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Dana Perino interviews Mark Zuckerberg

The Facebook CEO discussed what role social media should be playing in politics.

"The View" co-hosts trash Trump kids

They went after the Trump kids for being "mediocrities."

Cooper mocks Grisham

CNN's Anderson Cooper mocks White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham.

Rove on Clinton's 'Russian asset' allegations: 'Put up or shut up'

Karl Rove discusses Hillary Clinton's "Russian asset" criticisms of Tulsi Gabbard during an appearance on Fox News' "The Story with Martha MacCallum"

Gutfeld says Tulsi Gabbard is a "bad*ss" for rebuke of Clinton

Fox News co-host Greg Gutfeld praised Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

New Trump ad: Mitt Romney is secret Democrat asset

United We Roll Convoy Part #2

A convoy protesting Greta Thunberg.

Oil gas truckers through Edmonton

They were honking against Greta.

Van Jones goes after Hillary Clinton for Tulsi smear

"She’s playing a very dangerous game," left-wing CNN political commentator Van Jones, who admittedly tends to be one of the network's more moderate voices, opined Friday evening to his colleague Erin Burnett.

Tulsi Gabbard: not a Russian asset

Matt Gaetz to Lou Dobbs: US should withdraw from Syria

George Papadopoulos speaks of the Obama administration's "treason"

President Donald Trump's former 2016 campaign adviser George Papadopoulos is confident that the latest findings regarding the FBI operation that triggered the whole Russia collusion delusion narrative is surefire proof of "treason."

Why do mainstream media never show you this kind of videos from #BarcelonaProtests ?

#Barcelona Clashes between the National Police and protesters Via Laietana.
#VagaGeneral18O #Catalunya

Huge march heading to #Barcelona today to protest the injustice of jailing 9 democratic independence politicians with 10 year sentences.


#Chile Police officers shot a protester at central station

Trump mocks Macron to French reporter: ‘We have a better President than you’

Man with gun detained outside Trump rally

An oddball man adorned in an "InfoWars" t-shirt was detained.

Lou Dobbs names "RINOs" who voted with Democrats

Ten Senate Republicans joined their Democrat colleagues Thursday in voting unsuccessfully to try and override a veto by President Donald Trump.

Judge Jeanine reacts to Bernie calling Elizabeth Warren a capitalist

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin: Giuliani has not been charged with crime

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin says President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani“may never” face charges.

Hunter Biden attributes Burisma work to "poor judgment"

Former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter has attributed his "swamp[y] work for Burisma to "poor judgment," casting it as an act borne from youthful ignorance versus nefarious corruption.


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