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LetMeGetThisRight is news & media analysis, a few ideas on Faith & God & Jesus ... and the random shallow thought by Barron Hansen.

I have been researching politics on the national and global scale for a couple decades now, and finally figure it's time to start spouting off about some of this stuff. One could loosely throw me in the box as a fairly conservative, US constitution loving, non-demoniational 'free range' Christian, who has a very wide 'truther' streak. I take research wherever the truth takes me, and don't play favorties when it comes to calling out the left or the right, or those in the middle... Bullsh*t is bullsh*t. Lies are lies, and I don't care if they come from Democrats, Republicans, UN Sh*tbag Globalists, or anyone else.

I welcome your comments, feedback, suggestions, etc., I am wide open to debate on anything I post, provided you can debate on the facts, not bullsh*t, safe-space, needy feelings

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