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Breaking: Aussie military leak says Martial Law coming any day.
Kevin Hoyt says Brace for Impact. Trump will likely be arrested, deep state desperate to stop elections. Unprecedented military activity. EBS / Martial Law could be about to go down.

Andrew Tate Censored from Big Tech for telling the truth about the Great Awakening and President Donald Trump.
Tate just revealed on a new interview with Patrick Bet-David that he was censored, deleted, and erased from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, AirBnB, Uber and multiple bank accounts.
This is how they do it in China.

Dr Lewis NP discovers vaccine shedding through sexual contact. He discovered that an unvaccinated persons blood becomes the same as a vaccinated persons blood after sexual contact. Follow Dr Lewis on Telegram at Dr Lewis NP and @drlewi.

The New Normal. Athletes collapsing around the world from Covid vaccines.
Dr. Andreas Noack PhD chemist has revealed that graphene hydroxide is causing serious injury to the people taking Covid vaccines. Athletes are accelerating the damage from increased metabolism and heart rate. Please see the video on our channel with Dr Noack explaining what graphene hydroxide does to the body. He was murdered a few days after releasing his video.

Dr. Andreas Noack PhD. discovers Graphene Hydroxide in Covid vaccines.
Absolute confirmation of Graphene Hydroxide not Graphene Oxide, in all samples of Covid big pharma injections.
Graphene Hydroxide is undetectable by conventional toxicology test procedures.
That is because it is an industrial molecule, not a biological toxin.
Graphene Hydroxide in solid form, can be used to make automotive brake pads that never break down.
In other words, it never degrades in the body, it's there until you die. It has many obvious similarities to Asbestos.
The nano scaled size is shaped making like a nano razor blade. It reacts in the body like extreme acidity. It scars the lining of blood vessels that are supposed to be smooth like glass. This scarring leads to buildup and rapid degeneration and inflamation.
Myocarditis is the most obvious reaction.
This injection has no benefit to human health in any means and it will be proven to be detrimental to politicians who support it.
Most deaths are disguised to appear as other degenerative disease, medical examiners need to be forced to test for graphene hydroxide as cause of death.
Dr Noack is an expert in Graphene Hydroxide. Dr Noack has been murdered for revealing this information. Please share.

Australians are sending out an S.O.S.
( shocking video just released )
The Irish government should;
1) Expedite the safe Return of Irish Citizens who want to leave Australia.
2) Extend an offer of Asylum to a certain number of Australians.
Australians are being assaulted daily. New legislation has been proposed in Victoria that would give its leader ULTIMATE POWER to imprison political dissenters and even force medical testing and procedures. Elections could be suspended.The country is in Distress, and they need your HELP.
~ It's time for our international friends to recognise that Australia is at war with its' government and we need help.
Please, international friends...hear our cries for help and apply economic and political pressure on our leaders to change the destructive path we are on.
Provide a way for citizens who no longer feel safe here to come home. Offer a certain number of Australians asylum, many of us need it.
Saturday 4th Dec 2021 at 12 noon

Great new video by @larsvonretriever
NBC News correspondent gave us the Gift that keeps on giving!

David Avocado Wolfe theory on Covid-19 vaccines. Possibility that most must be saline solution.
He is saying manufacturing millions of doses in such a short amount of time is not possible.
Most doses must be saline solution.
It's possible some of your friends and loved ones did not receive the real MRNA vaccine.
It's also possible Pharma may have started manufacturing MRNA since 2016, when Trump took office.
Hillary was not supposed to lose. The Plandemic may have been set in motion right after the election so they may have had a head start on manufacturing these vaccines.
It's an interesting theory but this only works if most people continue to keep taking more and more vaccines.

Brother Alexis Bugnolo Covid-19 Vaccine Truth Bomb. The Scamdemic is exposed. A Sobering Truth. The only hope for the vaccinated is if President Trump switched out the vaccines with saline solution during the National Guard distribution.

Thomas Humphrey grabs Covid-19 vaccine and sends to lab for analysis. The lab has received his sample of the vaccine.

Take a close examination of the race for Portland OR Mayor 2020.
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Del Bigtree and his Highwire YouTube channel has just been permanently deleted from YouTube most likely because of this video.
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My fellow Americans, the Storm Is Now Upon Us! The Storm explained.
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Ted Cruz outlines OBAMAGATE to Democrats in Congress June 4th, 2020.
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Dr. Andrew Kaufman and RN Kate Shemerani - Viruses are not contagious.
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