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this LOLbertarian, crypto-duginist, marxist freindly, "anti racist", "anti-war" dual citizen in japan ryan dawson AKA ryan dawstein aka zion fraudson...is claiming that the REAL Sampson option is NOT nuking Europe, says its about the dome of the rock (mosque) in Jerusalem, and stupid Palestinian land in gaza strip lol. this idiot is a shill & gets paid by jewish communists in russia to spread disinfo about country he abandoned.

LOLbertarian Ryan dawson/ryan dawstein/zion fraudson caught shilling again for mason-jewry & communist asian regimes. typical so called "anti-war"/"anti-zionist" gatekeeping faggot.

exposing ryan dawson aka ryan dawstein aka zion fraudson for his gatekeeping, marxist "anti racist", philo semitic, so called "anti-zionism" which is nothing but a LIMITED HANGOUT. mirrored from his channel

richard spencer flip flops on bolshevism/nazbol/duginism. credit to Sway Guevara.

David irving on Auschwitz


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