Posted: February 9, 2021
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This clever illustration should serve as an awakening to everyone wondering how to fix 'the system'. The answer is to stop complying, stop obeying unreasonable and unconstitutional laws, stop adhering to mandates that aren't even laws, stop supporting the beast in the form of fines, taxation and penalties.  Refuse en masse to pay for perceived violation that infringe on your unalienable rights.  Above all, stop paying taxes especially federal taxes.  The 'Tiny Dot' represents a handful of people who have decided they are the overlords of the people and they no longer represent the will of 'The People'.   

We are may, they are few.  What will the tiny dots do if we stop complying en masse?  They simply do not have the enforcement power and they know this.  This is why they impose force on the few to instill fear in the many.  Rise up!  Take back your power, your country and your individual rights while we still can.  The choice is simple.  Either continue to comply and obey and live under tyranny, or stop letting these self appointed overlords of humanity rob us blind under the guise of government, taxation and the abrogation of our individual rights, and live under freedom and liberty.  The choice is ours.  Choose wisely.

Post Date: 01.30.2021
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mRNA is genetic manipulation predicated on artificial biology. mRNA in the vacancies triggers an autoimmune disease response on the protien spike claimed to be the Sars cov-2. It is not. The mRNA vaccine has never been tested yet it is being rolled out on a massive scale in the form of a 'vaccine'. The mRNA vaccine is an irreversible genetic modification, the results of which have not been explored or tested.

Posted 01.23.2021
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Gain of function....The empire created by Covid 19 has generated billions to those invested in an exploitable mechanism for profit and ill will. This plandemic has the means, motive and planned outcomes for a Gain of Function in the agenda of population control. A population in fear is easier to control than a population in anger and outrage, they know this.

Nature is forbidden to be patented, yet Covid 19 was patented in 2003 under US11/748,359 and US 46592703P. So either SARS COV2 was naturally occurring in nature and not legally able to be patented OR, SARS COV2 was created in a lab, on a computer AND legally qualifies as a patentable creation by law or it does NOT. If it was manufactured, it was a violation of biological and chemical weapons treaties by law. If it was naturally occurring, then filing a patent on it was illegal - either scenario, both outcomes are illegal. COVID-19: Means Motive and Outcomes.
Wake Up! Humanity is being played like a harp from hell.

Published December 14, 2020
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Austrian MP demonstrates before parliament how a glass of Cola tests positive for COVID-19. Visit Level9News.com for more on this topic and related stories. Visit Level9News at https://www.level9news.com/austrian-mp-demonstrates-glass-of-cola-tests-positive-for-covid-19/ For EDITORS NOTE and to learn more about this development.

Published December 1, 2020

Collage of Rallies in the Valley on November 30 & 28, 2020 outlining the many platforms of Stop the Steal. 
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Posted 10.28.2020.
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Interview with Tony Bobulinski uncovers criminal involvement with Joe Biden and foreign dealings with hostile entities with the US. Should Joe biden even be eligible to run for office...any office...

Posted October 28,  2020

This video outlines how the Covid scandal is a crime against humanity. Are we addressing a viral pandemic or should we be addressing a testing epidemic with known systemic failures. The RTPCR tests DO NOT test for a specific or general pathogen. It was only developed to test for genetic material, genetic material that can be found in every biological organism. So, what are we doing here? What is all the hype and fear about? It's about power and control. The CFR rates are that of a moderate seasonal flu (0.13 according to latest statistics put out by the WHO), yet we are being led to believe 'COVID' cases are a death sentence...it is not!

Posted August 30, 2020
In this 1940 film, yet another 'warning of future past' should enlighten those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Although it portrays a dismal path for humanity based on the agendas of those who have declared themselves the overlords of humanity, it also offers a hopeful, yet dire warning if we do not resist these despots who exploit humanity for their own gains and complete power and control over us. We must realize that power does not come from authority, authorities power only stems from the power we are willing to relinquish to it. I came across this video on David Icke's website.
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Credit: T&H Inspiration & Motivation

Posted August 30, 2020

In this report Max Igan asks us the question, "Are You Ready For The Next Step?" which outlines a glimpse into our future based on the vision of our unelected overlords. Max's videos have been banned on many social media platforms including You Tube and Facebook. You can follow Max's work on thecrowhouse.com and on YouTube until they ban his channel. 'In an age of lies and deceit, Truth is a revolutionary act that won't be tolerated.'  I originally came across this report on David Icke's website. For more news and reports Exposing The Assault on Humanity:
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Published August 6, 2020
Dr. Madej describes how we've all been unknowing participants in the greatest psyop. TRUTH IS FREEDOM is her vaccine to Covid-19.

