The age of spiritual warfare. The war for the hart and the spirit. Just dry information, no joking around. Scientists explaining the silencing and the censorship in this Plandemic era.
Full doc. 2hrs 16 min. here:

Mac adresses are given to the C19 injected., This video shows how this nano computersystem works. Humans became trackable by 5G. Images are shown of the nano tech and the graphine and the working of the routering part. This video is dry info that's all.
Full doc. 2hrs 16 min. here:

Description of what will come: digital id, surveillance all over, the smart grid.
This is tomorrows contolstate and we do not want that. Streetlights became lethal weapons. Don't comply? No food.
Aman Jabbi: U.S. camera surveillance specialist and Maria Zeee: we all know who she is:
The Final Lockdown
Big Data meets Big Brother meets Big Pharma; a conrol monster.
Learn more:
Directed energy weapons:
Weaponised streetlights with lasers and scanners:
WEF, Ida Auken How life could change in 2030:

Maria Zee original video:

This Emmanuel speaks like a SNAKE. This man is evil.
The U.S. system the China system or the New World Order. The last option should be : NO NWO and eliminating corrupted governments and other kapitalist globalist criminals and start all over again.

Tranny got HIS ass whipped by brave and powerfull Brazilian (real-) women.

Retarded WEF propaganda

See the original 2020 child abuse video from WEF:

Some stuff

AI unreliable? AI possessable by demons? AI launched in a rush means end of mankind? Stabilaty issues? ETC.
In this video there are a few serious thoughts to be considerded.


Roots in ancient illuminati Roman bloodlines. This "church" is babylonian.
Jesuits are here to destroy christianity.
Christ warned before. Matthew 12:30: “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters".

Sad sad situation. Do not take part in this shit anymore... Just imagine what happens if the machine starts malfunctioning.

Absolutely watch the original:
But that will take you about TWO HOURS!
So i made a short version. Brutal stuff.

more here:

Both a harvesting fest?

Build back better, pack and stack, creditpoints, you know the drill. Schwabs wet satanic dream

This man was WAY ahead of his time!

(English/ Dutch) They have to. How can one live a lie otherwise?

Do not comply with this! Taken from the Crowhouse

Taken from the Crowhouse. Grab a bucket, wear a diper, disgusting propaganda alternated with human tragedy (Covid injections)

Compilation of a Russian educational video and RichieFromBoston video's shot in Coral Castle in Florida approx. 10 years ago.
This is what they are hiding from us. Ultra -extreme forces are possible with magnetics! The pyramids in Egypt were build with these technologies. Electricity was free and should still be free! This energy-crisis is made up.

(DUTCH) Humberto Tan dook in de wereld van verkeerde overlijdensstatestieken en verkeerde doodsoorzaken door slechte lijkschouwingen. Nederland presteerde sowiezo al het slechtste op het gebied van het achterhalen van werkelijke doodsoorzaken. Dit speelde dus al ruim voor het Coronatijdperk. Dit is een compilatie van video's van 10 jaar geleden. Schokkende cijfers worden geopenbaard door Forensisch pathaloog anatoom Frank van der Groot en Selma Eikelenboom. Toen waren ze dus al bezig met bevolkingsreductie. Toen al. meer hier:

English (Dutch subs): Also feat. George W. Retard Bush.
Don't you dare saying things like: "How could this happen, how could it come this far, why did we let this happen??"
YOU let this happen because we WARNED YOU!!!
Plz share.

Citizens of Belgium, organize yourselves and invade this shithole plz! Save your children.

There shouldn't be any energy crisis at all. The cleanest energy possible is everywhere and is absolutely free! Just understand the technology they are hiding from us for obvious reasons.

You'll be joining us too? Be one of the first!!


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