Sons Of God

For the last 2,000 years, the Jews have engaged in ritualistic murder and human sacrifice. They have even created a phrase for this type of accusation, they call it "blood libel". Lets uncover the truth.

🔗 Judaism is satanism:

Jews fear the very thought of an understanding between Muslims and Christians so much that they spend a lot of time attacking posts that speak in favor of such an understanding, so keep your eyes open. However... nothing, and I repeat NOTHING, would be more detrimental to the Jewish control of this world than any form of mutual respect between the only two religions whose basic principle is based on worshipping the Creator of the heavens and the earth, of the seas and everything in them.
No, "nazis"(National Socialists) were not bad. These people were.


I could laugh for hours. This is too funny.
"Whenever you see a man with two earrings, one in each ear.... 150 % chance of homosexuality"
A TV host's very first comment: "So... here we have a Jewish whore"
[Is called an anti-semite] "Well yes, of course I am. If hating Jews was a full time job, I would be CEO!"

How open they speak about it, and how honest they speak about it without a shred of hesitation is why I find these clips so amazing.
There is literally and endless sea of material to use when it comes to Muslims and their disgust with Jews and faggots. I just took some of the entertaining ones.


Ron DeSantis, AKA Ronowitz DeZionist, is a Jew lover of the greasiest type. These laws are clearly targeting Handsome Truth and the guys. I mean, I instantly dismiss the mathematical probability that it's nothing but a cohencidence that the GDL dudes distribute flyers and hang banners, and that these exact things are targeted legislatively.


I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING. The Jewish media made this video so.. yeah. But it's funny as f*ck. He says what almost every American would say, and yet, the Jew media portrays him as some kind of methhead. 😂
4:04: Listen to that elderly American. What an absolute hero. I would salute him on the spot.


20 straight calls of people calling the Jewish mayor Darrell Steinberg a kike 😆🤣


These cops admit that distributing [anti-Semitic] flyers is within the confines of the law but you can't distribute them from the inside of a vehicle? What? I can't take this. 😂
I'm not American but, if true, that just has to be the mother of all cornflakes laws.

"Hey, I'm not charging you for distributing books, I'm charging you for distributing papers with letters written on them!"


I did nazi that coming. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


THIS IS AMAZING, GUYS! I took this video, edited it, mixed some audio parts by themselves and remastered the file. The audio is nowhere near world class and I don't have the original files, therefore the outcome can't be perfect either. But I improved it as much as possible. I hope you'll enjoy.


This is the current state of affairs. Mention a single thing about the Jews and you will be shut down instantly and this is all happening In OUR countries, which is even worse.


The only thing worse than a Jew is someone who isn't a Jew, but still bows to them. Not sure if Trump is a Jew or not, but he sure is one pathetic faggot. If he isn't around on the day of the rope, then there are other family members who are.
To all Jews out there mark my words.. you WILL hang.
To those who bow to them, you will be the FIRST to hang. 🪢😉


This purpose of posting this documentary is to show exactly how scared the Jews are of even the slightest hint of opposition. Jews know what they have done, and what their punishment will be for those crimes once people figure it out. What a great time to be alive. Our parents and our grandparents put us in this place, but you did not. You were not part of the problem, but you may be part of the insurgency.


Ahahahahaha. He's a reluctant comedian 😁


You have too see this vid, guys. Many feel-good moments here in this latest Sacramento city council meeting. Ryan Messano, Jeffrey Perrine, Scottie BigBalls and others in this lineup calling out the horrible Jewish Mayor of Sacramento and the Jews' destruction of America.

1: Scottie was outed by the ADL and he wasn’t happy, so he called into Sacramento and outed the ADL’s sordid history defending child rapist and murderer Leo Frank and he was cut off for that.
2: We have Ryan Messano referencing John 8:44.
3: We have Jeffrey Perrine saying "You have a dumb, Jew, kike mayor" about the Jewish Mayor of Sacramento, Darrell Steinberg.
4: We have an unnamed guy, who uses a Jewish name on purpose, and who's immediately cut off after saying "I wanna say the mayor's a little faggot commie bastard, the Jew".


