Library Art Center

Oxana Kornienko`s work "Daddy Carlo"

Common space: City to city (Exhibition).
LAC, Chernihiv, Ukraine.
05.03.21 - 31.03.21





Today we`ll talk with one of the most prominent Ukrainian artists - Evhen Shapovalov. His view on art - his own and as well the entire contemporary massive.



Ruslan Perekucha - exhibition "HOT STUFF". Chernihiv, Ukraine. 02.10.20

Art studio of Elena Sachenko. Chernihiv,Ukraine.



Today we are visiting exhibition in the gallery of national organization of painters in Chernihiv.

Today we are talking about the painting of Sviatoslav Podlevski - Strange Dog, 2020

Today we`ll visit artist's workshop of Roman Naidyion, city Chernihiv, Ukraine. A few glimpses on his artistic style, ideas and inspirations.

Today we are talking about work of Sergey Tonkanov - The house with cat

В сьогоднішньому випуску мистецького розмовника ми побуваємо в майстерні Феодосія Міщенка.

Сьогодні ми поговоримо про декілька вибраних графічних робіт Олексія Потапенко з виставки "Небачене: твори з приватних колекцій"

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Library Art Center (or L.A.C.) is Ukrainian gallery and educational platform for artists. It was created in 2018 on the basis of local youth library due to support of Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. L.A.C. is located in the city Chernihiv, Ukraine.

Our main goals are:
- promotion of Ukrainian artists
- assistance in the development and promotion of art