Nationalist Analysis

Variables of Neuroticism:
+ Anxiety:
+ Hostility :
+ Depression:
+ Self-consciousness: Self-consciousness: reverse self-help is the solution to the hack . Example: it says cut the gossip, then gossip. or keep your word, don't keep your word. This is the frame-work to manifest "self-consciousness" in the opponent
Vulnerability to Stress :

+ When they accuse you of HATE, they are projecting! Think about why they're so neurotic about a constitutional construct "white supremacy."

+ We know about the NPC, yet few understand why! We now know! When you do memes, upgrade them! When THEY look at that meme, its should fire off triggers to fulfill your goal. What are you trying to make the neurotic focus on? Impulsivity? Then grab his attention! Whatever the goal, there's strategies that fit those goals.

+ The left see words as violence (high neuroticism) : this created hate speech protocols, monitoring hate online, smothering, slave morality, income inequality, diversity and the list goes on and on. The variables to cracking through hate speech protocols and other cancel culture efforts.

+ Example: How can my Amygdala hacking theory be used in psywar? Same way President Putin used it against the US Media, "we may get involved in the 2020 election." American media and leftists were triggered.

The Six Facets of Neuroticism (Five Factor Model of Personality Traits) / Reference

I uploaded this to make sure liberty, art and this gentleman's amazing work isn't censored by woke-activists online.
Owner and Original site here :
YouTube, nor any woke-individual should have control over speech, liberty or artistic distribution

Keep developing your literary devices, psywar and memetics with skill. Change the culture! Change the system!
kNOCKINg aggression with potency and power: Daily dose of motivation and aggression, potency and speed. BE CREATIVE. Drop-kick Mainstream!
Infected Jane Industrial dance |Ater Mors -- Palabras cinicas|

Polish Independence continues defeating Woke-Activists trying everything to destroy their sovereignty!

+ Poland defeated woke-media and woke foreign intervention 2014 to current
+ Soros and other woke-internationalists are still trying everything to change Poland.
+ Poland will continue laughing and winning every cultural and political battle

American Ambassador to Poland is a blessing and on the forefront of Polish Sovereignty:

Doc : In vino veritas.

Ringo : Age quod agis.

Doc : Credat Judaeus Apella, non ego.

Ringo : Juventus stultorum magister.

Doc : In pace requiescat!

'Peach of a hand'

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Song originally created in 1986

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Jauhar - Grovskopa (Oscar Mulero Mix)

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we will take a look at a more general type of random game:

Additional Note for Psywar (Memes, Amygdala hacking and Literary devices):
+ Look at it like a stock models: Support and Resistance. For example, If we're not in conflict, our enemy is secretly plotting and advancing, until the opponent is assimilated, or wiped out. Or, adaptation will continue by overcoming resistance.
+ The key to success is constant psywar conflicts (gambling). Take the winners from those conflicts, and use them to build a new support. Repeat. Constant war. Constant evolution. Before too long, the adversary will cry and beg for the carnage to stop.

Four micro patterns that may explain what's occurring in the opponents initial thought macro processing by two mainstream strategies:
+ Go further into the toilet than him; no boundaries: Pure existentialist. potency. energy. chaos.
+ Mirror: A zero sum game/perfect competition

Two additional non-mainstream counter strategies against psywar adepts (opposition):literary devices
+ Reverse Psychology: Troll and off-balance counter-dependent where you want him to be. For example, if DHS wanted a bill passed for border security, he would create a situation where he wanted them to be (which would gain public support for that bill).
+ Double entendre: Dis-empower the opponents motto, memes, constructs, communication, and or communication devices by memetic/amygdala Hacking and memetic/amygdala Hijacking them. The purpose of Reverse psychology is to control defiance. If a reverse psyop was being used on you, the key is by making that "device" your own "INDEPENDENT" device. You have just taken his device away.

+ The intent of the video, is being used as illustration for your mind, so you see how your MEME can be constructed by pieces layered together to make a MEME-ALPHA. Or a 'very complex multi-layered brand and message.'
+ People don't understand why I made this video! MEME CHARACTER AND STAGE SETTING, which is about writing a psychological horror. The reason is really simple: To EXPAND the "Canvas" and Plot of your Meme An Alpha meme is more than a clever comeback.
+ In this video, Complex Meme Generative Art, I show how you can change up and add layers to your MEME. I am forcing YOU the MEME-Adept or MEME-Master as pieces layered into your Alpha Meme.
+ Ash Thorp shows how you can mix up your pieces and create Meme-artifacts, and Meme-abstracts, to form a very different MEME

+ Generative TEXT:

+ Generative Model for text:

+ Generative Art in After Effects (faster than programming):

+ Gestalt: brain catches on to patterns and objects by proximity and location.
+ People look right to left.
+ Force them to look, take from something they like and add it to your work
+ Take their power away by telling them "Don't hang up" (oh any other statement, meme, headline that fits that statement). They're spying and constantly monitoring and that statement makes them feel like they're in the slave"position.
+ Be legally aggressive, by getting in their space. This is done by pointing out groups by name in posts with a message. It makes them angry or feel extremely unconformable.
+ Hack and hijack their memes and headlines.
+ Make it appears like you're stalking them, and know a lot about them, so they feel like they need to maneuver where you want them.
+ Horror, suspense, fear, forces negativity and or fear. When you're "monitoring hate online" you're forcing them to see what you want them to see and believe
+ You must seem bigger than you really are. You've got to give them a reason why they should focus on you and fear you.

I) Writing Tips: How to Set the Scene:
II) Aaaah! 8 Horror Writing Tips That Will Keep Your Readers up at Night:

Think about the situation like this, people running around trying to control the speech of the American right. We've created the game.

