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Souping Is The New Juicing
Juicing shot up the popularity meter ever since people have attested to its benefits. Soups, on the other hand, have been around way longer and has its advantages, too. However, people more often than not, confuse the two. So I’m glad to have Cherie Calbom back on the show to explain why souping is the new juicing.

Cherie Calbom graduated with a Master of Science degree in Whole Foods Nutrition from Bastyr University. Aside from her interest in the Holistic world, her passion was initially triggered by her health journey.

It turns out that Cherie Calbom dealt with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for years. However, after doing juicing and souping for three months, she was able to heal herself. This led Cherie Calbom to develop juicing and soup recipes to help other people as well.

Soup Recipes

“I have a lot of raw soups. We came up with title to encompass a broad range of mixtures,” said Cherie Calbom. “Souping encompasses all the blending such as cold soups, cooked soups, and chunky soups.”

Out of all the type of soups, Cherie Calbom says that raw soups have the most enzymes and vitamins are well-preserved. Soups 118 degrees or below is likewise still considered raw food as well as dehydrated foods.

Essentially, souping is a new concept. More importantly, it does not eject the pulp of the ingredients. Hence, it preserves the nutrients. Because of this, Cherie Calbom says that raw soups are often requested by her clients in her detoxification program.

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Neurofeedback: Unlocking The Brain
The brain is such a powerful tool yet there are secrets to its power that we have yet to unlock. Hence, my guest, Dr. Andrew Hill is here to teach us how to make our brain function optimally. He will also explain what neurofeedback is all about.

How It All Began
Dr. Andrew Hill has been involved in clinical work for more than two decades. In college, he worked in a residential facility for developmentally disabled adults. Because these people were primarily non-verbal, Dr. Andrew Hill had to learn different techniques on how to understand them.

“The verbal challenge in these individuals was so profound. I had to communicate with people in a very different way,” recalls Dr. Andrew Hill.

Incidentally, the state of California and Massachusetts tend to lead the way in progressive health care reform in the United States. This piqued Dr. Andrew Hill’s interest to work with different populations.

Dr. Andrew Hill was working in in-patient psychology when he first heard about neurofeedback. He eventually went on to graduate school to learn more about neurofeedback.

What is Neurofeedback?

According to Dr. Andrew Hill, neurofeedback is a form of Biofeedback in the brain. It was invented about 50 years ago.

Neurofeedback was developed through the work of Dr. Joe Kamiya at the University of Chicago in the 1950s. It was eventually followed by Dr. Barry Sterman’s work at UCLA in the 1960s.

Primarily, neurofeedback trains the brain to efficiently function. It is also known as EEG Biofeedback based on the EEG or electroencephalogram. The EEG is a test to monitor the electrical activity of the brain.

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Functional Nutrition

Understanding Functional Nutrition
Many of you may have never heard of Functional Nutrition or do not know what it is. It is a relatively new specialty which looks at the way our body is affected by food on a cellular level. Josh Gitalis is on board with us today to expound on what Functional Nutrition is all about.

Getting Into Functional Nutrition
For someone as young as Josh Gitalis, his impressive resume blew me away! He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario in 2004. In 2006, he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Pursuing further studies in the Holistic world, Josh Gitalis graduated with honors from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2007. A notch on his Functional Nutrition belt is becoming a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner in 2016.

However, Josh Gitalis’ list of accomplishments doesn’t stop there. Aside from Functional Nutrition, he has varied interests. His interests include working in the past as a personal fitness trainer and health coach. Josh Gitalis, however, decided to focus on Functional Nutrition after attending a conference on Holistic Nutrition and soil health.

Soil Health

Before we think of just eating organic foods, Josh Gitalis says we must consider soil health. He says that when we have conventional food, the soil used to grow those plants are depleted. Hence, it makes us more susceptible to disease.

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The Art of Writing A Book

I’m sure you’re wondering what does book publishing or writing a book have to do with Holistic health. Well, doctors, health practitioners, and health coaches have a lot of knowledge to disseminate so writing a book gets the information out there. Diana Needham is my guest today, who will show us tips and tricks on writing a book and how to market it successfully.

By a stroke of fate, Diana Needham and I first met at a marketing seminar years ago. Dubbed as the “book shepherd” by her clients, she serves as a trusted mentor through the book creation, publishing, and launch processes. Furthermore, she supports clients to achieve more than they thought possible.

Shifting Careers
Incidentally, Diana Needham was in an entirely different career before being in the book publishing business. Initially working for 26 years in the banking industry, she primarily managed important strategic projects.

