietnam was to steal back the opium trade from the Chinese Triads. Who had become the major suppliers to their own people when they partnered with the western families bringing the opium to the shores of China, as a compromise in the opium wars.

They have used this blood money to buy everything in every world now including the military, and the legal system. In all countries.

With their iron lock on all media guaranteeing no information can ever pierce the propaganda.

This video and the book, “ Dope Inc. “, lay out the real way the Black Nobility got the money they now use to run the world.

Killing hundreds of millions of people.
Stealing their lands, resources, for profit.

Using the money looted from
other nations, they have the world by the throat.
Paying all militaries to do their dirty work.

All popular politicians know this information they hide from us.

$500 for a $30 book on Amazon!
Yet, another example of how they dumb us down using assets like their bought and paid for publishing houses selling information on their “ bought and paid for” sales portals like Amazon.

More information about the “ Holy Texts”, you probably never read.

This documentary illustrates the role American Jewish banking families, still in power at the highest levels, have in creating revolutions to destabilize and dismantle the power structures of sovereign governments all over the world as a business model.

Recognize names like Schiff and Rothschild come up over and over as the funders of the various revolutions.
These families gladly stepped up to the Olympian parasite class to be the tip of the bloody poison arrows they shoot into the hearts and minds of civilizations they build to later harvest.
These banking families are the “ bag men” for all the terrorism covertly directed at the people’s of the lands the parasites lust after. Using the Jews they have created, with military precision as a armored division to break down any organized resistance to the bankers obvious machinations. The propaganda constantly generated by their long ago bought and paid for media underscore the messaging as legitimate to the throngs of intentionally uninformed people of their plantations now called
“nations”. Installing, as in America, a permanent three tiered slave class.

Stop being fooled by uninformed fools.

This is a very brief overview of a another hidden truth you probably never heard about.

This video deals with the hidden hands controlling our society’s using black magic, deception, and violence as state craft.
Consider the three city states of the Vatican, the City of London, and Washington DC.
All having obelisks. Why is that?
To proclaim the Pharos power over all.
They represent the Pharos jurisdiction over Land, Air, and Water. ( L A W )

These “ city states “ act as a shell over all countries. Superseding their sovereignty and authority.

It is not true, but they long ago captured all forms of communication,
so are able to keep this information hidden.
Capturing the world in one legal Gordian knot.

The symbology in this presentation are things we see every day deliberately hidden in plain view for legal purposes.
They have to inform you they are about to rob, hurt or kill you in order to keep it legal in their pirate world.
Even a cartoon television production showing an upcoming event in society, can act as a legal filing. Absolving them of legal responsibility in their world of pirate laws.
I use the word “ pirate”, to indicate “admiralty” law. The legal system imposed on Americans by George Washington.

Loren Moret is a scientist, a geologist, botanist, and foremost expert in radiation.
Fluent in ancient Iranian languages as well as Farsi. Translated Cuneiform tablets and has been researching the ancient Iranian family lines for decades.

These families run the world using fake archeology, propaganda, religion and war. All made possible by the curse of “centralized” banking. As the greed, (and inbreeding), of the sovereigns through history has left them easy pray for clever agents of the parasite class.

Moret follows the circuitous rout of the Jews from their beginnings as a extremely brutal tribe called the Tajiks.
Made into a perpetual “ victim race “, in the time of Cyrus the Great, to our modern age, used by these families as the tip of the spear they jab in the eyes and hearts of societies they create then harvest.

This same model has been used since before the time of the Pharos, still being used in this present day.

Witness the organized chaos going on in America presently. Our country is being dismantled before our eyes as the craven bought off politicians gorge themselves on the abominable sacrifice of their own country.

I offer these books and videos to prove to anyone who WILL read that religion is a tool of wealthy anchient families used to divide the gullible masses.

If you just go with me on this ride to explore the real truth, we may find a glorious humanity at the end of the journey. That we really do live in a paradise where food is free. Water is free.
It’s just that these anchient families got here first and now claim ownership to all of the earth resources. Fencing those resources off with propaganda and the retooling of the legal system whereby they use our own police and military as weapons against an unsuspecting populace.

This video and the books written by this author track the Venetian bankers from the dismantling of Rome until today’s planned apocalypse based on the book of Revelations the bankers use as a model to frighten the gullible masses.

When I was a little boy in the 60’s,
there used to be a country called Palestine.
It’s been erased from the maps.
See for yourself.

Baruch Goldstein massacre of innocent Palestinians in 1994 as they prayed in their own mosque.

Brutal slaughter of Palestinians by Jews.
Deir Yassin :

Only conservative Christians morons who don’t read, think KJV is even real.
Yep, and he was a homosexual.
Thumbs down all you want.
It will not change the facts.

See for yourself how they hide the truth.

Another example of how the bankers keep us uninformed.

1925 Incorporation document

Word magic.

Gorilla gardening in the bankers world.

Tony Pantalleresco is the name I was tongue tied on in the video. (Sorry Tony)
Check him out for devices you can make and protocols to help neutralize the NANO.

Not sure if the contamination is mold, dirt or nano.

I took one of those worthless masks they hand out in business and found massive contamination including NANO structures.

Not sure what this black mass is inside a fresh organic orange.
I’ve never seen this before. If you have, please comment.

It’s in all our food. Especially anything grown outside it seems.

Not sure if it is a “ Girl Scout” product or not.
I bought it from a kid selling them outside the market entrance.


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