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Should COVID shots be officially classified as a gene therapy contaminated with DNA? If it’s true that these products are dangerous by definition, what ramifications would be expected for the human population — both those injected and those in proximity to the injected? When scientists, doctors, lawyers and parents ask questions, conduct research, challenge rhetoric and share data related to potential harms of medical products — even when their work could save lives — these concerns are silenced, censored, mocked, and ignored. But on CHD.TV’s daily show, Julian Gillespie, LL.B. and Jessica Rose, Ph.D., are able to have this critical dialogue that mainstream media refuses to disseminate. Tune in to today’s episode to listen in!


First, a court ruled that the COVID shots aren’t vaccines after all.

Now, the architect 1989 Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act is calling them “weapons of mass destruction.”

Dr. Francis Boyle says, “It is my expert opinion that ‘COVID-19 nanoparticle injections’ or ‘mRNA nanoparticle injections’ or ‘COVID-19 injections meet the criteria of biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction according to Biological Weapons 18 USC § 175; Weapons and Firearms § 790.166 Fla.Stat. (2023).”

It seems that the dam is truly breaking, as this is a powerful statement from somebody with the authority to say it.


Japan's Former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Apologizes During Today's Massive Protest Against the WHO

Today, the largest protest against the World Health Organization (WHO) began, with an opening speech by Kazuhiro Haraguchi, a former Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan and a current member of the House of Representatives. The massive gathering aimed to highlight several critical issues, as Haraguchi delivered a powerful and heartfelt address that resonated with many.

Haraguchi began by addressing the grief and loss felt by countless individuals and families due to the pandemic. With a deep sense of sincerity, he extended his condolences and took responsibility for the failings of those in power. "I apologize to all of you. So many have died, and they shouldn’t have," he said. His words reflected a deep empathy and regret for the preventable tragedies that have occurred, setting a somber yet resolute tone for the event.

One of the key points in Haraguchi’s speech was his criticism of the ban on Ivermectin, a drug developed by Dr. Satoshi Omura, which he believed could have played a significant role in combating the pandemic. Haraguchi questioned the motives behind the ban, suggesting that economic interests were prioritized over public health. "Why? Because they are cheap. They don't want it because it will interfere with the sales of the vaccines," he argued. This statement drew loud applause from the crowd, many of whom felt that corporate profits had taken precedence over human lives.

Haraguchi then shared a deeply personal story about his own health struggles. After receiving vaccines, he developed a severe illness, specifically a rapidly progressing form of cancer. "This time last year, I had neither eyebrows nor hair. Two out of the three supposed vaccines I received were lethal batches," he revealed. This candid account of his battle with cancer, which included significant physical changes like hair loss, struck a chord with the audience. He recounted an incident where his appearance became a point of distraction in the Diet, with an opponent focusing more on his wig than the issues at hand.

Adding to the conversation, Haraguchi disclosed that he was not the only member of Japan's National Diet to suffer adverse effects from vaccines. He mentioned that three of his colleagues had been severely affected, with some even hospitalized. "They are falling to pieces, some hospitalized. But they don’t speak up," he explained. This revelation underscored a broader issue: the reluctance or inability of public figures to discuss their personal health challenges openly.

Haraguchi was particularly passionate about the attempts to silence those who question current policies and government actions. He recounted a recent incident where he was banned from speaking on Channel 3 after an interview with its president. "

It turns out that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are not vaccines after all.

Both BioNTech (Pfizer’s company) and Moderna once referred to the mRNA injections as “gene therapies.”

Now, pharma execs are laughing because they know that if they had called the shots what they were (gene therapies), nobody would have taken them.

Instead, they called it a vaccine and got away with it.

Here’s what’s even worse. Scientific studies before 2018 indicated that pseudouridine “was known to be a cancer promoter.”

Guess what’s in the mRNA injections? Pseudouridine. Now, young people are getting cancer, unlike at any other time in history.

Here is the disturbing truth, according to Dr. David Martin.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you were injected with a thing to make you a customer of the industry [Big Pharma] that has been in the business of k*lling the world’s citizens since 1604.”

Full Interview:

Terrence Howard appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience.
Terrence Howard is an actor of stage and screen lauded for his work in "Crash," "Iron Man," "Empire," and "Shirley," as well as a musician and researcher in the fields of logic and engineering.


This is why Dan Andrews, Brett Sutton, ScoMo, Greg Hunt and everyone involved in the draconian mandates and lockdowns, in Victoria and throughout Australia, deserve to be jailed! Dr Fauci admits, there was never any study to back up "the science".

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) vicious grilling of Dr. Anthony Fauci in today's House Select Committee on the Coronavirus hearing leads to multiple breakdowns over her "personal attack."


