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Price: $
The biggest buyer of diamonds in France bought this beautiful gem.

That's a 2018 report.
Who are the Nazis now?

This one :
Carat weight, 50,11.
Color Grade, Fancy. Intence Yellow.
Color Origin, Natural.
Color Distribution, Even.
Clarity Grade, VS2
Price $5.440.800,00 (FOB) 👇🏼

Necklace and earrings (diamonds).
GIA, documents included.
FOB price.

GIA + all documents available

In Spanish, no English subtitles.

Something good coming from Israel.


This POS helped Chaves and the Maduro regime destroy Venezuela.
This viper is another problem just like Zelensky or any other criminal of the last century.

They took the jab and even so they died.
Isn't science amazing? 🤔
"Follow the science, right? Well, not me!

Quote of the year 2022:
"2022 is not looking too bad so far, is it? Free speech is in, and a baby killing is out, and all the right prople are wetting their bed over it.
What a time to be alive"
Paul Joseph Watson
Award of Best Journalism for Paul Joseph Watson 🏆🙏😘💞

It seems the last employe had a "'work related accident" but I suspect these were only rumors.... Maybe he just fell and hurt his knees -- too many rocks and little stones around, you probably know how dangerous nature is.


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You know how some idiots call Israel apartheid country . So listen to this joke actually it’s real happen today, May 13th 2022:

* I would like you to read the following report (probably most of you have already read it): *

"The brother of the terrorist Zakaria Zbeidi was involved in the shooting of IDF forces, who returned fire at him. He was seriously injured and sought medical treatment at a hospital in Jenin, and at the request of the Palestinians, Zabeidi was transferred to an Israeli hospital. "

* Tell me is this normal ?! *

A terrorist tries to murder Jews with other terrorists.
He was then injured.
Then * the Palestinians who just want to see us dead * want to give him treatment in an Israeli hospital and the state accepts it ?! (Which means he will receive royal treatment from the state, after all he is just a poor terrorist what did he do?)

* I do not know what about you but I'm just waiting for this government to fly out of our sight. *

(Credit; Ariel Tager - Chap Magazine)

It happens all the time in Israel...