The older dog in this clip is teaching the puppy the universal paws out and head down movement toward the end to teach the puppy how to engage in a 'play'. Lousy quality but I don't want to make the switch to a new phone.

Pup at about 13 weeks old. She believes in property rights. If it is in or near my mouth it is MINE. The boy (puppy) is 13 weeks old in this video and the older dog is 13 years old. My dogs are now my KIDS. They are fully automatic weapons.

Why do dogs howl? Not sure but I know how to start it off.

I thought I was the alpha dog. This looks like a refutation of that quaint notion.

Short clip of some of my best friends. Not good quality but wanted to share. I don't do Facebook. It's my first attempt at this so be kind. I burn the grass in early spring to reduce ticks.


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I am creating this channel under my business name for convenience and, well, to promote the business too. I do not as of this time create any content. This may change. You can find out more information for the business in SE Massachusetts online at My name is Bill and will be commenting on videos that I watch.. I am an older conservative and wildly unpopular with the likes of YouTube and the Google deception machines. Nuf said on that. I believe in the Constitution and its' relevance to this day. I would cut the size of government by 90%, contract enforcement, and national defense are the only roles I see as pertinent. Our role as tax cattle is unacceptable.

My work background is in Electrical Engineering and perverted it to Consulting Systems Software Development Engineer by the end of my private business career in 2003. I have a patent in Digital Video Streaming of 2007.

Hopefully I will find like minded people here. I do not get offended, I do not engage with the breathtakingly insane but can hold a farcical pretentious conversation with anyone or a real dialog. I have an impenetrable number of years under my belt and am open to challenge on my beliefs that change day to day, so a moving target if you like. Go for it. I think of myself as an honorable man and one of the 2 genders that exist in this crazy world.

I am the proud owner of 2 Doberman Pinschers and this theme will become apparent if we engage in any way. I've been a Doberman owner for 35 years and am a "know it all" on the subject. With this in mind I find the animal world as a fine example on behavior that we can learn from if we pay attention. The dog world is not confused, they make lightning fast decisions and are rarely in error. They understand the hierarchy and their place in it. Disputes are settled quickly and succinctly. They do not hold grudges. I may come off as aggressive at times but, deal with it. I believe in this mechanism for navigating life.

Thank You for reading some senseless babbling,