Where I AM most of the time creating my ideas;

My memetic swarm, or meme swarm is creating an impressionable meme, that others pick up on it. Which they will adapt and or use the original and start spreading it on their site. You can ask them to spread it.

+ Transfer memes and make a memetic storm: For example, a song which originally got 16K, now 3.1M and growing because a girl danced to it:

+ 2nd hack strategy: I used the song "HELLRAISER" as an example: to show that by copying an established Movie Title, you can substantially increase attention. Song has a quarter million views, for a song that only received 20K:
+ My theory suggest that you can hack that title/brand and turn it into the meme you want to deliver.
For example: I'll type in Scifi movie, or Upcoming games into Duckgo and pick one I like, then figure out how to apply it into a meme. Like Cyberpunk 2077, Pet Cemetery or Chucky.

+ The introduction was a "Trigger" to make groups like the SPLC and others: "assume" we're up to "SCARY" things. Remember, they gain pleasure from 24/7 confirmation bias. Meaning, they're constantly trying to frame white men as future boogeymen. This hack works really well, because they want to believe these things so bad. Hence why I chose a dark theme.

When they say "monitoring hate online" or "hate speech" remember, Hate is used by activists to mean White people.
The appropriate response to their labels: Wear them proudly and boldly

+ Graphic design 2 (Origins )
+ Female meme in work:
+ Female symbol
+ Center of the image
+ Red-pilling out of blue (DNC occupied establishment).
+ Upside-down triangle (gestalt pattern by orientation).
+ You HATE (Blue pill hates red pill: red rectangle representation) Individualism and free thinker (Directed at leftists and their need to control speech and thinking)
+ Meshed with THEY meme: adding several micros to the macro template.
+ When they accuse you of "Hate," they are projecting

Song : Asphyxia: I know you hate me

I'm without, would appear.
Fall in my nightmare, feel fear.
And so you know, keep your opiate vice.
You could despise me I wouldn't care
I know you hate me
I know you tricked me
I shouldn't have changed before
Now I hate you even more// Now you will hate me even more

Title: This Morn' Omina - Tellurian

Goodnight Anti-White: Black. White. Right.
She's a weapon of WAR!

Goodnight Anti-White: Black. White. Right.
She's a weapon of WAR!

Cheerleaders put on probation for supporting America.< linguistically, and narrative accurate. Trump is the president of America.
+ My dual complex strategy: social games vs game theory. Game theory/contest wins by forcing social games into a direct contest.
+ My strategy on dual display form opposing political orientation is both a trigger and critical thinking. However, the goal is truth.
Read more here:

Video source:

Cc:They're targeting and hurting people
Leftist buzzwords used to damage individual(s) or institution(s) by assaulting credibility. Hack their narratives and destroy their credibility.

Cc:In decentralized systems, chaos and momentum wins
+ Control spends time engaging in damage control:
+ Nationalism wins in 2020 by Creativity in our Memes and Brands. I have no doubt Nationalists will realize there's a time for the Anarchist position (decentralized) and a time for the Control position (centralized). The logic is momentum vs control > Momentum leads.
+ Collin Westerbeck said Postmodernism is about ALPHA, he controls the narrative.

+ Anyone who says ONE MAN can't make a difference, says this because he is insecure in his abilities. And that insecurity will block him from breaking boundaries.

Cc:Set the example

American Nationalists must set the example by teaching other Nationalists that non-violent contest is superior to violence. The conclusion comes with clean hands, integrity and greater respect from your opponent as the "better man." As Sun Tzu stated, the ultimate warrior defeats his opponent without violence.

We offer a different, more attractive alternative to leftism

Cc:<Hack Brands, Constructs, Memes, Headlines>
1) They say hate speech, I say liberty (SCOTUS would agree)
2) De-realization: make a mockery of their constructs: Overload using their constructs and make comedy of it at the same time. For example, they say "white supremacy" or white Nationalism, post it on everything that makes them look bad.
3) Story and seduction: placing Americans inside the Nationalists worldview and mind. Example, the left is presenting itself as unhinged and anti-American protagonists. We offer an alternative to their worldview: belonging, passion, optimism, fighting cruel-anti-Americans,

Judge Richard Moore says the 1904 state statute was amended several times, covers all wars, and statues don’t have a discriminatory message.

Read more here:

+ This meme I am creating is built on a simple concept: it follows the 1080p vs 1440p formula: contrast, then American's will decide, not the SPLC, ABC, or Google. It starts very rudimentary, but it will evolve. And it will spread. Take the idea, build on it with your OWN IDEAS!

Cc:<Meme-Hacking: Brands, Constructs, Memes>
+ Who's really the threat? What ABC, MSNBC and the SPLC say, or a bunch of White Dudes with Torches? Meme-hacking their stupid "white nationalist" construct won't be hard!
+ De-realization: making a mockery of their constructs, turn the seriousness of a situation they want to present, into a joke.

+ Fact checking by putting up contrasting views works. American's can see both sides and debate like a jury! I am confident Nationalists will win the argument by overwhelming majority.

Cc:<America First>
+ While Anti-fa is making threats and acting out in violence and 501c3, celebrities, Activists, Google, FB and twitter are censoring and targeting people online and their banking accounts: then, the American public can decide, 'who the better people to lead' are.

Cc:<Nationalists break through>
+ Hack their constructs: while, they're showing white dudes with torches screaming " you will not replace us," we will show black mobs and roving white leftists in black outfits are calling for the death and murder of police!

American Nationalist movement growing.
Cc:<Bolsheviks narrative>
+ To be lost to evidence and real left-wing threats
+ If Trump wins 2020, points will be further validated.
+ Meme: Who's the real threat, 'words or violent leftists and mobs?'

+ DHS preparing for conflict with violent mobs:
+ FBI preparing for conflict with anti-fa and other left-wing mobs on the border:


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