However, the bank Diana Needham used to work for was purchased by one of the largest banks in the country. Diana Needham recalls that consequently, it became an unhealthy place for her. Hence, she opted for voluntary resignation.

When her staff figured out their next career progression, Diana Needham embarked on her coach training journey. She initially started off marketing the business of small business owners. Then Diana Needham eventually was referred to an author who needed help selling her book which turned out to be a success.

Marketing Books

Working in the banking industry had a lot of corporate challenges, eventually leading Diana Needham to leave the industry. However, her managing and marketing skills proved to be an asset when she shifted careers.

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How To Have Healthier Teeth

It is no secret that most of us spend a lot on dental health. That is why one of the things we usually remind our kids is to practice good hygiene, especially by brushing their teeth regularly. However, there are ways to prevent high dental expenses. My guest, Dr. Steven Lin, will show us how to have healthier teeth as well as keep our teeth in tip top shape.

Dr. Steven Lin’s Realization
Dr. Steven Lin has been practicing dentistry for a long time. However, Dr. Steven Lin took a hiatus at one point in his career. He felt something was missing despite being passionate about educating patients on how to have healthier teeth.

It immensely bothered him that so many kids nowadays suffer from rotten teeth. These children eventually grow up and develop gum disease. Apparently, the conventional way of hygiene like brushing and flossing wasn’t solving the cause of the problem.

Fortunately, Dr. Steven Lin rediscovered a passion for dentistry when he came across a book written in the 1930s by Dr. Weston Price, a dentist who provided a lot of eye-openers regarding dental health and how to have healthier teeth.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
Dr. Weston Price was a Canadian dentist who published his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration in 1939. Known for his theories regarding nutrition, dental and physical health, he initially did extensive research on focal infection theory.

Eventually shifting his focus to nutrition in the late 1800s, Dr. Weston Price started to formulate the correlation between diet and tooth decay. According to Dr. Weston Price, foods that cause nutritional deficiencies and dental problems are flour, sugar and processed vegetable fats. His book likewise expounded on the different diseases resulting from Western methods of preparing and storing foods.

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Why Weight Loss Doesn't Work

The Psychology Of Fat Loss
Many women have searched far and wide for the perfect diet. And while some were successful at first, most women fail to maintain their weight. Well, you guys are in for a treat today. Because my guest, Jason Seib, has unlocked the real secret to fat loss. Read on to find out how to achieve fat loss for life!

Lifestyle Change
Jason Seib is an author and speaker who specializes in the Psychology of Fat Loss. Discovering his calling in his late teens, Jason Seib revealed that he was initially in a bad place around the age of 19. Because of that, he decided to have a lifestyle change and moved to a different state.

Embracing a new life in a new environment, Jason Seib’s life took a 360-degree turn when he met a person who taught him how to work out. Consequently, that triggered his fascination on what exactly makes the body lose fat. That fascination eventually led him to work with people from all walks of life.

Conventional Wisdom About Fat Loss
Jason Seib says nobody tries to figure out two sides of the equation. Women are constantly trying to change the way their body looks. They think changing how their body looks ultimately solves the problem.

But who can blame them? Modern society has influenced women to believe that they would only be more valued once they change their looks. They think people would respond to them more favorably and differently.

“That is garbage. What happens when you lose weight is that people just notice you lost weight,” said Jason Seib. “It is wrong to think that you will be loved only if you look better.”

Jason Seib also says that we are programmed to be what we are. Through his work, he helps people to understand and likewise assist them to make these changes.

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Feminine Sensuality And Sexuality

Passion As Prayer: Rediscovering Feminine Sensuality and Sexuality

Over the years, women have become stronger and capable of multi-tasking. But living in this fast-paced world can leave us feeling burned out. If you’re looking for ways to reconnect with your feminine nature and recharge your sensuality and sexuality, look no further. My guest, Deonesea La Fey, is here to help you regain your inner radiance.

Getting Past A Trauma
Surviving several years of sexual molestation as a child, Deonesea La Fey realized in her early 20s that something was amiss back in those years. Hence, she went through several years of actually working on that trauma. And just like a Phoenix, Deonesea La Fey rose from the ashes.

“A part of my healing was that I already knew I was missing something. That empty feeling was from my early sexual experiences with boys and young men,” said Deonesea La Fey.

However, during her healing process, Deonesea La Fey encountered Tantra and Tantric teaching. Hence, she started to understand how her body locked the trauma in the tissues of her vagina, womb, and belly.

