The European Elections are finally here.

How will you be voting?

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Jean-Claude Juncker hits back at journalists who call him a drunk, after his on falls and odd behavior around other political VIPs.

The UK financial industry will thrive after Brexit according to British trade minister Liam Fox. London office building is also at a high post Brexit referendum according to Deloitte Real Estate.

Many Remainers argue we need a second referendum as the average Leave voter didn't know what they were voting for.

We analyse the famous David Cameron referendum announcement speech from outside Downing Street from February 2016 where he makes it quite clear what leaving the European Union will mean.

#Brexit #PeoplesVote #SecondReferendum

The debate pyramid and dealing trolls and negative comments on YouTube.

The debate pyramid includes:
Name calling
Ad Hominem
Tone Response
Counter Argument
Central Point Refutation

Burger King post a tweet on Twitter joking about buying their milkshakes to throw at Tommy Robinson.

This is a bit of a PR disaster since while the tweet was up Tommy Robinson was being pelted with stones and rocks.

#burgerking #justsaying

The Muslim Defence League (MDL) throw rocks and shutdown Tommy Robinson in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

Seven days to save the European Union according to the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Will the EU fall apart? Is war between EU member states realistic?

#EU #ECFR #EUelections

The Met Police starts using the facial recognition camera trial.

An infringement of civil liberties or just a case of nothing to hide ' if you have nothing to fear'?

A teen on moped attacks a Humberside Police car at traffic lights.

The lone police officer then drives away while the kid wheelies up the road after them.

Lord Andrew Adonis coming out tweeting the Labour party is now a remainer party over Brexit.

UK National Newspaper Headlines

Scottish National Party party policy is to create a new Scottish currency for a independent Scotland.

#indyref2 #fiatmoney

Boris Johnson urges voters not to take Brexit frustrations out on Conservative councillors in the upcoming local elections.

The UK government has banned pigeon and crow shooting in most circumstances except for shooting over crops.

This comes after a campaign from Chris Packham and the pressure group Wild Justice.

This comes as the general license is changed from the 25 April and effects 16 species of birds.

The mainstream media is losing control on its hold of viewing figures in the UK.

Data shows how quickly BBC News and Sky News are loosing viewers to the new alternatives for news media, these being social media.

Labour Party Deputy Leader Tom Watson, is going all in on a push for a second referendum on Brexit.

He says the only way to beat Nigel Farage is to push for Remain. This position will start to tear the Labour Party apart, as many Labour voters also support Brexit and will be pushed to voting for the Brexit Party or UKIP.

After Diane Abbot was pictured illegally drinking a mojito on a London Overground train, a Facebook event has been created in honour of Diane Abbott.

40% of Conservative Party councillors are prepared to vote for Nigel Farage's Brexit Party in protest of Theresa May's handling of Brexit.

Why aren't Extinction Rebellion, the environmental protest group who have caused huge disruption and chaos in London, and now looking to disrupt Heathrow airport being stopped by the police and the establishment.

Is it because the goals of Extinction Rebellion and the establishment are aligned?

Nigel Farage's Brexit party has surged ahead in polls for the European elections.

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UK National Newspaper Headlines

Remainers were lied to. In the run up to the 2016 referendum on Britain remaining or leaving the European Union, voters were told that to vote remain, and the UK will reform the EU.

It's clear now from over 3 years of negotiations with Brussels that the EU cannot be reformed.

Remainers were lied to by the establishment that reforming the EU was a viable option.

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