Coach Eli getting triggered on RJ SandeFur live stream

Live Stream 12/01/2019

Its been a crazy month with a lot of fuckery bethind the scenes. We will break it down and give our spin. Anyone is welcome on the panel

Donuts and Coffee, Topic Coach Eli and my answer to his ultimatum

This is a update on the copyright claim on and why we hate coach Eli Melas the cuck

All the women in Coach Eli group need to see the violence small man he is and please stay away. O D N admits to having cooties and worse

@Crazy Chick Shena , @Becky Barton , @Veronica OglesbyTV

Coach Eli & O D N want to offer a deal to stop the parodies

Very important info for Coach Eli's Private Investigator

A website has been create to document all of Eli Melas fuckery

Finally enjoying Saturday playing the new Fortnite update

just talking about upcoming shows and ideas

Sorry i didnt getting to jason pope on my last live stream

Enjoying gaming on Fortnite this sunday morning
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2019 Louisiana October Governor Election Results

Dem should be worried about the results

re-uploaded due to internet issues this morning
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I need to keep to a schedule and produce uploaded show on topics
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im playing games and enjoying the saturday
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I won today and so im playing games
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Married a single mom and now just realizing you messed up. I can help up get out of it.

This is my channel if you dont like it get off. There is no room for weak people

Saturday Night and Louisiana Governor 's Race

Just some Poll numbers and other Data

JC and I drinking some beer and Rating about people that need to shut their mouth

I re-uploaded the video since the first hour was cut off

What a disappointment that Big Brother 21 finale went SJW
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Growing up in a Black School then transfering to a White School

Just a talk about the future

Im tried of see and hearing racist creators on YouTube

JB Gunner exposes RBR Network for the broke racist he is.


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