This comedian, suddenly, became very serious .. Never seen before. Actor was widely well known from Black Adder, The Young Ones etc. Watch this until th every last second.. intense.

The connection between MH370 2013 crash and the MH17 2014. Brutal stuff.
Bodies in the MH17 were not from Europe while they should all be Norwegian and Dutch! All corpses were Asian. No blood was found on the crash site. Formaline in stead. Formaline is used to preserve bodies. All digital devices carried 2013 files, not a single 2014 one while the crash of the MH17 was in 2014

Max Igan short version.: Original here :

Mauï "wildfires" etc. DEW YouTube style.Build your own Laserweapon!
More video's here:
More info about DEW, Directed Energy Weapons here:

Israeli Palestinian conflict

Most of the video content was taken from SonofEnos,

This was a weather weapon assault, believed by many! A compilation of interesting imagery and opinions. After Turkey, Lybia/ Marocco (past september) and Maui, now it's Mexico's turn. Main stream media is ignoring the suffering. The Mexican govt. does nothing. Video for download about storm- creation here:!-480-DUTCH-SUBS.mp4

(DUTCH!) Video is al wat ouder maar je moet maar durven! Hij breekt een lans voor ons (en z'n ribben). Ik geef hem geen ongelijk. Meer video's hier :

Taken from various Max Igan

"Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law."

No one could ever be more right then Michael Yeadon is!
Taken from
Download this video here:

More video's here:

A whitness declares an army officer bringing two young children to Andrews hotelroom when he was visiting Ukraïn. He's officially protected by court. No information will be revealed.
More here:

Control over life and death by opto-genetics, Crispr and Visual Light Communications? When injected with that so called vax, the only thing left to do is installing a GATEWAY! Would that be the ..."mark"...? The gateway will connect your body to unknown health-managers wirelessly. Essential part in that is YOU giving them permission to do so.
This C19 jab could be seen as a preparation for that.
(DUTCH - subs)
Also watch this WEF promo from 2021 about light therapy to reduce Corona virus.

Worked for the WHO and the U.N. as a public health and medicin specialist. She also joined the U.N. WHO pandemic preparedness comities. Also frequencies by 5G are discussed. And the U.N. genocide that is still going on comes to pass in detail. Must watch. VERY educational...Make sure you are prepared! Taken from Brighteon.

Autorities are provoking citizens using climate idiots blocking the roads. Division is the target.
Download this video here:
More videos here:

These tempratures outreach the regular forestfires by far! "Anomaly" for sure!

Approx. 1000 children missing on Mauï as we speak. Where are the schoolbusses that were parked right before the fires? Should we be affraid of the most sinister scenario? Remember: The children were SENT HOME during the fires and not remained at home that day! Sent home or put in busses maybe? More video's here :

No bodies were found. Authorities lie about the numbers or tell you they don't know. But there are way too much coïncidences. Do your research and conclude this world is ruled by.. you know what...
Remember: The children were SENT HOME during the fires and not remained at home that day! Sent home or put in busses maybe?
More videos here:

Taken from realweekendwarrior. Biden does not give a damn. The mayor does not know how many children are dead and everybody KNOWS it's all done intentionally. Anyhow. DEW or else. Here's done a huge crime..This was a landgrab.
More here:

Scary stuff. They just want to let you know in a not so official way that they OWN these weapons and they're not affraid to use them (against YOU). Watch till the end (Fish, police stopping the traffic so they can burn the hell out them)
Download this video here:
What is a DEW weapon? More here:
More here in dutch:

History repeating here!
Download this video with DUTCH SUBS here:

This is about MONEY not about climate change global warming or whatever bs. China needs his ev-industry to be financed so it puts his newly produced cars in the open field to ROT. (dutch subs)
Download this video here:

This lock down will remain forever. Digital prison soon to be opened and maybe you are one of the inmates? Download this video here:


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