Reporters Without Boarders and French media have criticised the Yellow Vests movement for attacks of reporters at the protests.

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Brexit, never lose hope, we may still be in come 29 March 2019, however the war is not lost.

We may see an extension of Article 50 or a terrible Brexit deal, however long term the EU is collapsing and the British people will come together to leave.

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The Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) will spread through Europe and bring down the EU itself.

The citizens of Europe won't stand for higher taxes that will be imposed by the Government's of Europe which will be required to stop nations defaulting on debt.

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MP's are attempting to block a No Deal Brexit by making it more difficult to amend and implement taxes.

Other MP's are calling for an very further clause which would block the renewal of annual taxes such as income tax and corporation tax.

The Yellow Vest/Gilets Jaunes movement in France is gaining momentum on a run on French banks by everyone withdrawing money on the same day.

Could we see disenfranchised citizens who voted for Brexit do the same in the UK?

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Tim Martin of Wetherspoons is backing a No Deal Brexit.

These are the leaflets currently on the tables in Wethersoon's pubs.

I got stiffed buying a Che Guevara flag on eBay.

Maybe I was sent it as an analogy to actual socialism, which promises one thing but delivers something much less.

How the Italian debt crisis will play out.

Italy is on the brink of becoming insolvent. it owes 2.3 trillion Euros, that equates to 133% of GDP.

There are only 4 ways this crisis can play out.

1. Italy pays down its debts.
2. Italy defaults
3. The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) and European Central Bank (ECB) provide a bailout package.
4. The EU and ECB go all in, issuing Eurobonds as mentioned in 2011 by the European Commission.

Man buys a Gregg's vegan sausage roll and tossed it in the nearest bin.

Thoughts? Waste of money, food for a homeless person or a innocent joke?

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MP's calling for a independent monitoring board to set the price of fuel at petrol station pumps.

The New British Army snowflake recruitment campaign.

Targeting the Generation Z and Millennials generations.

Artificial sweeteners are addictive and can cause obesity according to research.

In the UK artificial sweeteners including aspartame are being pushed onto the public as groups such as Public Health Include urge government to tax and regulate food and drinks high in sugar.

Could artificial sweeteners be making the problem worse?

The UK has a labour shortage according to the British Chamber of Commerce.

A labour shortage is actually good for workers as it means supply and demand will move wages higher.

FTSE, Dow Jones and S&P close on worst year since 2008

US Government shut down, rubbish piles at national parks.

Rail Fares up 3.1%, Jeremy Corbyn calls for nationalisation.

London Eye lights up like EU flag on New Year's Eve.

Pudding Tax

Politicians should be the guinea pigs for which all legislation is first tested on.

Jeremy Corbyn praising a homeless, violent offender who attacked a 87 year old woman.

Manfred Weber, who is tipped to take Jean Claude Junker's job as President of the EU Commission, says the EU should have interfered in the Brexit referendum.

Sussex Police, drone sightings may have been police drones.

UK tax burden largest in 50 years.

New Jersey, high capacity magazine ban.

Angelina Jolie drops hints at running for President.

Liberty Militia daily news show.

Vladimir Putin plays a game of ice hockey in the Red Square.

Jean-Claude Junker, British MP's distrust Theresa May.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, Britain to be a global player.

Ferry contract awarded to Seaborne Freight, a company with no ferries.

Migrants/Refugees crossing the English Channel/North Sea to to get from mainland Europe into the UK have been on record as saying they'd rather die than go back to France.

Daily News Show-

Cressida Dick, Brexit will mean a dander to the UK as intelligence agencies will no longer share information with Europe.

Labour MP for Peterborough, Fiona Onasanya found guilty of perverting the course of justice, yet insisting she will remain as a member of parliament.

Is fox hunting class warfare?

Jeremy Corbyn too upset to address anti-Semitism within the Labour party.

'Best For Britain' Campaign push MP's to block government renewing annual taxes in parliament, such as income tax and corporation tax to trigger a second EU referendum.

Gunther Oettinger, German politician from the CDU saying Germany and the other EU member states will be paying a significant bill if the UK leaves under a 'No Deal' scenario.

Amazon sends 1700 audio files to another Amazon customer by mistake.

Chinese schools are using identification chips and facial recognition to stop truancy and make sure children are not sleeping in class.

HMV on brink of collapse following increasing competition from Netflix and Amazon.

Liberty Militia Daily Show

Queens speech gold piano
Che Guevara worn a Rolex
Pub ordered by police to remove a Ernesto 'Che' Guevara Poster.
UK to require age verification passes for access to porn websites.
Public Health England calls to regulate how many calories a person can buy.

The suspects arrested yesterday by Sussex Police over the Gatwick airport drone incident have been released today without charge.

Calls for all gates at Parliament to be protected by armed police, while the general UK population are not allowed to defend themselves.

Politicians are also granted free speech in parliament under 'Parlimentary Privilege' while the average citizen in the street can be arrested for free speech.


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