The Lexpionage Project

A documentary, by Ben & Dan Stewart, about Sovereignty and getting off grid.

Same creators as the Films: Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica (Both of which I have posted previously on this channel.)

Mirroring Max Igan's most recent video:

I don't think people realize just how drastic this is... The spraying has been going on for years.. globally.. the man-made climate change hoax that we have been fed has definitely won the masses over, and I can't stress enough just how important it is to see outside of the government-manufactured boxes that we have been given to so ignorantly place upon our heads..

As we watch the genociding of the Australian people, how many of you will wake up and speak out against it.. the evidence is all there, because it can happen to any country on Earth.. Austrailia is being used as an example...

Another one of those films that make you sit back and wonder why people allow their minds to be so controlled. From the same creator as the Kymatica film I posted a few month's back, Ben Stewart.

A beautiful film by David Al-Badri

"As we put the pieces of the puzzle together, we find that science and spirituality seem to be two languages speaking about the same thing."

A short documentary about just how orwelian China's surveillance has gotten. It is rolling out world-wide. Stop using the smart-tech, withdraw your support from the system.

Wonderful little documentary on some of the accomplishments of Nikola Tesla, which to my surprise, quite a few people know nothing about. This was only some of his more exoteric accomplishments, however, they are vastly important, more so than people think.

Anybody still wasting time watching TV, old or new (cable/streaming services) has deep programming that needs to be broken, and a worldview that needs to be unpoisoned. Nearly all of what you see on TV, whether it be cable or Netflix/Hulu/etc, is there as a distractrion. Get as offended as you like.


Couldnt have said it better.

"The Trivium Method of critical thinking employs three steps that must be worked in a specific order, they are:

Grammar (knowledge, input): asks/answers what (who, where, & when) questions
Logic (understanding, processor): asks/answers why questions
Rhetoric (wisdom, output): asks/answers how questions

The Trivium is an empowering tool that has the potential to free not just a few individuals, but masses of people… this method can potentially open the floodgates to worldwide transformation."

Don't wait till it's too late. We will loose youtube and it will be a slippery slope to complete domination of the web.

Found this thanks to user "find the light"

Solar Worship December 24, 2018

I originally found this on a torrent site, so I will not share the link to it, only because I cannot remember the exact link and do not wish to risk anyone's computer. You can download this viewing by using youtube-dl, or checking the mega drive in my profile.

Mirror of -> Original Link:

More of the science behind how the internet, and relating technologies affect your mind.

Original Video:

This is the video I recommend to people when they ask why I don't have a smartphone. If you already have not tried to free Yourself from Your scrying mirror, at least consider watching this documentary.

Original Video:

Safe Youtube downloader:


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We wake up in the morning only to find ourselves mourning to go to work on the weak daze until we become so weak that there has to be an end wich is the weekend. We have to urn our living and pay our debt/death. We are dead bodies by law and we all agree to the legal NAME game.

Real eyes realize real lies.
All Rights Reserved for those who created the content, I am just simply mirroring the content.

Don't just horde the information, live it out and put it into practice in your life. Learning about these topics are only the beginning step in changing the world around us for the better.

The main purpose of this channel is simply to aggregate information. Particularly, information that explains how we are trapped, physically, spiritually, and mentally, through the means of "mind control", various methods of trickery, and technology.

I strongly believe in the sharing of information and objective Truth, and that is what this channel is dedicated to. Although, all I can offer is my perspective, as that is all I can give in order to get your mental gears turning, and give you a chance to look into things for yourself. Whether the content that I share is my own, or someone else's, that is all I desire to do here.

Nothing is as it appears. Don't simply accept what is presented to you. Question everything, and believe nothing, until you have proof of it.

Truth is Objective and Belligerent, it exists AS IS whether you want to accept it or not. It is NOT subjective.

Truth is simply "that which is", and we MUST align our perceptions to "that which is".

"Get as offended as you like." - Mark Passio,
Anarchy, Spirituality, Natural Law, & Occulted (which means hidden) Knowledge.

Anarchy ~
# From the Greek prefix
An -: Without; the absence of
# And the Greek noun
Archon -: Master; Ruler


"NO Masters, NO Slaves"

NO government has any legitimacy to rule. No body has any right over anyone else, period, end of story.

- I'm a Huge advocate for Libre Software, Linux, Alternative Tech, and "Libre/Free Culture".

- I will always try to give you the video files, PDF files, or tell you a way to get them.

We need to break the stranglehold that DRM has on the web, download and share everything that you think will help inform others.

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