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According to American Heart Association

• Second Dose of Moderna - 97 additional myocarditis cases per million.

• COVID-19 Itself - 16 additional myocarditis cases per million.

Jimmy Dore: "So that guy [Stéphane Bancel] is pretending to not know what I know. Now I'm a pothead comedian in my garage, and somehow I know that, but the head of Moderna doesn't know that."



Attorney Tom Renz Testifies Before the Missouri House: "The Defense Department's response to what we said was not that there was a glitch in the current [DMED] data; it was that the data for the past five years [was off]. So the premier medical epidemiological database for the military was apparently wrong by hundreds of percent for five years, and nobody noticed. Then all of a sudden, magically, despite the fact that they didn't notice, [it] corrected itself when we found the DMED data."

Missouri Rep: "So are you saying that this [Reuters] article that I'm looking at is incorrect?"

Renz: "I'm saying it is wildly incorrect and that the DoD is lying."

Department of Defense (DoD)

Full Testimony: https://tomrenz.com/lobbyists-for-biotech-went-on-record-to-admit-that-gmo-foods-do-in-fact-impact-peoples-genetic-code/


…and even mainstream sources predict a global cobalt shortage by 2030.

Still think everyone's going to be driving electric cars by 2030?

Nope, private cars will only be accessible to the rich and powerful, and peasants like you will be confined to your 15 minute prisons.

You will go nowhere and you will be "happy".



In 2017, the WEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation produced a business plan that said, "The next pandemic will be a business opportunity." CEPI's response to the business opportunity was the development of vaccines with no mention of treatment whatsoever.

A Shot in the Arm for a Respiratory Illness Also Has a Terrible Track Record

Flu Vaccine - 17% efficacy
Pneumovax - 9% efficacy

Dr. Peter McCullough MD: "There isn't a single shot in the arm that does virtually anything for a respiratory illness, and so the COVID vaccines had come with an implicit talking point, and the talking point [was] 'They are safe, and they are effective, and you will take them.' "


"They (central banks, tech companies, government, pharma, etc.) all have an interest to keep this thing under wraps. ... They all had their hand in the momentum and the disaster, so they want to keep a lid on this."


Senator Rand Paul “I frankly, wouldn't vaccinate my children for COVID… the risks of the vaccine are greater than the risk of the disease, the risk of the disease are almost non-existent.”

‘It Really Is Malpractice’




Sen Ron Johnson said he was never an anti-vaxxer before COVID, but now he's "skeptical" after seeing the pandemic response.

"I start reading books like "Dissolving illusions," "Turtles All the Way Down" — you see the documentary, "Vaxxed." You read a host of other books, and you wonder, 'Why isn't this being talked about?' 'Why aren't questions even allowed?'"



"Now, what are we going through — a potential bank crisis? Be very concerned about a central bank digital currency, where they can just turn on and turn off your ability to purchase certain goods based on your social credit score. That's what happens in China. Do we want that in the US? I think there are certainly technocrats in the US that would like to see that."



Fauci SMOKED in 2022...Dr. Fauci visits D.C. to battle vaccine hesistancy.

Dr. Fauci and Muriel Bowser, mayor of D.C., visit the neighborhood of Anacostia and go door-to-door, encouraging residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and combating vaccine hesistancy.


"It's easier to corrupt a marketplace and suppress things that work to put in your products at a much greater expense than it is just to make cheaper products and make less profit on them."

Dr. Harvey Risch is a well-respected author of more than 400 original peer-reviewed research publications and our Chief Epidemiologist at The Wellness Company.




The CDC tells us 1.1 million Americans have died of C19, but only about 10% actually succumbed to COVID pneumonia (110,000).

The current estimate is 509,000 American deaths due to the vaccine.

Dr. Peter McCullough is a world-renowned cardiologist fighting censorship and reprisal — and our Chief Scientific Officer at The Wellness Company.

