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Recombinant DNA (rDNA) molecules are DNA molecules formed by laboratory methods of genetic recombination (such as molecular cloning) to bring together genetic material from multiple sources, creating sequences that would not otherwise be found in the genome.

Immortalized cells (also called continuous cells or cell lines) are primary cells whose telomeres and/or tumour suppressor genes have been altered. Tumour suppressor genes (e.g. p53 and Rb) are important for signalling the cell to stop dividing when the likelihood of DNA damage is higher (i.e. after multiple cell cycles, read more about the cell cycle on our knowledge base). In the case of immortalized cells, these genes have been knocked down or their function inhibited so that the cell is able to keep dividing indefinitely. information on vaccines Site for Italian report on vaccines hydrogel nanobots DARPA video on hydrogel biosensors

Discusses law of naturally occurring genes cannot be patented; however, synthetic/Modified genes can be patented

MN Sen Dr Scott Jensen is under investigation because of comments he made on Point of View. Please watch and share this video. Thank you.
COVID, Falsification of Death Certificates

Joe M, COVID19, Black Lives Matter.
I'm re uploading this video as YouTube has restricted the fantastic clip.

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False Paradigm to treat COVID, COVID 19, ARDS, Hypoxia,

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English vaccine whistle-blower from Glaxo Smith Kline: New vaccine could well cause sterility in 97% of women... While also affecting men's sexual organs too... (Clear medical explanation)... Delayed reaction until 7-10 yrs later...

Andrew Kaufman M.D. What I think COVID-19 Really Is

One for the Fact Checkers

To illustrate the suspicious nature of the COVID-19 “plandemic”, we have this video. Corona Virus

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Death Certificate Falsification , COVID-19, Corona Virus, KX4 News

COVID-19 Test, Exosomes, RNA

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