Tucker Carlson is an American journalist, commentator and host of the Tucker Carlson Network. He is most widely known for his 2016 - 2023 stint as host of Tucker Carlson Tonight, an extremely popular political Fox News show. Carlson's long career in media is marked by both critical acclaim and criticism. His expression of alternative view points shook the industry and mesmerized viewers. Carlson continues to carry on his mission with the Tucker Carlson Network, which aims to "build an alternative to legacy media...that empowers us to do our job without fear." Tucker and his team pull no punches in stating "It’s time they stopped hiding the truth from you. We’ll expose them together."


The unvaccinated are frequently asked, “How did you know the COVID vaccines were dangerous when they first came out?”
The answer is simple: we didn’t. However, we quickly figured out that the people pushing the shots were liars.

“The behavior of the people selling me that [vaccine] was so transparently dishonest. I didn’t know that the vax wouldn’t work, which it didn’t, of course. I didn’t know that it would cause harm, which it did. But I did know that the people selling it were liars. Like, I knew that instantly. And I know some of them, but I could just tell by their behavior [that] they’re lying.

“And I was like, ‘I don’t know what this is. No one in my family is getting this … period.’ Like I figured that out the first day … I felt [something was wrong] so strongly, and I just obeyed [my instincts]. And I think that works.”

Political commentator Tucker Carlson explained this point brilliantly while on The Shawn Ryan Show. He recalled how he “didn’t know that the vax wouldn’t work” or that “it would cause harm” when it first rolled out. But what he did know was that “the people selling it were liars.”


Dr. Naomi Wolf tells Alex Jones that the COVID shots are about “destroying women and babies” and “emasculating men.”

In Pfizer's own documents, the pharmaceutical giant focused more on researching the effects of the vaccine on sex and reproduction than on its impact on the lungs.

This is odd, considering that COVID is a respiratory virus.

And what the Pfizer documents reveal, along with medical studies, about the impact on fertility is alarming:

• The lipid nanoparticles accumulate in the ovaries.

• Severe menstrual and hormonal dysregulation.

• The lipid nanoparticles can cross the placenta.

• The shots affect sperm production and motility for a period of time.

• Pfizer's documents advise vaccinated men to use two reliable forms of contraception with unvaccinated women, suggesting a shedding risk.

• The lipid nanoparticles degrade the testes of baby boys in utero. “So we don't even know if the babies of vaccinated moms will grow up to be normal men.”


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Shocking Testimony Reveals NIH Funding Gain-Of-Function Research And Avoiding FOIA Requests

As the investigation into the origins and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic takes center stage through congressional hearings, shocking testimony is being revealed to the public. Shockingly, Dr. Lawrence Tabak, principal Deputy Director of the National Institutes of Health, has admitted under oath that NIH was funding gain of function research. In an even more shocking turn, newly released emails from Dr. David Morens, who worked as Senior Advisor to the Director at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases directly under Dr. Anthony Fauci, reveal shocking revelations that senior officials at NIH were purposely using private emails and having in person conversations to avoid FOIA requests. Amidst all of this, HHS has stripped all funding from Peter Daszak, and Eco Health Alliance.


It turns out the deaths from COVID vaccinated patients were actually labeled as unvaccinated.

“That’s why ‘unvaccinated’ deaths spiked immediately after the vaccine rollout,” explained Dr. Toby Rogers.

“That’s how they hid COVID vaccine deaths and kept the rollout going.”

Roger’s tweet mentioned a Substack post from Thursday titled “Where Are The Numbers” by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil.

These professors, in their own words, “challenge the global Covid-19 narrative, exposing the use and abuse of statistics.” That’s an eloquent way of saying the results were SKEWED to sell a narrative.


Right now there is a real-life horror story unfolding within hospitals across America.

Healthy people are being tortured and killed by COVID-19 protocols. The deadly combination of the drug Remdesivir and mechanical ventilation has taken the lives of countless innocent people.

In the words of one of the brave medical whistleblowers featured in the movie, “I don’t know of one death that was caused by COVID. Every death in our unit was caused by the protocols.”

Driven by financial incentives, this medical genocide continues today.

Bad Medicine features the heartbreaking stories of victims, as well as tales from the lucky ones who managed to escape with their lives.

Mikki Willis, the filmmaker behind Plandemic, the most seen documentary series in history, is the director of Bad Medicine. He and his team have completed the interview process and are now into the post-production phase. Bad Medicine is slated for global release this summer.

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Outside Melbourne's County Court, I took the opportunity to confront Channel 7 reporter Nick McCallum about his network's shocking coverage of Freedom Activist Nick Patterson.

The CDC doesn't want you to hear this information.
It turns out that the shots forced on children to attend school have “negligible or non-existent benefits” but “documented side effects.”

This is true for many of the most widely-used vaccines, including the MMR, DPT, flu, and the tetanus shots.

This information came to light from a comprehensive report written by popular Substack author, A Midwestern Doctor.

