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Million Maskless March Leader Speaks Truth To Medical Tyranny

Ethan Ralph Sees The Left Pushing Racial Division TO Dangerous Levels During Chauvin Trial

Dying on the altar of Fauci, the masked in our lives don't even realized the detrimental effects of breathing in the same chemicals meant to protect you from COVID

"Gestapo, You are not welcome here!" exclaimed the Polish Pastor as the orwellian ministry of health comes to enforce mandates without any warrant or law to defend them.


Owen laments the state of our major cities, and the reckoning the nation will have upon itself when it decides to turn course away from destruction.

Jack Hadfield sees a clear pattern between the media narrative regarding the treatment of anti-lockdown protestors as opposed to the BLM protestors getting treated with a soft resolve.

Jack Hadfield joins with Tom Pappert to discuss his new project and the insight he's learned following this covered up illegal immigration nightmare in Europe.

Harrison Smith breaks down the military leadership’s woke crusade against Trump supporters and the conservative media figures.

National File's Patrick Howley has been on a social media tear, and will stop at nothing until the world knows the truth.

Harrison warns us of an impending future where government, military and technology convene together to create new modern day Super State hell bent of controlling the masses in America.

How The GOP Betrayed Trump, And How We Can Take The Power Back

It Happened: Twitter Cancels Lauren Witzke For Saying Pedophiles Are Demonic

Craig Sawyer joins the show to promote his movement with Vets For Child Rescue, and Owen brings up new stories in the news regarding porn websites supporting underage porn, or as the two are calling it, Child Rape On Camera.

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A caller piggy backs on the topics between Craig Sawyer and Owen Shroyer regarding Porn Hub, and wonders if there is a clear addiction to porn not being talking about in America.

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Greg Reese's report on weather modification brings to light the possibility of what happened in Texas regarding the recent freez-over in Texas

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Craig Sawyer doesn't see a happy face despite the savior from Covid President Biden and his CDC is here to make sure we are safe.

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Cartoon Network is teaching children to see race in order to fight racism? Read that again and try to make sense of it yourself......

Cuomo thinks he can pass the buck to the first crony that will fall on the sword, but Americans know better.

Owen laments on the current state of affairs in America and it's analogue to the recent explosive events.

In an exercise in lunacy, a cross-eyed NPC for the democratic party implores more mask wearing nonsense.

The make believe world is bleeding into the real, where teachers are fired for not respecting the heritage of an artificial nation created by Marvel Comics.


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