As Deonesea La Fey slowly found her path to healing, she likewise found her calling to help other women. Following her heart, she has been helping women find their spirituality and sexuality for a decade now.

Your Body Is A Temple
Deonesea La Fey’s work is centered on women’s spirituality and shifting their belief system to realize that our body is our temple. And because it is the “house” for our spirit, we must understand how to keep it whole.

Apparently, it is when we are complete, that we would know more how to give and likewise to receive. Deonesea La Fey says we become whole only when we understand our authentic inner self.

“When I reject some parts of myself or hate myself, I’m saying to Creator, ‘You didn’t do a good job here,'” explains Deonesea La Fey. “Whereas if I embrace my..

Eliminating Wheat and Grains For Better Health

I’m sure you have heard how grains and sugar are bad for our health. But did you know that wheat is the most dominant and the worst of all grains in particular? Today’s guest, Dr. William Davis, will expound on all the reasons why we should start eliminating wheat and other grains from our diet.

Starting His Crusade
Dr. Davis is a Cardiologist, Author and Health Crusader. His campaign on eliminating wheat and grains started after his mother died of sudden cardiac arrest.

Apparently, so many people have suffered from silent heart disease. It was worse 20 years ago. The only tools we had available for treatment then, were having a low-fat diet and taking Statin drugs.

With the existing medical procedures back then, it failed to prevent the health condition of Dr. Davis’ mother from worsening. Hence, the tragedy jump-started Dr. Davis’ long research on what kind of food makes us sick, as well as exposing the real agenda of pharmaceutical companies.

The Truth About Cholesterol
“Cholesterol is more like an innocent bystander in this process. But it makes a lot of money for the pharmaceutical industry,” Dr. Davis boldly declared.

Surprising, right? There have been numerous studies over the recent years, saying LDL-cholesterol is not as bad as people think. But because pharmaceutical companies rake in so much profits, they make it appear that cholesterol primarily causes heart disease and cardiovascular mortality.

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The Happiness Formula

All of us have varied definitions of happiness. Some find it in material things, and others find it in relationships. But do you know that there is a formula to be happy? My guest, Michael Weinberger will show us an amazing way to how to truly be happy through his Happiness Formula.

The Dark Years
Life wasn’t always a bowl of cherries for Weinberger. Having been diagnosed in 1994 with bipolar disorder at the age of 17, Weinberger went through some troublesome years at school, which dragged on until he got married and started his career.

However, it didn’t stop there. Apparently, Weinberger’s biggest struggle was his weight. When he was 32 years old, he reached a shallow point in his life. Nothing seemed to go well, and that led him to the brink of suicide.

Weinberger eventually was able to pick up the pieces of his life. He joined programs that helped him manage his weight as well as change his negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones.

A Plan For Living
Once Weinberger got back on track, that’s when he decided to create A Plan For Living. He says he initially created it out of necessity to manage his own life and that others could benefit from it as well.

A Plan For Living app focuses on gratitude, spirituality, and mindfulness. It also deals with impulse control, anxiety, fear, worry, and frustration. According to Weinberger, this tool is a saving grace for anyone who has been through the worst challenges in life.

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Breathing Techniques

Learning The Right Breathing Techniques
We all know that we need to breathe to live. But are you aware that most of us do not know how to breathe properly? Well, you’re in luck today because I got Dr. Belisa Vranich, a breathing expert who will teach us proper breathing techniques that have significant health benefits.

Dr. Vranich’s Backstory
Dr. Belisa Vranich was a clinical psychologist for 20 years before she got into the business of teaching people proper breathing techniques. She likewise has an extensive background experience in psychometric testing, administering IQ tests as well as neuro psychological evaluations.

Then up until a decade ago, Dr. Vranich started going through a lot of stress. After trying out yoga, she liked the breathing techniques and decided to study more on the subject. After gaining knowledge and experience, Dr. Vranich eventually decided to offer a program called The Breathing Class.

The Breathing Class

We all say breathing is important, but most people often don’t know how. Our lack of knowledge of what are the right breathing techniques affects all our health and wellness in every way.

Upon signing up for the program, clients are initially made to undergo a functional breathing test. This test can show how breathing patterns affect people physically and mentally.

Consequently, The Breathing Class is a lung workout and tailor-made for each client. Dr. Vranich teaches breathing techniques that can either calm the person or make them more alert. Part of the process includes strengthening the breathing muscles, exercising the diaphragm and promote meditation habits as well.

“I initially didn’t think I’d be teaching meditation. But my class is a breath-centered meditation,” said Dr. Vranich. “You can get into a trans-meditative state by breathing well.”

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