Studying Bible prophecy often leaves people feeling confused and frustrated, and their solution is to give up on it altogether. Others use Bible prophecy to try to suit their own selfish ends, and in doing so they steer many people away from the true purpose of prophecy, which is to point people back to Jesus' teachings. If you want to know how to study Bible prophecy in a way that actually helps you to prepare for the future, this video will help you.

The Mark of the Beast prophecy (Revelation 13) says that "all" people will accept this Mark, which is mandatory to buy and sell during the last days before the return of Jesus. But surely Christians will not take the Mark of the Beast, right? Well, don't be so sure. As you will learn in this video, the churches today are actually preparing people to ACCEPT the Mark, rather than reject it. Don't fall for this deception in the churches!

The end of the world is talked about a lot these days, especially during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. People are interested to know when the antichrist will reveal himself, and when the rapture will occur. But you don't need to study Bible prophecy for very long to get a general idea of what needs to happen before these things come to pass. This video is an attempt to help you understand what to expect during the end times, and when certain events will take place.

Of all the strategies used to limit the spread of Covid-19 during this pandemic, one thing has shown itself to be most effective: government surveillance of citizens using CCTV, facial recognition, and mobile phone tracking. It may seem reasonable to employ such measures when dealing with something as serious as the novel coronavirus, but have you considered how these systems will continue to be used even after the pandemic has ended? This video will help you to see where this is all heading, and how these surveillance systems tie in perfectly with the Mark of the Beast.

The Pre-Trib vs Post-Trib rapture debate is probably the most heated debate topic in Bible prophecy. Pre-Trib believers argue that the rapture happens before the Great Tribulation, and Post-Trib believers argue that it happens after. Both sides claim to have Bible verses to prove their position is correct, so how do you know which one to believe? This video will help you to work that out in a very simple way.

Videos are popping up all over YouTube, talking about COVID19 and the end of the world. Certainly there is a connection between the novel coronavirus and the last days, which we can learn by studying Bible prophecy. But it's not as obvious as most people assume. We know Jesus listed diseases as one of many "signs of the times", but YouTube prophets have taken that fact and falsely stated that the link between the coronavirus and the end times has to do with the rapture coming soon, or the destruction of all life on Earth as a result of the virus. This video exposes other false prophecies, and later explains what you REALLY need to know about the relationship between COVID19 and the end times.

In all the hype about the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, many of you may have overlooked the most significant--and arguably most likely--direction in which the world is now heading. This video examines the Mark of the Beast prophecy of Revelation 13 in relation to the cashless economic system that has been steadily gaining momentum over the past decade, and how the coronavirus pandemic is pushing that system even more quickly than before.

"Forsaking All and Following Jesus - What Does it Mean?" explores 'The Forsake All Principle' - about the importance of putting Jesus first in our lives, in every area.

Many religious people talk about surrender to Christ without really understanding how to be a Christian. Following Jesus requires us to let go and let God take complete control of our lives, trusting him for everything.

Are you interested in learning how to let go? Are you open to forsaking the various attachments that every true disciple of Jesus needs to put a knife to? It may be time to count the cost of following Jesus, as in really following him.

Die to self! Surrender to Christ... completely! Unlike the things we so often cling to, he won't ever let us down!

Find out the meaning behind the spirit of prophecy. It's easy to get lost in a sea of confusion with so much hype and hysteria surrounding Bible prophecy and the end of the world. However, genuine prophecy from the Old and New Testament all point to Jesus. There is an important hidden meaning in prophecy; however, that secret meaning is really not so secret. The first two verses of the Book of Revelation explain how the message of prophecy is, in fact, Jesus' message.

This video takes a closer look at certain key prophecies which are widely spoken about, yet rarely understood until Jesus' message takes centerfold. It compares and contrasts important spiritual concepts and their prophetic counterparts, such as the Beast and the Lamb, the Whore of Babylon and the Bride of Christ, and several more.

What would Jesus do? That's a common question, but to find the answer, we really need to ask "what did Jesus say?". You may be surprised to learn just how different the teachings of Jesus are, compared to the teachings of the average church. The apostasy in the churches today is not being caused by people drinking and smoking; it's being caused by the rejection of the Cornerstone (i.e. Christ's teachings).

