One of a pair of ravens that live in the area. They will take eggs that are left where they can see them. Since they harass the bald eagle that comes by looking for lunch occasionally, I don't begrudge them a few.

View from my Window: One winter morning I saw a large cat in the field across the road. I did a double take when I realized it was considerably larger than the feral domestic cat that lives in the area. He spent about 20 minutes in the area, looking for voles or rabbits, even jumping onto an old trailer frame for a better view. Then he disappeared into the brush by the creek.

Just a frog...sitting on a log. My son and I were walking the creek looking for driftwood and spotted this little guy just sitting on a precariously balanced log (actually it was a big stick!). He didn't seem fazed by the camera at all...even when it was right in his face.

View from my Window. This young coyote hasn't learned to be wary yet and was hunting in the middle of the field. He ignored vehicles passing by, but did flee when one would stop. I thought he looked quite pleased with himself after he successfully caught a small animal and gulped it down.


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