In the United States of Israel, it's normal that a US mayor bows to the foreign, hostile nation of Israel and satanic Jews cause if he doesn't, no more power for you boy. 😬

Satanism in the Talmud:
Pedophilia in the Talmud:
Transgenderism in the Talmud:


"Get AIDS and die, freak!" 🤣
In a debate about homophilia, Irish atheists attack American pastor Steven Anderson, one after the other, but Steven Anderson just keeps destroying them one by one.

Note: While I wrote "Irish atheists", you already know that chances are they are Jews posing as Irishmen. I haven't looked further into that.


This black guy, Jon Miller, seems super based. And regarding Stew Peters, wasn't he a normie? Is he also noticing now? What an amazing time to be alive. Our movement will keep growing and growing until it explodes in the faces of the enemy.


This is HILARIOUS, at least tragicomedy. Ryan Messano calls in to the Sacramento city council and speaks about Aryans/white people and how we are a minority and, lo and behold, the Jewish mayor calls it racist and shuts it down.


.... but don't seem to take even the slightest responsibily for their actions. I mean.. Imagine there is a man who lives with his wife and four children in a house just outside of a city. One day, in the middle of the night, a Jewish man shows up - high on drugs. He enters the house through a window, he shoots the children, and then he makes his way into the bedroom and manages to shoot the wife before the husband manages to overpower the suspect, killing him with a kitchen knife.

In the mind of the Jew, the moral of this story is crystal clear.

This was an act of anti-semitism similar to that of nazi Germany. The father, whose family was wiped out, was obviously a vicious anti-Semite.


Dennis Prager, of PragerU, says masturbating to animated child porn is totally fine because "it doesn't hurt anyone". Remember that this Jew is supposedly a "conservative". How could that be? Because there is no right-left paradigm. It's the Jews against you.


Always name the Jews. A short video that awakens the normie on the JQ. This is indeed a short video but one that may be used for positive propaganda purposes. It may be a normie's first step towards becoming our brother, or sister, in this holy struggle against the children of the devil, the Jews.


This video can help you awaken any friend or relative. The Jewish people have been a lying, deceitful, thieving, ungodly, genocidal people all throughout history. The Jews are a foreign, adversarial entity among the peoples of the world. In the good ol' days, the Jews seized control of all newspapers, radio stations and later the TV stations and Hollywood whereafter they could essentially bomb a country and nobody would ever know about it. Today, accomplishing that is much more difficult because information is only a click away which makes controlling the means of information, virtually an impossible task. People need to stop what they are doing, learn about why and how the Jews are a threat to us all and then do whatever is within their power, small or big, to help out. This video focuses mainly on the imaginary conflicts Jews create between the peoples of the world in order to make us hate each other, and blame each other so that we fight each other, rather than fighting them.

On this link:

I have written a more broad, but condensed, version that explains everything you need to know about the Jews and why we must fight them if you care about your people, your country and most important of all - about your Father in heaven. Everyone can do something. Not all of you are prepared to pick up a gun, but anything you can do could end up being key to our success. Whether it be that you decide to create Youtube accounts and warn people in the comment sections or working as a content creator to spread awareness, or if you aim for politics, donate money to key frontmen, whether you are destined to be a speaker, the most based pastor in the world or just in a small church or whether you knock on doors in your area makes no difference. Whatever it is will help and it could be what you view as insignificant that ends up being key to our success. Everyone can do something. Together, we will win this, we will be free, we are destined to win this. Literally. Scripturally. Biblically. What happens is up to us. 9999 times out of 10,000 nothing will happen to you. But even if lightning strikes, wouldn't you rather die on your feet than live on your knees?