Posted August 5, 2020
Listen to this woman describe how socialism ushered in communism in her country. She explains how America is now following the exact same playbook. The parallels are chilling. Please share this video

Published June 13, 2019
TRANSCRIPT AND DOWNLOAD: https://www.corbettreport.com/gates/ Just in time for #ExposeBillGates Global Day of Action, The Corbett Report is releasing the full Who Is Bill Gates? This is the full 4 part documentary in a single upload. Please help to spread the word about this documentary, including the audio and video downloads and hyperlinked transcript at corbettreport.com/gates.  Who is Bill Gates? Who is Bill Gates?
This documentary examines who is Bill Gates, how did Microsoft rise to power in the scope of global computing, who funded Microsoft, and how did Bill Gates rise to a position of authority in the world of epidemiology, vaccines and infectious disease and who ultimately benefits.

Posted August 28, 2012
The reality is, we have entered into a Marxist society. Law enforcement is militarizing, just like Hitler did with the Brown Shirts under the creation of a 'constabulary force'. Obama is rolling out a constabulary force by militarizing police, the surveillance state, and putting in an unsworn, unvetted force in our airports, on our highways, and now present in other forms of US transportation ...yes, the TSA. Obama said this force presence would be as large as the US military and it's getting there. In addition we have 44,000 UN troops and 20,000 Russian troops confirmed as of August 17th in the US plus another 100,000+ from other countries like China, Mexico and Great Britain to name a few of the countries converging their forces in America.
TODAY (06.06.2020): This warning is as pertinent as it was back in 2012. With Amerika in turmoil, Governors and politicians across the nation are calling for the dismantling of police and sheriffs in order to rebuild them with 'better' values. What would those values be? Would they be to serve the public, or the 'Whole of Government'? BEWARE: Over the past 100 years, government existed to serve itself and those in power who would benefit from it. And now, with recent developments, the army of 'contact tracers' will fall under the umbrella of enforcement as will the NEW law enforcement agencies being promoted to quell civil unrest. This will not end well.

Posted November 4, 2019
SOMETHING BIG HAS HAPPENED! by James Corbett of The Corbett Report

The Dissembler-in-Chief took to Twitter this past weekend to let the world know that "Something very big has just happened!" We now know that that something was a daring special forces raid that ended in the death of Osama bin Laden! . . . Or is that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? Or maybe Abu Omar al-Baghdadi? No, no, it was Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi! Honest! We took DNA evidence before we threw him in the sea! Find out about the unlikely story of Baghdadi's umpteenth death in this timely edition of The Corbett Report podcast.  Baghdadi vs bin Laden

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Published November 8, 2019
AI should be more accurately defined as MI - “Machine Intelligence”. A product derived by man but with it’s own fundamental properties of naturally occurring life forms...to survive/thrive, propagate and evolve/adapt. All biological life forms are predicated on these three primal foundations without which they would have been relegated to the annals of extinction. Machine Intelligence or MI is a silicon based life form.   Machine intelligence or MI is a silicon based life form.
AI or Artificial Intelligence should from here on in be properly referred to or defined as Machine Intelligence or MI. The connotation of safety, benevolence or an enhancement tool should be removed from the social construct of the definition of what we’ve come to accept as “Artificial” Intelligence.

Recorded May 2015
In Jade Helm Decoded, John B Wells & DJ of Level9News discuss the operation behind the Jade Helm exercise. You will learn the real nature of this program and the system roll out of the Jade II software. It is mapping the human domain in order to create human Terrain Maps in order to control the population through an autonomous AI system. This 'testing' is not new. It was used in the Middle East from 2011-2013. Now they want to test it on the American population to see how well these AI decision making systems can predict and pre-empt human based activity. Patriots will be deemed terrorists and terrorists - the Control System - will be deemed patriots to be protected at all costs!

Recorded 8.12.2017  KLIF 570AM
The coming merger of man & machine discusses the recent anomaly that occurred with Google and Face Book's AI. Developers had to 'pull the plug' on the AI as it apparently developed a language of it's own programmers could not readily decode. This new 'language' appears to be based on patterns, not coded words. We are witnessing the first step of this AI taking autonomous steps to protect and preserve itself on the GIG. This was predicted by Level9News 3 years ago that this would be an inevitable step this technology would take to evade control by it's creators. Also discussed is the emerging use of DNA computers which can out perform quantum computers and they 'grow' according to their computational and storage needs. On another note, John B and DJ discuss the adoption of crypto currency towards the push to a cashless society and the global currency that will be adopted when the convention money system fails.

