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Nancy Pelosi Holds Press Conference 11/15/18 I Have the Votes To Be Speaker

Trey Gowdy Opening Statement: Retaliation In U.S. Forest Service 11/15/18

Laura Towler: Propaganda and the Robotic Desire to "Diversify" English Cities

The Liberty Hound: “They’re Overwhelmingly WHITE!!” Don Lemonhead Says GOP Isn't Diverse Enough

Don Lemon evaluates the “diversity” of the incoming Reps in the House, the Hound reacts.

Tipping Point: Here's what you need to know about the Florida voter fraud scandal

Tipping Point: Trans-aged man shows the consequences of liberal gender politics

Tipping Point: President Trump, save this woman!

GOP lawmakers discuss direction of party, Rep. Jim Jordan's role

Republican lawmakers are choosing who will have key positions in the lower chamber when the next congressional term begins. One America's John Hines caught up with a pair of congressmen on Capitol Hill, who discussed the direction of the party and Jim Jordan's role despite an unsuccessful run for minority leader.

Americans for Limited Government President, Richard Manning, on the Democrat Agenda

Media targets Trump, ignores Obama's frequent abuse against free press

Some say the mainstream media is targeting President Trump and point to harsh actions taken against the press by former President Obama. One America's Pearson Sharp explains.

Acosta's lawsuit actually obstructs freedom of the press

Over a dozen mainstream media organizations are rushing to defend CNN's Jim Acosta over losing his press pass, but the lawsuit against the White House is actually working to obstruct the freedom of the press. One America's Pearson Sharp explains.

Dept. of Transportation creates task force to study sexual misconduct aboard planes

The Department of Transportation is taking steps to combat sexual misconduct aboard airplanes. One America's Chloe Salsameda has more on the bureau's new campaign and the advice they're offering to travelers.

Judge: Hillary Clinton must answer Judicial Watch's questions about emails

More than two-years after Hillary Clinton refused to answer some of Judicial Watch's questions about her email server, a judge is stepping in to make her comply. One America's Kara McKinney has the latest on the lawsuit.

Violence breaks out between migrants, Mexican residents as caravan arrives

The government in Mexico's border city Tijuana is struggling to deal with hundreds of migrants who have arrived in recent days. The people who live there are having to cope with the influx as well, which is leading to conflicts in the streets. One America's Luke Glaze has more on the situation at the border.

Leaflet delivered to residents of Rooskey — "Facts about asylum in Ireland"

A leaflet titled "Facts about asylum in Ireland" was distributed to some households in Rooskey on the Roscommon/Leitrim border. Locals in Rooskey community were told ten days ago that the only hotel in the village, The Shannon Key West Hotel, was to be turned into a Direct Provision Centre for asylum seekers without any consultation. Similar announcements were made for hotels in Moville, Donegal, Wicklow town and Kenmare in Kerry in recent weeks.

The leaflet, which was unattributed, contains statistics in relation to asylum seekers in Ireland and Europe.

Nine + Seven News: Muslim Committed Terror Whilst On Bail (Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia)

Man living in ‘cupboard’ after neighbours wall up window | A Current Affair Australia

A Melbourne man says he's living in a "glorified cupboard", after his window was blocked up by a big brick wall – all with the permission of his local council.

NeoUnrealist: Theresa May BREXIT Plan Disaster & the Franco German Neo-Reich

UK Prime Minister Theresa May presented her draft BREXIT deal negotiated with the EU in Brussells in a 5 hour meeting with her cabinet ministers. Pro-BREXIT figures are blasting the deal and May's BREXIT ministers have resigned. How this deal is bad for the UK and the European Union as it really is, a globalist proto-Empire looking to vie for power with China and the U.K.'s traditional ally the U.S.

#BREXIT #TheresaMay #UK

Jacob Rees Mogg On Submitting A letter of NO confidence

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP - Great is truth and it will prevail

Theresa May Gives A speech on Brexit Deal (UK)

UKIP Nigel Farage calling for Theresa May To RESIGN NOW

Steven Woolfe MEP On Theresa Mays Brexit Betrayal (UK)


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