International Covid Summit III - part 1 - European Parliament, Brussels - David Martin

The Covid-19 coronavirus was "intentionally released" by the United States in Wuhan, China, with the target to trigger a global pandemic to raise public acceptance of vaccines, a US businessman specializing in patent auditing said.

David Martin, the founding chairman of M Cam asset management company, said at an International Covid Summit organized by the European Parliament in Brussels earlier this month that the US was responsible for the making of both coronaviruses causing the outbreaks of severe acute respiratory syndrome - or SARS - in 2003 and the Covid-19 pandemic in the past three years.

The third edition of the summit featured speakers from anti-lockdown advocates to medical academia to discuss the global pandemic response. The speakers shed light on the possibility that the coronavirus which caused the pandemic was man-made, instead of naturally occurring.

In his speech, Martin said: "The pandemic that we alleged to have happened in the last few years did not happen overnight. In fact, the very specific pandemic using the coronavirus began at a different time."

He said that in 1965, scientists discovered the coronavirus as a model of a pathogen - an agent that causes disease. They also found out that coronaviruses can be modified.

"Later we started learning how to modify a coronavirus by putting them in animals such as dogs and pigs," Martin said, adding that such a practice became the basis for US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer's first coronavirus spike protein vaccine in 1990.

But very soon the medical sector and drug makers found out that the vaccines did not work.

"Because the coronavirus is a malleable model, it mutates," Martin said. "Every medical publication concluded that coronaviruses escape vaccines because it modifies and mutates too rapidly for a vaccine to be developed."

In 2002, a university in North Carolina initiated a study to develop an "infectious replication defective," which Martin interpreted as "a weapon to target individuals, but not have collateral damage."

Characterizing the project as having "mysteriously preceded SARS by a year," Martin said the coronavirus that caused the highly deadly infection was not from China and that it was "engineered" instead of naturally occurring.

On Covid-19, Martin said the coronavirus - named as SARS-CoV-2 by the World Health Organization - was poised for human emergence in 2016, with a preview about an "accidental or intentional release of a respiratory coronavirus" from a laboratory in Wuhan.

He said the purpose of the coronavirus "release" was to boost global acceptance on universal vaccination.


"Woke, a culture war against Europe"
this conference was organised by the "Identity and Democracy Foundation" and MEP Tom Vandendriessche
at the European Parliament on the 30th of March 2023

Cafe Locked Out on the Road

The Freedom Movement is our Democracy’s Natural Immunity. We are your brothers and sisters, your parents, grandparents and your children. Segregated, we found each other and became a Tribe. A Tribe that values kindness, critical thinking, courage, love, ingenuity, determination, and freedom. And we have room for you.
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Dr William Bay Story:

Putin delivers speech comparing the current woke culture in the USA and Europe to what happened in the Soviet Union with the Bolsheviks.

This Vaccine Documentary Is Being Censored!

‘300% increase in cancer... Miscarriages increased by 300% over the 5-year average...’

A documentary so powerful and revealing that YouTube doesn’t want you to see it—they even removed the trailer immediately after it was posted.

Full Video Link :

“In the entire history of mankind, there has never been a political elite concerned about the well-being of regular people,” shared @AndersonAfDMdEP.

“And it isn’t any different now,” she stressed.

“You cannot comply your way out of a tyranny. It is impossible. Trying to do so, you will only feed a gigantic alligator in the hopes of being eaten last. But guess what? Your turn will come,” @AndersonAfDMdEP warned.

“Speak up! ... stop complying — start rebelling,” she urged. “In order to deal with this unfree world, to defy this unfree world, I have decided to become so absolutely free that my very existence is an act of rebellion. And that’s what we all need to do.”

Hear from MEP Christine Anderson, David Martin, Dr. Meryl Nass, and more at the International COVID Summit:


Zoe McKenzie MP -Today I spoke on the Constitution Alteration (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice) 2023 Bill, and shared my support for constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians and my concerns for the current wording of s 129(ii).
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Australian Twitter Files & Lies - Senator Alex Antic

Australian Department of Home Affairs made over 4000 requests to social media platforms to get Australian citizens post/tweets removed

Well done to Senator Alex Antic for continuing to seek the truth in relation to the Covid-19 debacle.

The revelation that a Liberal government was colluding with Big Tech to censor social media posts about the Covid-19 pandemic is disgraceful.

That the federal Department of Home Affairs did so more than 4,000 times is outrageous.

The fact that even now, the department refuses to release any details about the posts suggests not that there was a genuine threat but a shameful coverup.

In January last year, Mr Albanese promised there would be a Royal Commission or some form of inquiry into the mistakes made during the pandemic.

Since then he has repeated that promise many times although last week he claimed that we had to wait until the pandemic is over.

That won’t cut it. Billions of dollars were wasted on jabs that are ineffective that people were coerced into taking. Some lost their jobs. Some lost their health. Some lost their lives. Excess mortality is sky-high.

