Liberty or Death

Fortunately the duck fared better than many of those innocent Americans deserted by the-powers-that-be that chose to stand down rather than come to their aid.

"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history." - George Orwell

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SOURCE: Ivor Cummins
Hey all - I was scurrilously attacked yesterday by some kind of "junior doctor"
- junior tried to "debunk" my latest fact-fueled video presentation you see
- he was most rude and almost unhinged even

So now you can enjoy my calm, dulcet voice going through just how deluded he has been - and sharing the data that matters! ;-)


Ivor Cummins

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"As soon as Xi ordered Wuhan to lock down these videos started being released all over the world of people spontaneously collapsing on the street. . so clearly fake. . . THE ONLY PURPOSE BEHIND THESE WAS TO SPREAD FEAR." The West adopted China's model, hence lockdown policies which are the suspension of civil liberties.

American lawyer Michael Senger says the COVID-19 lockdowns “might not even be science at all” but are based on Xi Jinping’s philosophy which also inspired the re-education of Uighur Muslims in concentration camps.


Sky News Australia

"The death rate in the UK over the past three months has been pretty close to zero. . . The virus is having a very difficult time finding new people to kill, but the UK government is starting to ramp up all kinds of tyrannical laws, using the virus as an excuse."

"Be grateful for this country, be appreciative. And stop disrespecting America."


TWITTER COMMENTS: "Corrupt police" "All officers who took the knee have subjugated themselves to BLM ! They should all be withdrawn from the force !!" "If you want to end up with a 'strong' leader and ultimately a fascist government this is the way to go about it"

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"THIS IDEA THAT A POSITIVE TEST FOR CORONAVIRUS EQUALS A CASE IS A C0MPLETE ABOMINATION OF MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY. It's a total Lie and misrepresentation of reality. But yet, COVID policies all around the world are being built on top of this Lie."

Patrick Henningsen

Patrick Henningsen

"She’s close to tears. Minneapolis City Council & Mayor should all be fired!" "We lost a Minneapolis public high school student last night who attended Patrick Henry High School - he was not two weeks into his senior year when he was shot and killed right here in this space!"


Welcome to Melbourne. The nanny state that nanny’s are no longer safe in

Avi Yemini
Captured by: @BOX4TV

At 4pm police came running from the north west end of Trafalgar Square towards the rear of the #NoNewNormal stage. They were blocked by protesters who surged forward to meet the surprise attack.
Damien Gayle

"The police are murdering their own reputation. They are losing the consent of the people. They are destroying the moral authority of the law."

Ezra Levant

John Rees reporting on a very dramatic moment in court yesterday when there was quite a fierce argument and Assange stood up and spoke out of turn.
Mohamed Elmaazi

A federal judge in Pennsylvania yesterday blew the top off of the massive authoritarian over-reach by governors throughout the country, ruling that Pennsylvania's governor and state health official violated the US Constitution in exercising what it claimed were "emergency powers" in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Will the judge's ruling begin to break down the wall of authoritarianism in the US? Also today, the state of Texas has employed shockingly inaccurate and shoddy testing and reporting methods, resulting in policy decisions being made without accurate information. As even the New York Times has noticed deep problems in Texas, state health authorities are rushing to clean up the mess they've made of things. With new and more accurate numbers showing far fewer infections, will the governor finally lift his tyrannical restrictions on Texans?


PETER WHITTLE TO MAYOR KHAN: "you announced it at the very height of the BLM protests... revising and removal ... we're talking about going back through London's past ... and I repeat, no mayor, no elected official, none of us, have the right to simply start removing and revising what has been there for centuries and centuries"
MAYOR KHAN "has boarded up statues of British statesmen and others who form part of our history and encouraged the destruction of British heritage."

Sadiq Khan’s stooges failed in an attempt to slap down Peter Whittle AM in yesterday’s Mayor’s Question Time, after Whittle launched a passionate defence of London’s historical statues in the face of Sadiq’s new heritage revision committee. Labour AM’s launched an attempt to remove Whittle from the chamber on the grounds that he said the Labour Party “doesn’t really like patriotism very much”

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TWITTER COMMENTS: "God bless this store clerk" "The best part is the end when she says 'you work with black folks, remember that' and he replies 'And they love me'" "He's a sharp guy...I'd hire him to run my store. Deserves a raise just based on how he handled this situation" "They should rebrand and call themselves CLM, or criminal lives matter"

Andy Ngô

TWITTER COMMENTS: "its as plain as simple as he put it, no question needed" "oh for more doctors like him!" "So refreshing to see such an intelligent young man." "Love this, a man with a real sensible message and no messing. Everyone should see this, lets get our lives back and learn to say NO!"
DR. LELAND STILLMAN: "When you destroy choice and liberty, no one can condone that, no one can be on board with that." "The idea that we would force other people to engage in a medical practice! To be frank the first historical example that comes to mind is like the NAZI doctors. How can we not see that this is totally inappropriate?, and it should not be a partisan issue, this is simply inexcusable."

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Patrick Henningsen

This ONE WORD is all you need to know about the Covid hysteria fraud: CASEdemic.

Patrick Henningsen
Patrick Henningsen: Independent global affairs analyst, journalist, radio host, TV broadcaster, and fierce critic of mainstream media propaganda.

"This libertard tells this vet that he should have died in Afghanistan over a MAGA mask!"



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