A Brief History of Kary Mullis (Covid-19 PCR Test Inventor) vs. Fauci's AIDS and Covid-19.

What's really going is pretty complicated to describe, especially with the MRNA injections emulating the presence of "spike proteins" said to be accumulating in certain organs in some vaccinated individuals. The problem is, these spike proteins may be there in vaccinated individuals, and they may be toxic, but they are NOT unique to Sars-Cov-2. Sars-Cov-2 remains a NEVER isolated, In Silico genome. The validation of gain of function studies (which the plandemic docs were talking about over a year ago) does NOT validate the existence of Sars-Cov-2 and it does NOT validate the PCR tests...which remain without a gold standard and are only being used under the guise of emergency use a.k.a. utter abuse of power, authority and public trust. You simply can't calibrate a test to detect something that's never been found. If you believe "there's not enough of the virus in snot or lung fluid" to study...forcing them to do cell cultures where multiple sources of genetic material are added in order to create "isolated" in silico genomes....you're blind, because that is nonsense. If that's true then why the masks? Could we not see anything in an "infected" person's snot?

We're being duped, hoodwinked. And if we don't learn the nuanced truth we will continue to divide even amongst woke.

Gain of function doesn't prove the existence of any virus, or viral bioweapon.

What's actually going on is they have a recipe for blaming environmental toxins on "viruses" only detectable by PCR tests used incorrectly.

It all boils down to isolation, if it was a bioweapon somebody would've been able to find it.

We're operating under a false medical paradigm that has been hoodwinked by educational momentum captured by the Rockefeller and Carnegie families a long time ago.

The critical truth is that John Enders definition of "isolation" is not scientific but it's been in use since 1954.

When they couldn't satisfy Koch's Postulates (honestly, not lip service like for Covid-19) but back in the day, the used to do isolation and what it proves is that Virology is fraud.

They didn't get the result they were looking for, so instead of flushing their billions of investments into drugs and vaccine manufacturing infrastructure, they made up a way, they found a way to control both the perception of disease and monopoly over it's detection.

Truth about health and disease can only be discovered through Terrain Theory. Everything we eat, breathe, think, feel, absorb. Anything that causes cell death, chemicals, S.A.I., EMF radiation and much more. These are the true causes of disease that are gaslighted by virology and vaccinations.

Stefan Lanka has performed the control experiment that was never done before for Sars-Cov-2 using the same procedures and chemicals we are told were used to "isolate" Sars-cov-2....which to this day only exists as an in silico genome never found in nature in it's entirety.

Fact-Checker Alexis Tereszcuk was quickly hired to smear this piece, but debunk it and fact-check it she did not. She ignored the crux of his argument...refuting the John Enders definition of isolation. She gaslit his control experiment, failing to recognize the hyperlink to it in the description of the video. I pointed this out to her publicly with edited screenshots on Twitter, she didn't respond.

The Final Refutation of Virology

Virus Isolation (SOVI) by Morell, Cowan & Kaufman

Dr. Tom Cowan | New Findings On The Spike Protein Toxin- Live Webinar 6/4/21

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“In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it.” -Ernst Fischer.
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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, February 13, 2021, #288

Virus Isolation (SOVI) by Morell, Cowan & Kaufman

The Final Refutation Of Virology By Dr. Stefan Lanka

Virology Debunks Corona: https://odysee.com/@spacebusters:c9/Virologydebunkscorona:4

Cov-19 Immunity in 19 Minutes: https://odysee.com/@spacebusters:c9/Covid19Immunityin19Minutes:c

In Shadow

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Shout out to the Jimmy Dore Show To Interview These Two Brilliant & Courageous Men. The Truth Is On Our Side. Read & Sign The Petition For The Statement On Virus Isolation at https://www.andrewkaufmanmd.com/sovi/
Join The Fight For Real Reality with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Thomas Cowan, & Sally Fallon Morell, MA & over 5,200 other aware individuals from around the 🌍so far as of Mar 3 2021.

This $5 Super Chat shout-out I did on the Jimmy Dore show took place March 3, 2021 at approximately 5:30PM EST. It was read by Jimmy Dore's wife Stefane Zamorano.

Super Chat: "Non-Optional! You MUST interview Dr. Andrew Kaufman or Dr. Tom Cowan about the FALSE-isolation of Sars-Cov-2. Severe double entendre getting exploited."