The author highlights that following the introduction of bacterial childhood vaccinations, not only did the targeted infections become more widespread, but other bacterial infections also emerged and evolved into more dangerous strains. This new reality prompted the creation of more vaccines, which in turn has accelerated this “downward spiral” and boosted “Big Pharma profits.”

Dr. Pierre Kory, a critical care specialist who has risen to prominence after the COVID debacle, writes, “Before COVID, I didn’t think there were serious issues with the childhood vaccines, but now, like many, I’ve come to question that assumption.”

Cognitive Warfare and the Tyranny of Digital Transformation
Sky News Australia host Sharri Markson says the lack of coverage of the weekends protests over Digital IDs is “telling” of how little the government and media want Australians to know about them.

Thousands of Australians rallied together over the weekend to protest and raise awareness about the perceived dangers of introducing government mandated online methods of identification.

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"As a medical doctor, we are so ashamed of the mistake that we have made!"
26 May 2024, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysians are coming together, filled with anger and prayer, standing against the World Health Organization (WHO). Their fight is for those who suffered from genetic mRNA vaccines. This powerful moment happened at the AEFI (Adverse Event Following Immunization) gathering, named "A Prayer to Reject the IHR Amendment and Solidarity with Vaccine Affected Cictims," held by Malaysia's Muslim Consumer's Association (PPIM). Here, vaccine victims and their families shared their pain and demanded justice.

Here, vaccine victims and their families shared their pain and demanded justice.The event was both heartbreaking and empowering. Families mourning loved ones stood with medical professionals who now regret their decisions. One doctor, filled with sorrow, admitted, "As a medical doctor, we are so ashamed of the mistake that we have made!" His words echoed the regret of many healthcare workers.

This gathering was not only to honor those lost but also to seek compensation from big companies like Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca. These companies are blamed for causing more harm than good with their vaccines. The participants made it clear that their suffering is real and cannot be ignored or dismissed as fake. This united stand of Malaysians, crossing all ethnic and religious lines, shows their demand for truth and accountability. They refuse to let the voices of their loved ones be silenced, calling for justice and transparency in the wake of these vaccine tragedies.


The Last American Vagabond - Medical whistleblower, Zowe Smith, here to discuss what she witnessed during the alleged pandemic while working as a medical coder one who translates medical data into standardized codes used for billing, insurance claims and medical research. All departments submit their codes for treatments given and actions taken, giving the medical coder a unique national medical overview, what Zowe describes as a "Sim-City-like view" of all that is taking place. She describes the illusion that was created using this system and the many different manipulations that took place, and are ongoing to this day; improper PCR testing, cycle threshold discrepancies, combination of flu and pneumonia with the presented COVID numbers, and the conflation of clear injection side effects with illusion of COVID-19. At its most basic level, this is medical fraud. Yet when considering the full breadth of willful deceptions and deadly fallout that followed, this rises undeniably to the level of medical genocide.

All Video Source Links Can Be Found Here At The Last American Vagabond:

The Australian government KNOWS the COVID shots are killing people, and they are “deliberately suppressing doctors” from reporting vaccine deaths.

This allegation comes from Senator Malcolm Roberts.

He says the government “can’t not know” about vaccine harms and that they are “killing people.”

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in 2022, 174,717 deaths occurred, which is 22,886 (15.1%) more than the historical average.

This is what Roberts describes as the “pandemic of injections.”

Full Interview:

Rishi Sunak “a day of shame for the British state”

“Today’s report shows a decades-long moral failure at the heart of our national life – from the National Health Service to the Civil Service, to ministers in successive governments, at every level the people and institutions in which we place our trust failed in the most harrowing and devastating way.

“They failed the victims and their families and they failed this country.”

“moral failure at the heart of our national life” in which doctors, civil servants and ministers had put reputations above patient safety.

“On behalf of this and every government stretching back to the 1970s, I am truly sorry.”


GLOBAL ALERT: Cancer experts and renowned Oncologists Worldwide Call For Immediate Halt to mRNA Gene Therapy Amid Surge of Hyper-progressive cancer cases
"There's enough strong evidence linking mRNA vaccines to cancer. and then in addition to the safety signal of Japan to say, okay, it's time to stop!"


This year, for the first time ever, new cases of cancer in the U.S. are expected to surpass 2 million. The alarming increase follows a period of relative stability in new cancer cases prior to COVID. Experts disagree on the root cause. Some say it’s just a backlog after so many people put off screenings during the shutdowns. But some researchers point to the mysterious spike protein in COVID and made in the vaccines. They say it’s causing “turbo cancers.” Dr. Nathan Goodyear is a medical doctor, an alternative treatment homeopath, and integrative oncologist. He became interested in specializing in cancer after he developed a tumor in his adrenal gland.


Australia has just passed a Digital ID bill. Join Maria Zeee LIVE at 6PM AEST Friday for what this ACTUALLY means for Australia and every country that implements this tyrannical legislation, exactly how it will be implemented across all facets of society and eventually mandated for every single person unless people resist it.


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