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Always name the Jews, this fantastic propaganda video is perfect to share because it's short, easily digested and makes the subject start his or her journey into being fully redpilled on the enemy of us all - the Jews.

I have remastered this amazing piece of propaganda video and I have improved the audio quality a lot.


In Ukraine and Poland, you can buy anti-Semitic dolls called matryoshkas depicting a greedy, shekel grabbing Jew with a hooknose carrying money.



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Judaism is satanism

Read this and I am convinced that there will be no doubt in your mind that the guiding father of the Jews is satan.

A: Start with what Jesus told the Jews. It´s important to understand the context.
🔗 What Jesus said:

B: WHAT. Understand what the Jews did.
🔗 A list:

C: WHY. Understand why the Jews did the above. The reason is that the Jews secretly believe in a different god.

Let´s go through it

0: As you can see one the link below, child sacrifice to satan is allowed in the Talmud by passing the child through fire. This alone should be enough.

🔗 Source:

1: A Jew

👉 Founded: "The Church of Satan" (Jew Anton LaVey)
👉 Founded: "The Satanic Temple" (Jew Malcolm Jarry)
👉 Wrote: "The Satanic Bible" (Jew Anton LaVey)
👉 Wrote: "The Satanic Witch" (Jew Anton LaVey)

🔗 Here is a Jewish source confirming it:

2: The Talmud

The Talmud also allows for raping baby girls as long as they are younger than 3 years old and baby boys who are younger than 9 years old. It also allows for women to be whores, to lie to, steal from and kill non Jews. Additionally, it allows for women to have sex with animals. A girl, or woman, who does so can marry a priest, according to the Talmud.

3: Jesus. The Talmud also speaks of Jesus, the Son of God, as a demon-possessed sorcerer who worshipped a brick and who's now in hell boiling in human excrement and semen. (Forgive me Father, for I have to speak the truth).

4: Jesus told us 2000 years ago that the father of the Jews is satan. This has been true now for thousands of years, which explains the world you see today. There is not a single problem facing us, that the Jews did not found, fund and/or support. Like feminism, Antifa, BLM, NAACP, the civil rights movement, mass immigration, the faggot movement, faggot weddings, the pride movement, LGBTQ, drag queen story hour, the riots, fake news, the fake viruses, the fake and lethal vaccines, abortions, the porn industry, Hollywood, the music industry, the anti-Aryan sentiments, the wars, the bombings in the middle east, the banks, the federal reserve, pedophilia, the feminization of men, anti-Christian sentiments, anti-Muslim sentiments, satanism, atheism, the US congress etc etc.

Transgenderism also derives from the Talmud. In the Jewish Talmud, this is called "The Six Sexes of The Talmud".

🔗 Source:

5: Judaism is the result of Babylonian satanism. Here you will learn a lot from history and how it corresponds to today.

🔗 Ancient Jewish Satanism:

6: Learn from history. Jews have been expelled from 60 % of the countries in the world. (111 countries). In total, the Jews have been expelled more than 1000 times. Some of the most common reasons were that Jews practiced satanism, committed ritualistic murders, blood magic and always attacked God. As you can see in America today. They attack Christianity, they attack Jesus, they removed the Bibles from the public schools in America etc.

7: Jewish customs. Jews have several satanic customs A couple of examples:
a: Kapparot:
b: Metzitzah B’peh:

8: The Star of David. The so called "Star of David" on Israel’s flag is not the "Star of David". Nowhere in the Bible does it say so. It is actually the "Star of Remphan" (or Reifan) which is another name for the devil.

🗒️ FINALLY: Just like a father can never be friends with his daughter's rapist, a man or woman of God can never claim to love a Jew. You are to love what God loves, and hate what God hates. Do that, and you can do no wrong. The Jews are your enemy whether you ignore this or not. You can kiss their behind part all you want, but they still want your daughters raped, they still want your sons killed and they still want your country destroyed.