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∆∆∆ Statement On Virus Isolation ∆∆∆

Dr. Tom Cowan

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Sign The Petition For The Statement On Virus Isolation Here ---> https://www.andrewkaufmanmd.com/sovi/
Join The Fight For Real Reality with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Thomas Cowan, & Sally Fallon Morell, MA & over 5,800 other aware individuals from 🌍so far as of Mar 9 2021. The Truth Is On Our Side. They carry the spirit of Kary Mullis as true scientists; publicly speaking, authoring books, researching the hard details & making easy to understand analogies, creating regular content like candles in a planet overcast in darkness. They are putting their reputations on the line & taking a huge risk to stand up for what's right. We must support them, we must educate ourselves about the scientific fraud being wielded against our collective ignorance. We have a planet full of well meaning experts, scientists, virologists, who are getting unknowingly corrupted at the curriculum level. The Rockefeller & Carnegie Families captured world medicine starting with funding the foundation of the American Medical Association. Their influence turned homeopathic medicine into allopathic medicine in China the U.S. & other countries. With millions, billions of dollars they have captured & distorted the trust we put in our experts education. They aren't taught about Exosomes, or Terrain Theory. They don't learn about nutritional science, Epigenetics, Allostatic Overload, or how to understand the human being as a bio-psycho-social animal as a product of their environment; biologically, psychologically, & socially. Predisposition doesn't mean predetermination. Our many of them well meaning Doctors don't learn about root causalities, only how to treat symptoms with drugs or what specialist you'll need to cut it out. Why their education has been corrupted can be interpreted in several ways that force you to enter speculation. But one for sure, is that it's set the stage for them getting away with rampant nonsense scientism, blatantly weaponized germ theory. They've flipped reality on its head for decades to serve financial interests. To serve a predatory, capitalistic medical paradigm that keeps people sick & coming back for more drugs, then drugs for the side effects of the other drugs. Imagine the most violent lying by omission possible, that's been our medical paradigm for decades. Sars-Cov-2 is a fabrication of In-silico genome sequencing. In-silico means done by computer simulation. What did that use to generate Sars-Cov-2? Well they used Sars-Cov-1. And how was Sars-Cov-1 made? Sars-Cov-1 was ALSO made by In-Silico genome sequencing. But they weren't trying to use SARS to go full Tyrannical like they are now with the imaginary Sars-Cov-2, so apparently nobody pursued it. In the full interview with Kary Mullis & Gary Knoll, Kary talks about how he did push back but not very loud. He didn't care what people thought of him & it sounded like it was impossible back that. Maybe it wasn't his style to dedicate his life to activism, & perhaps after he sold the patents to PCR maybe somebody threatened him, or tried to spook him off. Perhaps he realized how impossible it was to penetrate the bureaucracy that Anthony Fauci is shrouded in, especially before streaming videos was widely accessible.

Update: "This site can’t be reached The webpage at https://www.andrewkaufmanmd.com/sovi/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR" somewhere around Mid-March.


Kary Mullis - The full interview by Gary Null

Inventing The Aids Virus By Peter H. Duesberg (1996) with Forward By Kary Mullis.
Free Digital Download | https://www.researchgate.net/publication/261948355_Inventing_the_AIDS_Virus
Hard Copies & Paperbacks are very expensive anymore but if you can, please support Peter H. Duesberg.


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IN-SHADOW by Lubomir Arsov | https://www.inshadow.net/

GIFS | https://giphy.com/ericaofanderson

SCREENSHOTS | The First 101 YouTube Search Results After Typing In, "Anthony Fauci Interview"

5G isn't causing covid-19, but it's part of a bigger picture that defines the truth of what actually causes diseases. An agitator, susceptibility has to do with how much metal you have in your body. Bioaccumulation, poisons from air, water, food, chemicals, products, stratospheric aerosol injection projects, dental fillings, surgical pins & plates, prosthetics etc. Even stress can make us sick. EMF poisoning is only one faucet of what causes disease, and isn't necessarily a factor in all instances. Don't fall for Fact-Checkers and Google's, "No, 5G Doesn't Cause Coronavirus". Nobody is saying it does, only ignorant, knee jerk misinterpretations induced by MSM article straw man arguments are saying "that's what anyone talking about 5G thinks". MSM dismisses the nuance of exosomes, bioaccumulated nanometals. They hide from and strawman the scientific arguments of the 5G discussion.

∆˚ Special Note: How to remove metals from your body with over the counter ingredients. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2z1vGEzN9s0&t

31:17 Kary Mullis passed away Aug 7th 2019
*CELL was only bio remote control, not nanotech.
*Bourne Legacy was chemical engineering
*Jon Rappoport isn't a Dr., still an AIDS front hero.

Should We Take The Covid 19 Test? Mikey Landings

COVID19 – Evidence Of Global Fraud

CDC 2019-nCoV Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel - Instructions for Use

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2009 - Gamer - I Will Control Everything
2012 - The Bourne Legacy - Laboratory Massacre
2016 - CELL Official Trailer - Samuel L. Jackson, Stephen King

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