I didn't even get in to the bot calls to politicians!

More videos featuring this topic, and original sources:

Projecting Political Power - Puppeteers, Protester Carpools, Petitioning Lawmakers with Bots

Infiltrating #Resist - Enemy Intel - Subverting Elections & Protester Blitzkriegs

Buying the Future - Paying for Political Positions - Funding the Fall 3

A re-upload with added content.

Investigating the manifesto of the Ice firebomber and the inspirations he cites as inspiring and guiding his actions.

A revealing documentary showing some of the methods used by American Anarchist Agitators, from their own re-telling.

Songs from:
Free Voice of Labour: The Jewish Anarchists

The story of the third guide, Emma Goldman, Anarchist author who promoted the use of force to destroy the government.

She pretty much went everywhere and did everything. It's a hell of a story to tell.

Free Voice of Labour: The Jewish Anarchists (REALLY interesting video which is where all of the vintage clips came from)

The video and audio track practically lined up on their own from the raw downloads.
I can't log in to gab for some reason, but I'm on there somewhere.

Investigating the manifesto of the Ice firebomber and the inspirations he cites as inspiring and guiding his actions.

Listening to his album and knowing his story, you may get the impression of a sad, desperate old man.
While that is true, the sympathy dries up when you look at the heroes mentioned in his manifesto: the topic of my next video.

Links omitted because they'll probably be gone soon anyway. They're in the manifesto. I was surprised to see them all still active, and even certain Facebook profiles opened to the public.

Jeff Quitney, my favourite archiver on Youtube, had his channel removed without warning.

He posted only public domain archival footage.
But Youtube has decided this type of video needs to be cracked down on.

Explaining why Alexandria Ocasio Cortez can't afford to pay rent in DC.

Clips of the crazy shit MSNBC said the other day.

A large portion of the site users appear to have had their profile images deleted over the last two days.

A crampy, bloated International Menstrual Hygiene Day to you all!
"Canadian Menstruators"
"Tampon Tariffs"
It sounds made-up and ridiculous because it is.

Welfare Wednesday
Tampon Tuesday.
1-stop McAbortions and weaponized milkshakes
available at 7-11, 24 hours a day
=Progressive Utopia

I didn't mention it, but she was banned from Instagram as well.

I expect that this is only the beginning of a crackdown against nationalism, populism, anti-immigration sentiments and traditional values on Social Media platforms and in the courts.

On April Fools day, Justin Trudeau pranked Canada by mandating a carbon tax on any provincial goverment which refused to levy its own.

The carbon tax is quite obviously a joke. I will explain why not only is it usefless, it's quite likely harmful.

The government spends on initiatives whicha re at odds with each other, delay action, and prefer business as usual over the radical solutions requested by the industry itself.

Man made emissions from fossil fuel burning is used as a scapegoat for any environmental issue, from drought to insects to fire.

However, those very effects dwarf the man-made output, and are uncounted and unadressed by legislators and international treaties alike, in favour of ever-increasing economic restrictions.

Rather, I suggest that the solution is to be more productive, and sequester the carbon in lumber and wood products; something which also solves other issues like unemployment, housing costs and commodity prices.

White replacement through mass immigration is just a racist conspiracy theory... right?

Demographic swap is imminent. The information is available, if people would only look at it.

ShortFatOtaku made a video on this topic and this also serves as a rebuttal to what I think was a poor investigation on the issue. Ironic, seeing as his video accused others of doing the same.

A more detailed look at Ghazi Khodzo's betrayal by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

Part of this originally aired in my last video. After this video is released, I'll be removing that section from the other video with Youtube's internal editor.

Ghazi's video:


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