Optimize Your Health: https://twc.health/


"I think it was done probably as part of a biodefense program that largely was trying to make a vaccine vector...but unfortunately that virus escaped...probably somewhere in the September [2019] timeframe.

I do believe that the most likely answer when we get to the truth is that this pandemic was caused by science, not by a natural spillover event."


Paul Burgess: "Climate models are the entire basis for changing the world around you. They are being used to control every aspect of your life and welfare, from planned restriction of your movements to making it impossible for many to, in the future, own a car.

This video simply explains the deceit behind them."



…due to the organization's corruption that generates billions for its owner, Bill Gates and because Tedros is an evil "killer" tied to a terrorist organization.

World Health Organization (WHO)




Dr. Liz Mumper spells out the risks of adding COVID vaccines to the childhood schedule considering that “as new vaccines are added to the schedule, they have never studied them in combination.”

Watch the full episode on #CHDTV: https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/friday-roundtable/roundtable-exclusive-with-paul-marik-md/


“… America should realize the people that say it did not come from a lab are self-interested. Tony Fauci approved and gave money to the lab in Wuhan... he's always going to deny that it came from the lab because it comes back to his reputation for having the incredibly poor judgment to send this money to Wuhan.”



• The U.S. has 4.2% of the global population — and almost 16% of worldwide COVID deaths.

• America had a COVID death rate of about 3,000 per million; Nigeria had a death rate of 14 people per million.

• And Japan, with the oldest population in the world, had 1/10th the death rate of the United States.

• "85% of the people [in the US] who died should not have died — because they were denied early treatment," attests RFK Jr.



…to Prevent the Next 'Great Pandemic'

"I consider COVID a minor pandemic. The 'Great Pandemic' is going to come...it's much more probable that is will happen because of gain-of-function research in a laboratory and then escape and then we're going to have a pandemic, the flu, which will be much more brutal to the world than COVID was."




"The internet today allows people like that to thrive because these mainstream media corporations are so corrupt. They're so obviously indebted to the companies that pay for their advertising."



Paul: "You're saying that for ages 16 to 24, among males who take the COVID vaccine, their risk of myocarditis is less than people who get the disease?"

Bancel: "That is my understanding —"

Paul: "That is not true. And I'd like to enter into the record six peer-reviewed papers ... that say the complete opposite of what you say. I also spoke with your president just last week, and he readily acknowledged in private that, yes, there is an increased risk of myocarditis. The fact that you can't say in public is quite disturbing."



"We're winning," expressed Dr. Naomi Wolf:

• Three central European countries have issued a demand to get out of their contract with Pfizer.

• A German Health Minister has admitted that it's been causing severe disability.

The greatest crime in human history ever recorded is coming soon in paperback form. All funds and proceeds raised go to the Pfizer Documents research project — and put food on the table for those devoting their time to this noble cause:



"They're going to do everything in their power to point the finger at something else. And it's just the system is at its end. If you're in power, and the system is going to collapse ... wouldn't it be nice to control that collapse and usher in a new system where you're on top?"

Full Interview: https://rumble.com/v2e09m0-edward-dowd-issues-new-emergency-forecast-must-watch.html


…Intentionally Built for Surveillance and Population Control

‘Different industry, same playbook.’

Privacy is dead, and liberty and autonomy will be soon too unless this runaway surveillance train can be stopped.

Attorney W. Scott McCollough is a lawyer with multiple years of experience in the legal industry and a Professional Law Degree.




“The more shots you get, the greater your risk of COVID. We know the risk of a healthy child actually dying from COVID is zero to nonexistent. These people are lying and should be held accountable.” — Dr. Paul Marik

Watch the full exclusive with Dr. Marik on #CHDTV



It's been nearly 60 years since JFK's assassination. "It was legally supposed to have been declassified a long time ago."

All the people involved are now dead, so why hasn't it been declassified? The reason for that "is about institutional protection," attests RFK Jr.


The Devil's Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America's Secret Government



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