Arquette Family, and Private Investigator Pat Caristo have been trying to dig deep for decades.. Thank You!

Paul Apodaca 'admitted' to Kait's murder in the summer of 2021, and was indicted for her murder in early 2022.

He may, or may not have been the actual shooter, but was defiantly involved.

This is the tip of the iceberg. Everything surrounding this case goes so much deeper.

Check out other videos on Kait Arquette/Paul Apodaca on this channel if you choose.


Kait’s family is asking anyone who knows anything to please come forward. They say one small detail could go a long way.

Contact with info or questions at [email protected]
or to investigator Pat Caristo at [email protected]
or at 505-243-2222

There is so much intertwined with this case. Kait was not random. Does someone want this to stop at PA? Need to look below the surface.
Still lots of questions.

Scary Clarey
Kaitlyn Arquette Murder Solved (?) - Author Lois Duncan - Paul Apodaca - I K... via @YouTube

The Compassionate Friends
Lois Duncan-Opening Session Speaker 35th National TCF Conference via @YouTube

Who Killed My Daughter? by Lois Duncan via

One to the Wolves, On the Trail of a Killer by Lois Duncan via

Paul Apodaca 'Confession'

Break in Kait Arquette, Althea Oakeley Murders; Other Crimes

More info pending

Research and diligent homework is important

Richard Gage is now at

Miscellaneous narration, and clips

Eric Herter (Ray McGovern clips)

9/11 Suppressed Evidence | Response to PBD Podcast's 2022 Interview with Richard Gage via Rokfin #Rokfin

A Crash Course In 9/11 Truth — Seven Documentaries You Need To See

Jason Bermas Remembers 9/11, Loose Change, & Exposes the NASA-Transhumanist Agenda via Rokfin #Rokfin

9/11 Truth Matters 21 Years Later via Rokfin #Rokfin

What Do Families of 9/11 Victims Think When Jan. 6th Protestors Are Compared To 9/11 Terrorists? #Odysee via @OdyseeTeam

Fabled Enemies A 9/11 Watch Along via Rokfin #Rokfin

James Corbett at the 9/11 Truth Film Festival #Odysee via @OdyseeTeam

If Only We Never Forgot This… #Odysee via @OdyseeTeam

Richard Gage, 9/11 War Games, List of Coincidences from 9/11 via Rokfin #Rokfin

False Flags: A Secret History Of Al Qaeda - Watch Along And Q&A Part 3 via Rokfin #Rokfin

Homeland Security Chief: Americans Who Don't Trust Government Are Biggest Terror Threat

FALSE FLAGS: From 9/11 To The Great Reset! - 21 Years Of Social CONDITIONING & Terror! via Rokfin #Rokfin

Joe Biden HAPPILY Met With 9/11 Financier And Nobody Said A Word! via Rokfin #Rokfin

The Tyranny Continues To Grow via Rokfin #Rokfin

CAREFULLY PLANNED EVIL: The Twin Towers Were BOMBED To Commit Crimes Against Humanity via Rokfin #Rokfin

The Dr. Judy Wood Op via Rokfin #Rokfin

GTW 9/11 Research Stream via Rokfin #Rokfin

GTW 9/11 Research Stream part 2 via Rokfin #Rokfin

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More Info pending

Here is an update with Judge Nap and WFAA

Responsibility seems to be missing now days

Uvalde TX school board fires Police Chief Pete Arredondo over shooting response; he calls vote a “public lynching”

Judge Napolitano - Judging Freedom

Sept. 3rd, 2022 in Dulles, VA: 'Anatomy of a Police State' - Ron Paul Institute's Washington Conference!

"Anatomy of a Police State" @Eventbrite

Ron Paul shares at Houston 4 June 2022 conference.
Full talk, and much more, at Rumble

The Biden Doctrine: New World Order or Nuclear Armageddon?

Sept. 3rd, 2022 in Dulles, VA: 'Anatomy of a Police State' - Ron Paul Institute's Washington Conference!

At It's Too Late Get Together, early June 2022 in Tennessee

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Some years back

Nice and flowing

Albuquerque, New Mexico Metro

A while back


More info pending

Family Tree's Live Stream December 3, 2019

Struggling with low self-confidence? Jerry Wise, relationship and life coach offers his 40+ years of experience and coaching to help change from no confidence to healthy mature confidence through family systems thinking.

Growing up in alcoholic, narcissistic, toxic, and dysfunctional homes robs us of self-confidence. Jerry talks about restoring this sense of Self. Jerry brings his Bowen marriage and family systems theory to address this important issue.

Jerry Wise, MA, MS, CLC
317-919-6264 (USA)
[email protected]

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Judge Andrew Napolitano's full talk at the Peace and Freedom Rally from July 23, 2022

Streamed and recorded live from Kingston, New York on the four corners of freedom. Speakers included Gerald Celente, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Scott Ritter, Gary Null, Phil Giraldi and music by the Hot Damn Band. via

To support this peace movement, donate at

Our Freedom Is Lost; The Government Lies, Cheats and Steals. #Odysee via @OdyseeTeam

Please go to Trends Journal, Gerald Celente at or the YT channels

What Does the Uvalde TX School Shooting Teach Us?

