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Seven News: Jalal Law Passes State Parliament (Victoria, Australia)

orlared: Kevin talks to Niall Boylan about the Marrakesh Declaration and migrant quotas in politics (Ireland)

Political parties could be forced to fill 40% of their nominations with women, migrants, and people from ethnic minorities under a new local election quota system.

Under the new measures, political parties would lose out on funding if they fail to put forward candidates from diverse backgrounds.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland hopes that the number of migrant candidates will dramatically increase, with at least one non-Irish candidate contesting in every constituency in next year’s local elections.

Caller Kevin talks to Niall Boylan and brings up the Marrakesh Political Declaration which aims to coordinate responses for the management of migration flows in nations who signed it which includes Ireland.

orlared: EU Parliament President: Compulsory redistribution of asylum seekers needed across the EU

Antonio Tajani, the president of the European Parliament tweeted at the 2018 Salzburg Summit:

"I call on EU leaders to take action without further delay: agreements with African countries to stop irregular migrants, compulsory redistribution of asylum seekers across the EU, a Marshall Plan for Africa, an EU coast and border guard to protect our borders. #SalzburgSummit18"

George Soros recently advised that EU should spend €30 billion a year for an African Marshall Plan, funded through debt at the Keynote speech at ECFR's Annual Council Meeting in Paris 29 May, 2018.

orlared: Irish Aid host an African rhythms workshop at the National Ploughing Championships 2018

Irish Aid tweeted that it was a full house at their African rhythms workshop at the 2018 National Ploughing Championships.

Savage Grin: Alexa Does Not Like Israel

Recorded from The Ralph Retort's Killstream on 9/12/18

orlared: Mary from Donegal is fed up with all the anti-Trump bias in the media (Ireland)

Mary Stewart from Donegal speaks to Ocean FM and says she is fed up with all the anti-Trump rhetoric in the media.
Broadcast Ocean FM | 18th September 2018

orlared: Hermann Kelly: Never give people not your own power over you because they will always shaft you (Ireland)

Hermann Kelly is asked whether his main attraction for the idea that Ireland should leave the EU is more economic or political and philosophical.
Broadcast: The Right Side Podcast | Sep 10 2018

Political parties could be forced to fill 40% of their nominations with women, migrants, and people from ethnic minorities under a new local election quota system.

orlared:Kevin Sharkey withdraws from 'farcical' presidential race and takes aim at 'corrupt Ireland'

Kevin Sharkey speaks to Ocean FM about why the Balbriggan artist has withdrawn from the 2018 presidential race to focus on his art.

The north Dublin based painter and sometime actor released a statement on his Twitter page on Sunday in which he revealed that he was “leaving the circus”.

Mr Sharkey said he was pulling out of the race "due to the corruption of the local councils all over Ireland”.

Savage Grin: Pray for James Tristan

Sargon of UKIP has set his sights on an innocent little boy named Billy. This is his story.

Savage Grin: A Tale of Two Lovers - Milo Meets Carl

Peak Skepticism

Savage Grin: Scarface of Akkad

Do you even have a suit?

Savage Grin: Sargon's Letter to the Alt-Right

Never let your ego get in the way of a good video. - Sargon Of Akkad

Harmful Opinions: Some of the audio from Sargon's silent stream has been recovered.

Harmful Opinions: Slanderin' Sargon

Oof Curator: Based Mama Goes Running to "Journalist" Jared Holt #kilroy

Based Mama went to Jared Holt and spilled all her beans, releasing email exchanges and revealing how horribly mistreated she was. Jared ate those beans up and let out a big fart, and this article was that fart:

Oof Curator: Vee: Jim Did a Major F- Up and Sargon Was Wrong #kumite Mister #Metokur

Vee was on the Morning Kumite and described how Mister Metokur made a major screw up in his "Bye, Sargon" stream as well as explaining how Sargon was wrong in his "Hello, Jim" stream.


Oof Curator: The "It Depends on the Child" Sargon cut from the Killstream

Please also see Sargon's response video for where he really stands on consent laws here:

Full stream:

(current) Killstream channel:

Oof Curator: Secret Recording Between Sargon and UKIP Official Mauritian Struggle

Sargon of Akkad and Vee had a private meeting with a UKIP official who goes by "Mauritian Struggle" where they had a heated discussion about why Sargon should not be allowed membership into the party. This is the secret recording which was captured.

Clipped from the Killstream.

Full stream:

(current) Killstream channel:

Oof Curator: Animated Opening Sequence to Mister Metokur's "Bye, Sargon" Bloody Sunday Stream

Suit Yourself is animating this stream and I'll bring you more of it as he finishes it. This is the opening sequence of Mister Metokur's "Bye, Sargon" stream brought to visual life. Please take a moment to check out Suit Yourself's stuff and if you like this video give him a subscription:

Russia, Turkey announce deal on demilitarized zone in Syria

Benjamin Hall reports on the reprieve for the millions bombarded by jets in Idlib.

Fox & Friends: Hollywood takes aim at Republicans, Christians at Emmys

Left-wing celebrities attack President Trump and conservatives at the awards show; Kayleigh McEnany and Jessica Tarlov react on 'Fox & Friends.'

America's Newsroom: Sekulow: No hearing needed if Kavanaugh accuser won't appear

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford have been invited to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee to examine Ford's sexual assault allegation; reaction from President Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow.


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