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ACA: A Current Affair - "Alt Right" Lauren In Australia (Lauren Southern)

'Women not wired to be CEOs': Alt-right campaigner Lauren Southern

Nine + Seven News. Wicked Mandela Praised In Melbourne Exhibition (Australia)
The insidious Nelson Mandela and his murderous wife, Winnie Mandela, are to be praised by the Melbourne Museum. Nelson Mandela lead a Marxist violent uprising to take over the White Nation of South Africa, which has lead to more than 70,000 deaths, and a nation in turmoil to this day.

Nelson Mandela was considered a terrorist by many and a Zionist. He was a member of the Rhodes order, and espoused communism.

Harry and Meghan visit Nelson Mandela tribute in London

MANDELA My Life: The Exhibition

Mandela My Life: The Official Exhibition

ACA: A Current Affair - Islam Killed My Daughter (Ashlee Brown, Australia)

Ashlee Brown was an Australian country girl, naive to the violent regime of Islam and its pseudo religious control tactics. Believing in her emotions, she married a Muslim man, and taken down a dark path of destruction, to her abuse and final death. Ashlee's Mother now wants answers. Ashlee's deceiver husband, Mohamed Naddaf, now avoids conviction by plea bargaining with police.

Mum's fury over 'deadset animal' facing jail over daughter's death

Nine + Seven News: Gangs Or No Gangs, Daniels Contradicts Feds (Australia)
The Labor Party dominated Victorian State Government along with Black African groups are contradicting the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the existence of African Gangs, even though there is an extensive crime history of home invasions, rental home rampages, and carjackings, committed by Blacks, labelling themselves with the likes of Apex Gang, and Menace To Society.

Luggage Gets Stolen From Tourist Bus in France After World Cup Win

The recent events in France after winning the World Cup 2018 are a disaster for the country.

France vs Croatia | Pitch Invaders During World Cup Final 2018

The World Cup Final was hit by pitch invaders in the 52nd minute.

Four spectators simultaneously ran on the pitch and interrupted play in global football's showpiece match.

Dejan Lovren attempted to drag one of them to the floor as stewards ran on to the pitch to deal with the interruption.

Riots in France after 2018 World Cup Win vs Croatia! - (Compilation)

Celebrations have turned to chaos in France with riots and looting in Paris as millions of French fans have been celebrating their team’s 4-2 victory over Croatia in the World Cup final.

Frame Game Radio: The Rise and Fall of RACISM WATCHDOG

A dramatic storytelling of the fate of Racism Dog. In which we discuss the primal id of left-wing authoritarians, and role of language.

Nine + Seven News: Government Pursues Immigration Enquiry(Australia)

Nine + Seven News: Mort De France - Blacks + Arabs Dominate Faces (FIFA 2018)

France is said to be celebrating the win of the soccer 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament held in Russia, but the faces of the people partying in Paris, are mainly Blacks and Arabs. Is this a time to be joyous or sad for the death of France? The crowds quickly turned to rioting with the same Black and Arabs smashing shops, and burning cars.

British Paints Advert (Diversity Propaganda)

British Paints has used racist propaganda to promote interracial couples on Australian TV's, shocking natural minded people. Boycotting brands is one resort people do when confronted with propaganda.

The official channel advert.

Good Morning Britain: I'm Literally a Communist You Idiot

President Donald Trump is due to visit the UK on his first official visit since becoming President. Thousands are expected to protest his arrival, one of them being Ash Sarkar who gets into a heated debate with Piers Morgan on why she will be protesting.

Donald Trump and Theresa May full press conference at Chequers (UK)

Theresa May today hit back at Donald Trump's incendiary warning Britain is 'losing its culture' because of immigration.

The Prime Minister said that immigrants from all over the world have made a 'fantastic contribution' to life in the UK. Although she also stressed that Britain will end free movement when the country quits the European Union.

Mr Trump has sent the Special Relationship into meltdown by trashing the PM's Brexit plans which he said killed off hopes of a transatlantic trade deal. And he said warned Britain - and the rest of Europe - is 'losing its culture' by allowing 'millions and millions' of people to move in.

Trump: If the EU doesn't change they will pay very big price

Donald Trump has warned the EU he will make them pay for years of "taking advantage" of the United States – describing the situation as a "disgrace".

The US President made his remarks during the course of an extraordinary press conference at Chequers held jointly with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

Mr Trump has sparked fears of a trade war with the bloc after his decision to impose tariffs of 25 percent and 10 percent on imported steel and aluminium respectively.

And he showed little sign of backing down during a characteristically bullish performance in front of journalists from all around the world.

He said: “We do not have a fair deal with the European Union right now on trade.

"They treat the United States horribly and that is going to change.

