Leaky Faucets unbox the loot crate DX from June 2019. IT's late but it's worth it. This crate is one that is really well thought out!!!!!!!!! We had a great time unboxing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Leaky Faucets unbox this disappointing loot crate.

Two cousins have a talk about slim and may have a few slaps to go around!!!!!!!!!!

The Leaky Faucets take the Riverside to the catacombs.

Leaky faucets (the twinzies) take on General Winkler to show him who is the boss on the winkler retreat.

Leaky Faucets unbox loot crate dx 2019.

Unboxing a brand new cyberpower pc. It has an intel i9,16gb ddr4, Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 8 gb, 480ssd, 3tb HDD.

Leak 1 plays Rage 2 Wasteland Celebrity.

Vandal Villas is a bandit den all chests found.

Goon Bridge a bandit den all chests found.

Bandit den Completed all storage chests, ark chests, and a data pad found.

I make my way through the ruined shaft side mission. There you encounter Lug The Nut. All storage chests and an ark chest found.

Skull fort then we where attacked by other pirates ARRRRRRRRR!


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This channel is a brother and sister duo, who will be doing some unboxing, play some great games, and eat some gross stuff. You never know if we could be joined by some crazy family members or some friends that are questionable. Every week is a mystery!