After three long years of lies, the Australian people deserve the truth.

2023 May 22
It will be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Colombian drug cartel. than with WHO

Last week we reported channel 7 had finally broken its covid vaccine injured reporting drought!

Mainstream Media reporting a second person in the class action against the Australian Government for Covid Injectable Injuries.

This is Channels 9 first time in the last 3 years now finally acknowledging what’s been known for the last 3 years.

CHANNEL 9 NEWS CLOSING WORDS WERE: As a community we have; to pick up all this carnage this pandemic left in its wake.

An excellent talk for you guys this evening, which fully explains all of the lunacy we are experiencing - since the major kickoff signal in March 2020. Welcome to The Great Reset - fully explained!


Agenda 30 is the complete standardization and control of all land, minerals and resources. Even humans and how we behave, interact with each other and with nature. It’s all based on leftist ideas and core marxist principles. It’s totalitarian in nature.

Agenda 30 is about limiting freedoms, eradicating social norms, inverting traditional values, transforming current systems according to leftist ideologies while implementing the UN sustainable development initiatives on a federal, state/provincial and municipal level.

Whether you call it the Great Global Reset, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Green New Deal or UN Agenda 30, its all the same thing. A leftist’s grand utopia many are calling the New World Order. Agenda 30 is a well thought-out, comprehensive authoritarian plan for the future, 2030!

ESG’s are a form of political and economic blackmail. They are imposing a fifth column within Canada and the United States that is completely opposed to the manner in which we have done business in our traditional free market, capitalist enterprise system since our founding.

ESG’s are governments way of forcing leftist ideology on us through big corporations and banking systems. It’s a manipulative way the globalists have found to circumvent our traditional law structures and constitutional framework to impose leftist political and social ideas.


After a recent study concluded secondary pneumonia is likely the leading cause of death in COVID-19 patients, Dr Richard Bartlett returns to The Highwire to discuss the incredible success he had treating high-risk COVID patients with inhaled budesonide steroid all the way back in 2020, why it was so effective, how he was brutally attacked my media and his peers, and more.

Dr. Charles Hoffe, emergency room MD, was hounded into the ground by Bonnie Henry's BC Health. Now he gets his chance for justice at Canada's National Citizens Inquiry. You won't believe this man!


2023 MAY 08 Channel 7 airs their first C19 Injectable Vaccine Injury News Report; reporting the case of CHRIS NEMETH who suffered a serious C19 Vaccine Vax Injury

Four members of the European Parliament as well as prestigious doctors gave a short highlights summary in a press conference, on May 4, 2023, of the 3rd International Covid Summit which was held in the European Parliament the previous day.

00:00 – MEP Cristian Terhes
00:40 – Dr. Robert Malone
06:43 – MEP Christine Anderson
07:56 – MEP Ivan Sincic
08:56 – MEP Cristian Terhes
09:35 – MEP Mislav Kolakušić
11:04 – MEP Cristian Terhes
12:50 – Q&A
16:03 – MP George Simion (Romania)
17:00 – Q&A
18:19 – MEP Christine Anderson
20:00 – Dr. Byram Bridle


The late Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri was an environmental writer, educator and the author of the highly acclaimed book “The Uterine Crisis”, the result of 15 years of independent research linking women’s reproductive illnesses with invisible environmental toxins. For decades, Dr. Perlingieri wrote about the links between chronic exposure to environmental toxins and dramatic increases in illness. Her cross-disciplinary lecture at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference in 2012 was streamed live to over 30 countries.

In addition to her graduate academic degrees, she also had formal herbal training and studies in the US, London, and Italy. With a background in both science and art (and a deep love of music) Dr. Perlingieri took a cross-disciplinary approach to all her research.

Sadly, Dr. Perlingieri passed away in October 2013.

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They called it a conspiracy. They ignored the evidence.
But they can't change the truth.

Dr Bryan Ardis returns in this closing chapter to 'Watch the Water', reinforcing the research behind the groundbreaking documentary.

From venom peptides to blood clots, Dr Ardis and Stew dive deep into how the Covid-19 bioweapon was made.

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1. The Victorian Liberal Party need to learn to fight... like a girl. The 27 years of failure, the complete lack of fight, and now the expulsion of one of the few Victorian Liberals that actually has principles they're willing to fight for, spells doom for the Victorian Liberals, and worse, ensures they won't be missed when they are gone.
2. The Federal Budget was delivered by new Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers with smug glee and the 'return to surplus' has been hailed as a triumph by pundits and media. But what if it's all smoke and mirrors...? And not even because of what the new OR former government's actually did? A combination of inflation, figure fiddling, and strong commodities prices have given the federal budget a 'dead cat bounce'. We speak with Australian Taxpayers' Alliance Chief Economist Dr John Humphreys.
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