going to do 1 more day of some vid i have then I will do three days of flood vids .Each day of the flood days will increase with intensity . some of yo already seen these but this is my last week . my last vid sat will be a song and a message to the true followers of the Father and his Son

not just this company using crap like this and sun block cause skin cancer. / their fix for things always end up being the cause

7 noahide law is not from torah but from talmud which is nasty teaching

PM Netanyahu addresses Israel after days of protests

these scanners read whats in you

coming to a city near you, only electric will be allowed

yes you will see snakes in this vid, but the snakes love to tell you their plans and i dont mean the snake eating a mouse


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un vac, no test now no job. Had a good one but this con vid lie so you how that turned out.. Living on time the Father gave to me , we all know time is short for the ones who know the times we are in . Please don't vac or test(look up swab vaccine) since it is the mark that enters the temple of The Father and changes it from flesh too no flesh. You know the last generation that's mention in the bible and Jesus said
And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened” . The book of Revelation has come to life and we are in it. If you dont get how important we are in these days I really dont know what to tell you.