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Why is the Solar System Cosmically Aligned?: 

Journey to the Centre of the Universe:



The Six Shells of the Universe in St Hildegard of Bingen's visions.

"The image in the vision showed a shell-like structure of the universe with the earth at the center. The four elements are arranged in concentric circles which fill the putatively empty space and which constitute all matter. The individual shells contain the basic primordial substratum, the very smallest and consequently indivisible primordial building blocks for which science is still searching. The whole cosmos is full of this. These basic “primordial quanta” are proverbially everywhere." - Helmut Posch

oil on carved wood by Alex Naszados, 2018

based on the Lucca Manuscript Illumination

Scivias: Book 2, Vision 2
by St Hildegard of Bingen

Oil on carved wood by Alex Naszados
Based on the Rupertsberg manuscript illumination

Part III, Vision 4:
Wisdom and the Ancient Counsel Unfolding in God’s Works

from Liber Divinorum Operum

Oil on Carved Wood by Alex Naszados
(Based on the Lucca manuscript illumination)

A little knowledge of death destroys you.
Full voluntary acceptance of it is the cure.

Quotation sources:

1. Henry Moore on Sculpture, 1992
Philip James (Editor)

2. Henry Moore: Writings and Conversations, 2002
Henry Moore (Author), Alan Bowness (Foreword), Alan Wilkinson

Video clip from "Henry Moore at Home - A Private View of a Personal Collection", BBC 1974, Producer: John Read. First Broadcast: 08 January 1974


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