Judge Napolitano - Judging Freedom

City of Uvalde releases bodycam footage showing police response to Robb Elementary shooting

Live: Officials discuss Uvalde school shooting report via @YouTube

Families of Uvalde victims demand accountability after report details 'systemic failures' via @YouTube

Bodycam video released by Uvalde shows Arredondo in the hallway of Robb ... via @YouTube

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Outside Knoxville, Tennessee on Road Trip

Early June 2022


Texas school shooting May 24, 2022
Uvalde Texas School

Clips of Judge Nap talking about what happened, and more. He shares wisdom. Starts on May 25

Judging Freedom with Judge Andrew Napolitano

I am appalled with police who are either trigger bully thugs, or spineless cowards!

Others who appear include John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute

and Dr. John Lott

Former Sandy Hook officer says Uvalde cops should all be fired | NewsNat... via @YouTube

Uvalde parent speaks out on police response | NewsNation Prime via @YouTube

The baby formula crisis is another disaster that has resulted from government & giant corporations working hand-in-hand. So-called "government regulations," which include massive subsidies and protectionism, need to be replaced by free markets and open competition. Otherwise Americans should not be surprised to keep getting more of the same outcomes this nightmare brings.

"I came to the realization that open markets or open societies were much better than letting people tell others what to do" - Jim Rogers

Days after Las Cruces Police released body camera video of the deadly police shooting of Amelia Baca, the family of the 75-year old is promising lawsuits and demanding criminal charges be filed against the officer who shot her. The family related this through their attorney, Sam Bregman, in a news conference Thursday afternoon, May 12, 2022.

What I consider murder happened in April, 2022

Please note - The feed for the news conference either had audio channel issues, or out of sink. Had to choose the channel issues for now. Frustrating.

KRQE via @YouTube
Two men with years of experience react to the horrifying body camera video, and question why the officer involved reacted before responding. via @YouTube

Civil rights activists demanding answers after Las Cruces police shooting via @YouTube

Family Tree's Live Stream Late 2019

Wondering if you should go "No Contact" with a family member, partner, friend, church, job etc.?

Jerry offers his 43 + years of counseling, therapy, and now coaching to discuss the reasons to go No Contact.
Narcissism is widespread and going No Contact with an abusive family member(s) or spouse or friend may be necessary.

Jerry brings his relationship and family systems approach to this important issue.

To work with Jerry Wise, MA, MS, CLC -
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[email protected] or at

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Family Tree's Live Stream (September or October) 2019

A path to recovery

Healing from narcissistic abuse, recovering from dysfunctional family, trauma requires reducing self-abandonment. Jerry shares secrets to reducing self-abandonment and de-selfing using a family systems approach.

We have often been unaware of how often we abandon ourselves, this only repeats and continues the trauma and abuse we experienced growing up and in our present painful relationships.

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Jerry has been providing his clients with 'real change' help for 45+ years.

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Robert (Bob) Higgs

The State Is Too Dangerous to Tolerate

2013 Mises University, hosted by the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 27 July 2013.

(reuse allowed)

Family Tree's Live Stream August 27, 2019

We all are affected by our relationship "voltage" which surges through relationship systems. Jerry identifies several ways to introduce emotional circuit breakers to stop the reactivity and "pinging" which happens to all of us in our relationships.

Jerry Wise is an international relationship coach.
He specializes in family systems theory. He has been helping people for 45 + years recover from codependency, addiction, family of origin issues, narcissistic abuse, ACOA issues, spiritual issues, depression, anxiety, marital issues and family issues, using Bowen Family Systems approach and offering coaching for self-differentiation.

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1981, Alternative Views

Discretion Advised!

Predators, Trafficking, Rape, Pedophilia, Sexual Violence , Child Porn

Those who are 'underage', children, should never be called 'prostitute', and they should not be treated like criminals

Whitney Webb - The Franklin Scandal with Nick Bryant via Rokfin #Rokfin

More Info pending

Family Tree's Live Stream May 28, 2019
(buffering issues)

Path to Recovery

Jerry Wise is a seasoned professional life and family systems coach

Emotional cut offs, going no contact, self differentiation, enmeshment and detachment. He examines the ways in which narcissistic abuse damages the Self. To heal we will need to reclaim ourselves and become self differentiated.

Jerry Wise, MA, MS, CLC
[email protected]
or (1) 317-919-6264 (USA).

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Tom Woods November 2017

Free Ross Ulbricht Now -
It would be nice if more people made informed decisions on whether or not to support Ross Ulbricht by reading the facts and doing the research instead of relying on sources like "", Hollywood movies with sensationalized plots, or a dumb YouTube video.

Lyn Ulbricht's Son Got Two Life Sentences
He has been moved from CO

We stand up for, and with Ross

In 2015 Ross was convicted of 'crimes' related to the operation of the Silk Road marketplace, where people could buy and sell goods anonymously. He was sentenced to an astonishing two life sentences plus 40 years. The case was shot through with irregularities, outrages, and horrific precedents. His mother, Lyn Ulbricht, joined Tom to discuss Ross's case

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Family Tree's Live Stream April 2019

Dynamic and powerful tools to recover

Jerry Wise is a relationship coach. He discusses self differentiation, narcissism, enmeshment, the tool of "process vs content" and learning to be more your Self.

Remember actions speak louder than words.

He also provides help for those who are enmeshed in their family of origin and stuck in other relationships. 45 + years helping people in many difference settings. He specializes in Family Systems and using this to help clients to recover, mature, heal, and differentiate.

Contact Jerry Wise, MA, MS, CLC
[email protected]
or 317-919-6264 (US)


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