This is much worse than we've realized and the politicians are hiding it from us until the elections are over. They'll probably get recalled after people realize theyve been bamboozled. Stay frosty

#dailyburn Ep.10 is up! I got my job back! Lets talk the difference in outcome between me and the uncle i live with, one demanding opportunity, the other demanding #welfarestate and #freemoney . #jojorgensen2020 #austrianeconomics #netflixcuties #transgender #amazon #genderdiscrimination #pregnancyproblems

"I live by a motto these days, Tomorrow's future is dependent on the bold liberty of today."

The wholeworld's run amuck. Let's get a little high and talk about how they're using "stimulus" as a fear and control tactic against people! That's the story we're ending on. I'm sorry u won't get that money sooner but, i know i could use some, but freedom is right around the corner! Vote #JoJorgensen2020 and #SpikeCohen this season!!!

Threat identification and acquisition is imperative. Stay safe and dont back down unless u KNOW u can make it away. Alot of people have died trying to be nonviolent and run when they should've fought. Dont be a statistic, also this is for entertainment purposes and is not meant as any legal or other potential type of advice. It is just a documentary of my ideas in the moment, seek professional licensed assistance for more information

These are all VERY powerful investments that can truely change ur life.
#personalfinance for #free? Yes sir. This is not financial nor health advice. It is not meant to treat diagnose or cure anything. Speak to a licensed professional if u have questions. This is solely for entertainment purposes. Also #jojorgensen2020 #austrianeconomics #weightlifting #weightloss #healthylifestyle #carnivorediet #ketodiet #hormonalimbalance #investing

In today's episode, we are talking again about the communist shell being built around us buy both blue and red tyrants. This time with even more fear and desperation! #JoJorgensen2020

The froth represents oxidation. A process called Mallard Browning. U'll also notice a slightly burnt scent, like slightly burnt popcorn. It's okay it just means the proteins began Browning. Remember pork is a VERY high risk meat simply because its so prone to parasites and disease. Consult a professional for advisory and consider getting a food handlers card to further educate urself. This is solely for entertainment purposes . Enjoy=}

#dailyburn Ep.#7 were talking about the communist shell being built around #america just RIPE and waiting for a dictatorship tio move in. Doesn't matter if its red or blue. #jojorgensen2020 #spikecohen #votelibertarian #floridaman #sheriffjudd #pikespeakorbust #ruralamerica #rockymountains #mountainman #declarationofindependence #freedomfighters

Lots of great topics! Come learn a little Austrian economics and smoke a little pot!!!

Also i miss spoke. It's not #DAILYBURN Ep.#5 that didnt load, it was the presidential recap video i did and i did upload that one to parler so if ur interested, u can still view it there.

Just explaining my ideas on spreading freedom. Represent freedom how ever u see fit and plausible.

Sep 30, 2020

Lots to talk about! Hope u guys enjoy it and please consider #JoJorgensen2020 this election season. I want to go back to work

That stupid heccin bee came back

Special episode! Today i saw ALOT of growing police state articles so i figured I'd do it as a topic. Heres the article about the Democrat Endgame

Smoke sesh and news ive seen + my libertarian perspective on it! I did notice that it was crooked looking on the table and i wasnt sure if it would translate in the video but i saw in editing that it did so ill adjust it next time. #jojorgensen2020

I'm starting a new series because I'm bored and i think its important for people to hear a unique libertarian view. Toke it up with me and let's talk politics!


The dems have promised to do this and theyve shown that it doesn't matter what they laws are, they will predate who ever they choose. Stay inside and stay safe

The baby boomers and their parents have implemented a "kick the can down the road" policy with most fiscal problems since before millenials were born. No matter who's at fault, we will ALL see the end results to such entitled, welfare begging policy making decisions.

This is not medical advice nor is it meant to treat cure or diagnose any ailment. This is a documentation of my ideas in the moment and is only meant for entertainment purposes. Speak to a professional if you have any questions.

I voted for trump in 2016. I hope he gets reelected but i cant say hes won my vote. I dont care what ur excuse is, he failed. Hes using executive actions to ban evictions but wheres the executive order to FREE MY PEOPLE? Noones free under our current government, not matter if its blue tyranny or red. Think for urself, vote for jo Jorgensen this election year. Its the empires only hope =}

I hope for ur sake u change the coarse of ur future. I will pray for u but if u dont use the hands god gace u to figure this out, then ur soul and body is forfeit

We must choose this election, a vote for red or blue flavored fear, or the freedom of breaking the shackles on society. If u too are tired of this, please consider voting for Jo Jorgensen in the 2020 election. Our freedom and independence depends on it

This video contains all the information ull need to know about the next stimulus ✔. It is for informational and entertainment purposes. Rioting or destroying ur city wont help anything. Please consider joining the libertarian party and peaceably protest these tyrrants with votes and recalls for the ones who arent being voted for this election.

Yeah it was pretty good.


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