As you watch this video, look up the Bible references given with the words of Jesus, and ask yourself if there is anything stopping you from practicing these teachings yourself.

'Jews and the End Times - Who are God's Chosen People?' explores the confusion that exists surrounding Judaism and Jews in general.
Many Christians are taught to believe that if you are a physical descendant of Abraham, you are part of God's elect. But is this true?

As we get closer to the return of Christ - and the fulfillment of end time prophecy outlined in The Book of Revelation - the question
of who God elects as part of the new Israel He is bringing together, needs to be broached with wisdom.

Many people want to know: "who is the Antichrist?", as if learning the name of a leader will help them to know which side of politics to choose. But the fact is that nobody of true conscience can win the republicans vs democrats (left vs right) debate. Instead, we need to choose God's Kingdom, the values of which rarely enter either side of worldly politics.

The most important lesson we wish to communicate on this channel is to be still and know that God is real and that he has a plan for you if you'll hear him. True prayer is more than just telling God about your problems and desires. It's about learning to listen to God. Through focused prayer, we can discover how to find inner peace, which will help us to be a light in this dark world.

The climate change emergency is a major issue at this point in history. Secular and religious climate scientists agree that something needs to be done to protect the state of the planet, and the future of life. Despite all the evidence for global warming, many people believe in a "climate change hoax", which argues that all of the data collected by climate scientists has been misinterpreted, distorted, or simply fabricated. This video seeks to clarify the truth about manmade climate change in simple terms. It is the first part in a series looking at the effects of climate change and other major world issues, as they relate to Bible prophecy.

This video looks at the lies perpetuated by the people taking part in fake healings in churches and on the streets. Christianity has become a way to make money and become famous, was it like this from the beginning?

Are aliens coming to invade earth? We believe so...but the aliens we're talking about aren't the same little green men that Hollywood portrays in so many of its movies. Instead, they are the people who have simply chosen not to be a part of this corrupt and greedy world. Any one of us can make that same choice, and then we too will be part of the great alien invasion!

Hard times are coming! What tough choices will you need to make in order to survive?

This video talks about what it means to be a Christian, how to follow Jesus, and what kind of choices we will need to make to survive the great tribulation and to survive spiritually in a sick and godless world.

What did Jesus teach and how does that effect you? Are Christians really following Jesus or just playing games?

It's time to count the cost...

Jesus described a situation where there would be two people together (in bed, in the field, or grinding flour) and “one will be taken and the other left”. It sounds very much like what is known as the Secret Rapture, where people instantly disappear as they are sucked up to heaven. Watch this video to get the full picture.

Are we reaching a tipping point? How long can we keep destroying the planet before we invoke God's wrath? This is a Christian film review of the 2008 movie The Day the Earth Stood Still. Warning! This video contains many uncomfortable truths about the need for people in the Western World to change their indulgent lifestyles to fight greed for the sake of all humanity.

I decided to make a part 2 for this Bible study on the book of Daniel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ, as they relate to the United Nations Security Council. If you haven't already watched part 1, please do so now:

My goal with this prophecy study is to help you to see how talk of the antichrist and the animals in Bible prophecy is not just fanciful imagination. Daniel and John predicted things that are actually going to happen in the near future, and it pays for us to study and discuss how these things will come to pass, and what we need to do to prepare.

The Book of Daniel and the Revelation of Jesus Christ are not easy books to understand, and this prophecy study isn't going to offer you any air-tight interpretations. It will, however, paint an overall picture of how the animals in Bible prophecy (including the beast in Revelation 13) could fit in with where the world is heading, particularly as they relate to the United Nations Security Council. After you have seen the information presented here, you may be able to better form your own ideas about just how relevant these prophecies are at this point in history.

This Video looks at what the the bible teaches on the Antichrist and how to identify him

This video explores religious deception about the mark of the beast

We take a look at what the bible teaches about the return of Jesus and if it is possible to know the day. You may be surprised at what we found.

Did Jesus say anything about the Mark of the Beast? Here is wisdom, the secret wisdom of Jesus! Hidden in the sermon on the mount is a vital clue in understanding Bible prophecy. A search for the secret meaning of 666, reveals an amazing correlation between the four gospels and the last book of the Bible.


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