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Quotes from one of the worlds richest psychopaths.

The lies and deceit have been going on for a long time. 1976. X53A vaccine = 33 for freemasonry. NO vaccine safety testing and CDC director squirming when questioned in an interview.
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hancock says do this, johnson says do that and whitty says weeweeweewee all the way home.

The 4th Industrial Revolution: AI, Vaccines, Technocracy.

They have ignored the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 which contains the Emergency Powers Act in section 2.
The Emergency Powers Act carries a 30 day period before review to override the rule of law during a national emergency situation. Precautions in the CCA 2004 against excessive usage or a lingering life are far more extensive and effective. They include (section 26) that each emergency regulation introduced remains in force for a maximum of 30 days (though a new regulation can then be issued). 
Emergency regulations are to be treated as ‘subordinate legislation’ under the Human Rights Act 1998, even if ‘they amend primary legislation’ (section 30). Thus, a court can annul a regulation if found incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights, thereby going beyond a mere declaration of incompatibility.
This should have ended by definition when the "coronavirus" was downgraded on March 19th when the public health bodies in the UK and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens decided that the ‘crisis’ infection should no longer be classified as a ‘high consequence infectious disease’ and carried a low mortality rate.
The "Coronavirus" Act 2020 masquarades as though it is exalted to the status of sectoral legislation but does not meet the criteria of sectoral legislation rather it stands alone as an illegally passed emergency legislation in tandem with the also now corrupted Health Act 1984, totally disregarding the restrictions of emergency powers in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 which prevents excessive duration of emergency powers and promotes the unalienable status of the Human Rights Act.


Local media Cornwall Uk interview about flat earth and other related topics.


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