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Also it appears that 20 more reports were filed against spacey as of recording this video Link:
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Link to Every Kevin Spacey Joke in Difficult People:

His name is Alphy Hoffman he ran one of the "hippest" hollywood night clubs for teens in the 80s called 'The Soda Pop Club." He is the son of Bobby Hoffman a big time hollywood Casting Director.

Raul Julia

Phil Donahue Show

William Schnoebelen claims to be a 90th degree Ex-FreeMason.

The Prophecy Club

Masonry, by a 90th degree Mason! 1/2

Masonry, by a 90th degree Mason! 2/2

I was doing some research and came across this cringey video. Just wanted to share it. Do you find it as creep as I do? Anyways I will be back to the deep topics soon.

Phil Donahue Show

RIVER PHOENIX WAS HERE (A Documentary By JSK) Part 1/4

River Phoenix vs illuminati

Link to the documents
#jfk #jfkfiles #jfkdocuments

Corey Feldman has released an urgent video saying that powerful Hollywood executives are threatening to kill him, trying to prevent him from outing pedophiles in the industry.

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MOVING OVER FROM YOUTUBE. Hi I'm Shawna! My videos focus on shining the light on the deceptions of this world. I have spent years of my time researching many different topics including NWO, Illuminati, trans-humanism, aliens and almost any conspiracy theory you can think of. I do my best to present the findings to you in my videos! **Open your eyes to the lies** Jesus is the way forever and alway