Virginia is heading towards a very serious situation with the Supreme Court regarding their anti-gun attitudes and legislation.

Nancy freaks out only proves she hates those who do not agree with her

Professor Karlan attacks President Trump's son for laughs; fails miserably.

ABC shills but they have to and Disney OWNS YOU so OBEY!

Ol' Willie drops the green leaf because habitual use is so cool until it is not.

Poor Joe, he should have retired when Corn Pop did.

The Hatch Act, while bathed in good intentions, violates the First Amendment.

So the balloon has an armed team of protectors... cute.

Three separate heinous attacks in Baltimore proves that voting democrat is hazardous to your health

Yoni Applebaum's Piece in the Atlantic for their new remodeling is just what you would expect from a far-leftist publication.


Democrat Controlled Tucson, Arizona has gone insane....

Project Veritas and their whistle blower knocked one out of the park exposing media corruption.

I will be posting to both YouTube and Bitchute, but...

This is a different topic in which I usually put out, but on the heels of one prequel not being ordered, this one is now ordered.

Both Jessica and Joe get owned but in some different ways...

Tulsi unleashed a verbal assault on HRC after accusations of her being a Russian asset.

Hillary Clinton is certifiably insane and to suggest Tulsi Gabbard as a Russian asset is beyond ridiculous.

Regardless of the passing of E. Cummings, he would still travel with
socialists and reduce your liberties if given the chance. Rest in Piece, but would he feel the same for you and your family?

During the debate last night, if you were on the fence wondering if the democrats were Socialists, now you know.

Trump was in rare form and during his rally, focused his attacks on Joe and Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, the squad, AOC, Ilhan Omar... etc

Freedom of speech... yuck. Freedom of expression... yuck. Is that good enough, my Chinese Communist masters?! Please say it is!

It really was a heart attack and Trump will be impeached but not driven out of office.

Bernie Sanders is ill and should I revel in his sickness or take the high road and wish him a speedy recovery? Would he and his socialist ilk offer the same well-wishes? Probably not.

The far-left impeachment democrats are at it again with their one-sided and blatant myopic view on the so-called Ukraine scandal... what about Biden? Oh, he is far left, you do not care. You are hacks.

The Democrats, with their weak candidates, want to control you and your family by retaining power in Congress and bringing impeachment on the President.


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I will instigate as per the 1st Amendment.