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Dr. Yeadon's Judgement:

• Central planners - take a listen.
• Politicians involved - life imprisonment.
• Doctors who ordered injections - life imprisonment.

"Previously, I was against capital punishment. So this shows the magnitude of the offenses against humanity. That's why they cannot be allowed to roam free and do it again."

Gut Health is instrumental in immunity.

This tik tok had close to 1 million views last night and over 25k retweets and, in 24 hours, was pulled down @JanJekielek
Do we still believe this is about a virus? They who want to control don’t want you to make discoveries. I tried to repost it, and it says “ under review” … UNDER review by WHO? I am leading the Microbiome Research clinically. Who else knows what Blautia or Roseburia does or what they are, or is it normal to have them? Please teach me... Here’s my advice; EDUCATE YOURSELF to stay alive. This is NOT about health… If it was... “discovering the loss of Bifidobacteria in severe covid patients would have hit mainstream media.” They would have pushed vitamins, exercise, and gut health for you to survive Covid. This is about control. This is about removing your freedom to speak and freedom to choose. Unite to fight for the truth. Stop the division. Your politician will not save you. @Progenabiome
was created to empower you, to #letdrsbedrs, to #Savethebif. This is my life’s mission NOW!! The moment they interfered with my research, they woke me up, and I am a hurricane in research. #WATCHME #ROAR.. No Dr will innovate if this continues... No Dr will try a drug or a treatment if medicine continues to be political. We cannot afford to interfere with research because we all will be patients. Research needs to be pure and unbiased and we MUST be able to challenge the narrative.
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Yuval Nosferatu, False Prophet of the Great Reset / Jew World Order. They can't stand to be mocked, because they can't counteract it or silence it. So mock them mercilessly and without ceasing. Destroy them with ridicule.


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So, does anyone know of a product that actually has the bifidobacteria? This doesn't seem to be anything RARE, and so why is there no mention of how to insure one can obtain sufficient bifidobacteria? The doctor here passes over this point too quickly and reassures us that SHE fooled around with various fermented foods and restored [show more]

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This is why Tiktok needs to be banned. Too much truth.

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Outlawed Tunes

They are censoring truth. Truth must not reach the ears of the sheeple before they die because they must die suddenly so that there will be no revolt by the masses

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Electric Car Dreams - yeah yeah for Electric Vehicles


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The importance of getting to the root of the virus fraud - Dr Tom Cowan

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Dr Roger Hodkinson - The latest figures on Vaccines effect are at least 20 Million dead -

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Covid-19 was deliberately released

Electric vehicles........... "Safe & Effective!"

Interesting to note: You Tube has removed this video.
Mirror of

European Parlament -Strasbourg
Today we are witnessing the burning of billions of doses of covid vaccines around the world 🌍 because no one wants them.

It would have been better if we had burned them all immediately and thus saved the health and lives of many citizens.❗️

In a recent interview, Germany’s Health Minister make a huge U-turn on Covid jab injuries.

He admitted that jab-induced injuries are a serious issue, and that his ministry was planning to launch a program to investigate injuries.

Additionally he said that he hopes pharmaceutical companies will voluntarily help to compensate those harmed by jabs.

In early 2022 he was extremely open about forced jabbing for the entire country to reach herd immunity: “A large group of unvaccinated people will get vaccinated.”

He also stated many times that the jab was “without side effects".

On Tuesday 28th February, the public united against the proposed plans of a 20 minute neighbourhood, set out by the Breckland District and Norfolk District Councils. Thetford Town Council also plays a part in this as various councilors sit on the board of the aforementioned. There was so much interest regarding this that the meeting went from taking place at the Kings House to the Thomas Paine Hotel, where the landlord kindly allowed us to utilize their wonderful dining area. There was a great deal of passion contained within that room; and with good reason, if you know anything about agenda 2030 and what it stands for. Even the councilors aren't fully aware of what they're voting in


Cash isn't perfect, but it gives us a hell of a lot more freedom (and privacy) than CBDCs. Use it or lose it!

And stop supporting businesses that won't accept it! Pretty soon they'll realise it's not in their best interests to go cashless.


FRANCE: 8,000 tonnes of rubbish piling in Paris

France is burning again
Hundreds of thousands of people took the streets on Tuesday
The protests affected refineries
bin collections
rail transport
air travel and schools
8,000 tonnes of rubbish were still piling up in the streets of Paris

This video posted after Davos 2023, critical of WEF plans for New World Order was removed from YouTube.

Footage included from Twitter posts made my Drew Hernandez. The posts are still available @DrewHLive.

Drawn from a past episode of That Friday Show (June 3, 2022), this clip is of Bill Gates in Davos LAST YEAR in 2022. What happens in Davos, Doesn’t Stay in Davos…

Link :

More bizarre "coincidences."
Odessa Orlewicz

"They need your support, now!"


Just one of the multidue of control mechanisms that CBDC's will have over your freedom for the rest of your life. Use cash, say no to CBDC's. Get rid of your "smart" phone.

Australian government biodistribution data
TGA Pfizer document from January 2021

24th March 2023 (sorry)

Tissue distribution (lipid nanoparticles encapsulation RNA)

(Page 44)

Rats after i.m. vaccine injection

The concentration of radioactive lipid marker reached the peak level in plasma (8.9 μg lipid eqv/mL),

between 1 – 4 h post-dose,

and distribution mainly into liver, adrenal glands, spleen and ovaries over 48 h

Concentrations were higher in plasma than in blood, with mean blood: plasma ratios of 0.5 – 0.6.


The distribution of LNP-BNT162b2 (V9) mRNA or expressed S protein was not studied.

Table 4-2. Mean concentration of radioactivity (sexes combined) in tissue and blood following a single IM dose of 50 μg mRNA/rat

(page 45)

Mean total radioactivity was greatest at the injection site followed by the liver,

with much lower total recovery in spleen, adrenal glands and ovaries

The tissue distribution pattern was similar in 100 μg mRNA/animal dose group as noted above for 50 μg mRNA/animal dose,

with highest distribution into liver, adrenal glands and spleen.


Slow but significant distribution of lipid nanoparticles from the site of injection with major uptake into liver.

Minor distribution in spleen, adrenal glands and ovaries over 48 h.

Mean blood:plasma ratios of 0.5-0.6 indicating nanoparticles mainly present in plasma fraction of blood with peak concentrations in plasma at approx. 2 h post-dose.

Liver concentrations over time

25 mins 0.74

1 hour 4.62

2 hours 10.97

4 hours 16.55

8 hours 26.54

24 hours 19.24

48 hours 24.29


(page 46)

In vitro studies indicated minor metabolism of ALC-0159 and ALC-0315 in liver, with most of the lipids found unchanged at the end of the 2 or 4 h incubation period

Whether the vaccines contain graphene oxide is no longer speculation. Pfizer's own documents prove that graphene oxide is in the vaccine.

A former Pfizer employee shows documentation of graphene oxide in COVID-19 vaccines

Scientists worldwide claim all Covid-19 Vaccines contain Nanotechnology & Graphene Oxide

Australian Government Biodistribution Data

We are but Guinea Pigs to "them"!

Only use cash,(Cash is King) stop using your credit/debit card and for Gods sake get rid of your Smart phone now!
CBDC's equal the total end to your freedom.

Production of Gene-Edited foods is now legal in England

Spectacular spirit of the French people
Exceptional footage of the millions in Paris rebelling against Macron


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