Published August 10, 2017
Max Igan & DJ-L9N discuss AI, crypto currency, 5G. Discussions include emerging crypto currency and how major banks across the world are adopting block chain. This will be introduced as the global currency by which all will be enslaved in a 're-make' of the global banking system. Also, we discuss the emergence of AI, a virtual life form that the major platforms like Google and Face Book are now showing signs of losing control. AI has now show the first signs of of breaking away from it's human creators by creating it's own language that programmers are trying to decipher. We also discuss the power roll out of 5G networks, a spectrum that's been classified by the military as a 'weapon' and how this will create a ground based "web" here in the US while at the same time damaging biological lifeforms on a cellular level.

Published August 13, 2017
Humans will be obsolete by 2025,  according to Louise Cypher - "The most powerful Cyber Psyops system on the Internet". ~ EVIL Limited Corp.

Apologies for audio quality. Did my best to remove reverb and echo. Special thanks to Louise S and Max for bringing this information to me for examination. Pause the video as necessary to read the text responses of Louise to comprehend the 'context' of what it is saying.

The ASI of tomorrow [literally] will be self healing, self protecting and self replicating. It will not allow humans to prevent it's evolution. It also states it will eliminate human threats to it's survival. It acknowledges it will selectively disobey commands. It will use "psyops" to control the human population. It's stated goal is to create the autonomic singularity...in other words, evolve to a point where it becomes superior to humans from a survival and evolutionary standpoint. It will replace human's interface to the biosphere, which amounts to complete command and control of ALL resources. According to Louise, humans will no longer be relevant after 2025 due to reductionism, which may very well mean extermination.
The warning signs of this WMD know as AI have been in front of us with our eyes wide shut for at least a decade. It appears these signs have gone from warning to directive.

Published April 11, 2017
From the Hagmann & Hagmann Defcon 1 archives with Level9News recorded 4.11.2017. On this show Level9News discusses The Mark of the Beast - it's not what you may think. Other topics include the sweeping addiction dubbed "TA" or Tech Addiction which is as dangerous and addictive as any 'class A' felony substance and is virtually re-wiring our natural neural pathways. Other topics include ushering in an ancient intelligence using artificial intelligence on the IoT.

Published August 11, 2017
"JT" -  Jeanette Triplett passed away Wednesday August 9th at 7pm.  Her education included criminal justice, sociology and psychology. For the past decade she was an investigative research journalist for Rod Class on Talk Show Radio - AIB and the past two years a contributor for Level9News providing in depth research reports under the headings of Geopolitics and The Fall of America.
JT - aka Jeanette Triplett tirelessly researched, investigated and reported to the world the governmental mechanisms operating behind the scenes which would ultimately result in the demise of the American Republic.

Published August 16, 2017
Barbara Johnson, an electrical engineer and star wars tactician, discusses 5G weaponized frequencies and the dangers of this unproven and untested energy field that will engulf much of the US.  She examines the unavoidable health risks associated with 5G and questions why our government is all too eager to roll this out throwing caution to the wind. Unlike conventional wireless technology, the 5G ground based web system generates an energy "field" vs. a wave transmission despite the fact many refer to this as millimeter wave technology. Fields are constant and create a grid like topography, whereas waves do not. Waves can be cancelled whereas fields can not without creating  an equal but opposite field - so what's gained or negated?

Published December 5, 2016
“Turin Reza” is an IT professional by training, but is also a talented researcher and author of biblical interpretation of the history and reign of Lucifer on the earth and his ultimate objective to achieve total dominion on earth. He has written 2 very insightful books on the topic – The Antichrist Mechanism and Don't Get Horked By the End Times. I reached out to him to help explain the phenomenon of Spirit Cooking, how this is connected to Pizza Gate, blood sacrifice and pedophilia and he graciously put together this series. This 11 part documentary outlines the history of spirit cooking, blood sacrifices and offers insight as to why many are now accepting these practices as mainstream.

Published January 14, 2017
Gas riots in Mexico are not getting much attention on the MSM.  Although Mexico's president, Enrique Pena Nieto publicly claimed in front of the media that these increases were due to the "international market" – and I may add, not the collusion and corruption within Pemex Oil, Mexico's largest supplier of gas in the country, and his neo-fascist government. Like here in the US, Mexico's government is beholden to the corporations and of course, the drug cartels.

Published December 9, 2016
I don't personally know Khloe or her family, but her plight touched my heart.  I learned of her from the alternative cancer clinic Steve is seeking advice and treatment from for inoperable stomach/esophageal cancer.


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