There is a brand new front in the war against illegal drugs. All Nebraska students who decide to participate in extracurricular school activities will be tested at random for nicotine, a drug which is legal for adults but illegal for minors.

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With Biden still firmly in the lead for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination, it's looking like he'll go head to head with President Trump. The Mainstream Media TV pundits have predictably declared Biden the future winner, and by a landslide, but who is the prediction market putting their money on?

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This was a busy, and perhaps a consequential week for the Democrat candidates as it was announced on Friday there would be a 1st round debate among the "first-tier candidates" out of nearly thirty potential Presidential Candidates all vying for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2020.

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Great news for free speech! The 8th Circuit of appeals ruled that cursing at a traffic cop does not constitute a crime. Police often think they can demand respect from the public but they actually have no right to do so.

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Joe Biden trods the problematic path of trying to be left enough to "soothe the savage beast" that is the radical leftist "resistance" and centrist enough to represent the mainstream Democratic platform which is the only possibility of winning in the general election.

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The Trump administration announced its intention to impose travel restrictions on Cuba. As of June 5th cruises, private yachts, and fishing vessels will not be permitted to visit the communist island. Despite the fact that Cuba is only 103 miles as the crow flies from a US shore, relations have been strained since Cuban strong wind Fidel Castro took power.

The Cuban people live in a time machine with cars and such dating back to the late 1950s, and it seems that every President views our communist neighbor differently. In an effort to provide more light than heat, LIberty Nation presents this brief retrospective of Cuban / American relations I hope you will find informative and fascinating.

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You would think that Joe Biden would have learned by now that there are two things he simply could not do as a Presidential candidate, they are, continuing to put his hands on those of the opposite sex, and presenting other people's ideas as his own, but old Uncle Joe has now revived both those issues in recent days...

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As everyone knows Mr. Assange is in a lot of hot water in the UK, Sweden and now the in the U.S. Some consider Assange's release of America classified documents a threat to our national security and in Sweden he is wanted on charges of rape that were dropped and then reinstituted, but nowhere is it understood that Assange "hacked" the DNC server during the 2017 Presidential election, except maybe on ABC's TV program, The View.

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He was the fall guy in the greatest and most pernicious spying scandal in American history. We're talking about George Papadopoulos. In an LN exclusive interview with Washington columnist Tim Donner, the former Trump campaign operative waxed eloquent about what a long strange trip it's been. The interview in its entirety airs Sunday, June 9th, on and selected stations across the Radio America Network.

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LibertyNation’s Scott D. Cosenza rails on President Trump’s willingness to ban silencers as he did bump stocks. Plus, Tim Donner joins in for a Biden weekly error review, and Bernie tries to be morally righteous by yelling at other rich people.

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Why do protests seem less effective today than they did just a few short years ago? Thousands of people on the streets, marching, yet nothing actually seems to change. Could it be that what we see as protests are really stage-managed events designed with another motive in mind? And what of the idea that it is individuals who make a difference? Has this once proud truth been subsumed by those who seek collective action in the name of the state?

We’ll be looking into all this and a whole lot more on The Rabbit Hole: Politics and Prose, a Liberty Nation production

As everybody in the world knows by now President Trump was invited by the Queen of England for a state visit on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. It wasn't all bouquets and roses though as London Mayor Sadiq Kahn provided a welcome atmosphere to protestors. There was supposed to be one hundred thousand of them but our Liberty Nation team on the ground in London say it was nowhere near that number.

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Joe Biden continues on a hot roll atop the crowded Democratic field of Presidential candidates hoping to unseat President Trump, expanding his already huge lead over runner up Bernie Sanders to almost twenty points. Is it because he's such an appealing candidate? Or is it because the other twenty-three candidates are so unappealing?

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Robert Mueller, who remained out of public view during his twenty-two-month long special counsel investigation, decided to make his one and only public appearance this week, announcing that he's resigned now that his work is done and his office shuttered, but before he left the stage he sparked more calls for impeachment by contradicting Attorney General William Barr on the matter of whether Trump might have obstructed justice.

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The GOP has been chomping at the bit for President Trump to declassify documents relating to an Obama administration surveillance of the 2016 Presidential campaign of Donald Trump. The President meanwhile has been quite measured in circumspect in terms of releasing all of the ugly details but now it seems the gloves are off and Trump is ready to "unleash the dogs" on the dirty dealings that may have gone on during the previous administration.

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Special counsel Robert Mueller finally decided to break his silence and address the American public. In doing so he seemed to go out of his way not to clear the President of any criminal charges. It was a classic "swampian" speech with something for everyone, especially those who want to play gotcha with the 45th President of the United States.

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It's true some stories just fly higher than others. Such is the case with our New Mexico border wall controversy. Earlier this week reported that the Governor, Michelle Grisham, did an about-face asking Washington for help in dealing with a genuine crisis at the New Mexico border.

Then a privately funded section of the wall was being built, but then it was shut down by a New Mexico Mayor, only to have that overturned. National correspondent Sarah Cowgill wrote about this and readers by the tens of thousands flocked to it.

Begging for Help: NM Gov Changing Her Tune on Immigration:

LbertyNation’s Scott D. Cosenza breaks down the 2020 front-runners with updates on Fauxcahontas, Kamala Harris, and with Tim Donner, the Biden campaign. Plus – Mueller & Smollett.

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There are certain people throughout history that exemplify what it means to be the very best of humanity. These characters are most often born out of adversity and hardship; others are crafted out of duty and bravery. In the worst moments, the worst excesses of our shared history, we find people who show us what it truly means to be human.

All this and more, on The Rabbit Hole: Politics and Prose, a production.

Mueller Madness rears its head again. Democrats attack the President, of course, but do they have the stomach for impeachment?

Former special counsel Robert Mueller breaks his silence, contradicts Attorney General William Barr on obstruction of justice and then cuts and runs.

We'll analyze how much his remarks have changed the political landscape, if at all, and whether the Democrats have the votes needed for impeachment (you'll be shocked at the answer).

Plus, in this unprecedented political environment where the two sides can barely talk to each other, we'll introduce you to an actual legitimate truly bi-partisan coalition for lowering energy prices, and a couple of significant rulings from the nation's highest court.

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In the "nation" of California, Beverly Hills has voted to ban all tobacco sales but they have exempted the former Governor and Movie Star's favorite cigar club.

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And now Trump's Key economic advisor, and headed for the Federal Reserve until leftist attacks forced him to withdraw from consideration, Stephen Moore, who last week described for us the living hell he was put through by radicals intent on derailing his nomination to the Fed. This week we're back to talk with him about trade and tariffs and taxes, all vital elements of the economic agenda he helped the President to formulate. As fears of a trade war with China heat up, Stephen Moore says our current agreements with China hardly amount to so-called "free trade".

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Great news for liberty as populism prevails and the State of Texas passes a partial red-light camera ban. The people of Texas have finally had enough and their Governor Gregg Abbot, who campaigned on removing the automated menace has finally delivered.

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As Biden's lead among the crowded field of Democratic candidates for President in 2020 grows, the question of how Biden will fare once his political skeletons are thrust into the national spotlight becomes increasingly more important. Is Biden really the man to can take on President Trump?

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In history, there are certain characters who seem to be able to bend fate around them, who can seize all power despite coming from more humble beginnings. Why are these people often seen as monsters? Why is it that history attempts to portray them as something other than a product of their time and circumstance? And when our new histories are written, about those today who seem determined to wrest power from the status quo… will they too be described as monsters and barbarians?

All this and more, on today’s edition of The Rabbit Hole: Politics and Prose… a production.


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