What they don't tell you about Italy

Psychological mechanisms of Association and Adherence to the Ideology of Communism

A plan had been created to make all Latin America Communist.
After the Soviet Union stopped to finance Castro, it has been created the Forum of Sao Paolo in Brazil, a meeting of Communists to make the world Communist.
The first president they have put in power was Hugo Chávez and now they have their eyes on Columbia.
But the "Big Fish" is the United States.

Snowflakes on Facebook get offended and triggered by "Straight Pride" Post!

Facebook blocked me again for posted a "Straight Pride" post
Snowflake from California got offended and reported me to Commie Zuck Network!
Got 30 days Facebook jail again!

Valid Alternative to Mass Immigration

For Some reason I cannot download on Butchute the previous video titled "Better than Mass Immigration".
Please, find the video on YouTube at this link:

Pointing out the Double Standard that only White people are judged badly for being Nationalists, while to other racial groups has been given a pass.

Fast Review about the reasons why Tommy Robinson lost the MEP
Fast Review into Marune Le Pen victory
Coalition of Salvini and Le Pen to save Europe from Mass Immigration

Strategies and Solutions to oppose Communism

Tommy Robinson is running as an independent for the European Parliament!
The dishonest Leftist Press is MELTING!

Debunking the leftist lies about White men

Keynon Burns videos:

Find me on Bitchute and subscribe there too just in case they delete my channel:

The Wheel anti-White narrative exposed
"Green Book" review bias

Why they lie to us explained


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For some reason I cannot upload the video "Better than Mass Immigration" part 1.
Find here the link to watch it on YouTube:

Capitalism Vs Communism