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OldSkooRebel: Alex Jones Politically & Metaphysically Breaks Ben Shapiro's Legs


Songs used:
Vermintide 2 Main Theme
Palpatine's Teachings (SW Episode 3 OST)

Infurdels should not interrupt brother Abu when he is doing the Pusslim call to prayer (sound required)

Trump must emulate his mentor and ally #Wirathu the protector of Burmese people and Tibetan Buddhist power

Seven News: Mind Games Over The Word Nigger (EggBoi, Brighton Secondary College, Australia)

I give you the Islamic state of New Zealand.

This display of Turkish nationalism is not taking place in Turkey, but in Germany!

Full blown Satanism is real and it exists in the Democrat party!!!

Its “Drag Queen Story Time” at the Houston TX public library complete with predators charged with ‘Sexual Assault of Minors’ stripping for dollars‼️

I’m sure Sheila Jackson Lee is proud of her District‼️

Humans desperately try to save seal from netting

Garbage truck on fire rolls down hill in Monterey Park, CA [3.18.19]

Garbage truck bursts into flames, rolls down hill in Monterey Park, California neighborhood; no injuries.
Will update if I get more info.

The French police made a French citizen delete this video of Arab men sexually harassing a small child in France from her twitter account today:

Meanwhile in Montreal something will be ignored by the media.

Montreal priest stabbed during mass, hospitalized - police

Nine + Seven News: Islam The Darling Of The Corrupt Establishment (Michael Pezzullo Threat, Australia)

* Politicians questioned over lack of Islamic support (Islamophobia)
* Winston Peters, NZ Foreign Minister in Turkey
* Michael Pezzullo, of the Dept of Home Affairs, borderline criminally threatens to Incite attacks on those pursuing other political endeavours, a federal crime.

Nine + Seven News: The Crooked + Insurgent Muslims Ritualise Fake Religion (New Zealand, Jihad)

A helpful comparison of America and Israel from @AmericaFirstNJF

Full show:
#AmericaFirst #BuildTheWall #ImmigrationReform #AmericanNationalism

Tucker: Did The President Betray His Country?

Mueller report release is imminent; Democrats, Trump push to have the entire report made public. Tucker Carlson. #Tucker
Fox News: Tucker Carlson Tonight

CNN Takes Over A Week To Report Covington Lawsuit

What happened to 'facts first'? Reaction from former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino. Tucker Carlson. #Tucker
Fox News: Tucker Carlson Tonight

Does Smoking Marijuana Increase Your Chances Of Developing Psychosis?

News study says daily pot smokers are 3 times more likely to have a psychotic episode; Fox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel weighs in. Tucker Carlson. #Tucker
Fox News: Tucker Carlson Tonight

Tucker: There Is No Real Immigration Debate

Chamber of Commerce, Democrats push the narrative that mass influxes of immigrants grow the economy. Tucker Carlson. #Tucker
Fox News: Tucker Carlson Tonight


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