"And if it does not change they are going to have to pay a very big price and they know what that price is.

"They are coming over on July 25 to see me and hopefully we can work something out.”

Mr Trump described EU trade barriers against US goods as "beyond belief".

He added: "They won't take our farm products.

"They won't take many of our things including our cars.

"They charge us tariffs on cars far greater than we charge them.

"Last year we lost $151billion with the European Union. We can't have that."

During the course of the press conference, Mr Trump backtracked from quotes attributed to him about Brexit in an exclusive interview with The Sun.

The Sun quoted Mr Trump as saying: ““If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal.

“I would have done it much differently.

"I actually told Theresa May how to do it but she didn’t agree, she didn’t listen to me.”

When pressed by reporters about the article, Mr Trump denied criticising Mrs May – and branded the newspaper "fake news"

However, he acknowledged that he had given her a "suggestion" on how to proceed.

He said: "I think she maybe found it maybe too brutal.

"Maybe someday she will do that if they don't make a good deal.

"The EU has taken advantage, systemically, of the US on trade. It’s a disgrace.”

Andrew Neil cracks joke about Sadiq Khan over Trump balloon

Andrew Neil took a hilarious dig at London Mayor Sadiq Khan for deciding to allow anti-Trump activists to float a large "angry baby Trump" to protest the visit of US President Donald Trump to the UK.

The BBC This Week host took a side-splitting pop at London Mayor Sadiq Khan jokingly announcing US Ambassador Woody Johnson would fly a Khan balloon over the Embassy.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) last week announced Mr Khan had authorised protestors to fly a 6 feet 'angry baby Trump" balloon over Parliament Square during US President Donald Trump's working visit to the UK.

Mr Neil said: "Welcome to This Week, live from Westminster and dead from the neck up, where news reaches us that in retaliation for the Mayor of London allowing a giant Trump baby blimp in a nappy to be floated over London, the Americans have decided to float an even bigger blimp of Sadiq Khan over the US Embassy.

"‘He’ll be wearing a stab vest,’ said the US Ambassador because even at 200 feet in the air, this has become a very dangerous city under his watch."

7 News: Immigration Count Drops, Agendists Unhappy (Australia)

Peter Dutton heads the Minster of Immigration, and has brought the immigration number down from on high, but Agendists like Peter Strong of the Small Business Council are not happy. Peter Strong is a supporter of pervert social change in Australia with him backing LGBTP advancement and Multiculturalism.

Peter Strong, has proudly said in the past. with analysis showing Australians have voted 6 to 4 in favour of changing the law of pervert marriage, he is not surprised by the support showed for by small business. "Small business are like everybody else," he says. "There are lots of shops out there with rainbows in their windows. They are not scared of the no voters putting a boycott on their shop, enough of them are quite happy to be out there."

Emma Campbell, is from Federation of Ethnic Communities, and previously worked for Médecins sans Frontières, known to kidnap Black Children in Central Africa, for sale in Europe.

Dutton’s vetting drive slashes 20,000 from migrant intake

7 News: LtGen David Lindsay Morrison (LBGT Advocate) Demonised Innocent Soldier (Karel Dubsky) - Jedi Council Scandal

2016 Australian of the Year Lieutenant General David Lindsay Morrison was instrumental in bringing perverted sexual pursuits to the Australian Defence Force, and espoused by the migrant invasion supporter, Tim Soutphommasane, used an innocent solider (Karel Dubsky) to scapegoat a pornography ring. It's not know if others were being protected in the sordid sex scandal known as the Jedi Council.

Karel Dubsky cleared of involvement in 'Jedi Council' sex scandal, five years after being dismissed

Seven + Nine News: Taser Carjacking MO African Gang (Bundoora, Melbourne, Australia)

Frame Game's Fun Clips: Clinton Brags About Affirmative Action Housing Skyrocketing Under Him

Frame Game's Fun Clips: Summarizing CRA and the Banking Crisis

Frame Game's Fun Clips: Congrats, You're Certified As Being What You Were Born As

Frame Game's Fun Clips: Jane Elliot 1

ACA: A Current Affair - Multicultural Lawless London (Moped Crime, Acid Attacks, Stabbings)
London is in turmoil after decades of mass immigration has lead to a divided city where people are turning on each other for quick profit. Many of the attacks involve stabbings, acid being thrown in women's faces, to snatching of bags, purses, and mobile phones as people go about their day. Much of the stolen goods end up being sold outside the country, to the likes of Islamic Nations, or Africa.

Seven + Nine News. David Jones Doesn't Like Normal. (LGBTP, Jessica Gomes)

'Diversity' the look for next top DJ's models

Gary Orsum: Biggest Liar Ever

Massive liar gets completely owned.


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