This April 19th ( with our Holy Friday ), the Jewish people begin to celebrate Passover with Seder Pessah.Without being anti-Semitic, this worldly ritual instituted directly by God commemorate the meal when leaving Egypt. Jewish Passover lasts a week. Happy Easter!

When we criticize the celebration of Shrove Tuesday and its famous carnival, we will still have to understand what these people are living the days after. What do some churches practice during 40 days of Lent?

I believe that everyone now agrees on the principle of holiness and godliness. So let's conclude by practicing with contentment and being rich in good deeds!

Come on! Still a little bit one with godliness according to Pastor Tim Chaddick from Reality Church London.

Let's continue our subject on godliness. What's Rev. Tim Keller from Redeemer Presbyterian Church told about this?

A don't really know what I gonna do to this theology. They teach about the Bible but they stapled all the epistles of the apostles and they look through the staples.
However you can still listen to the Adventist World Radio even to hear music.

What would be our determination for this year? Continue to progress in godliness. How can we do? Let Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans from Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church explain to us what does that mean.

Happy new year! I celebrated New year's eve with a church, we're worshiping Jesus (without the "Bam", as they told), we're dancing the dance of David. Christian can also have fun but by fully praising Jesus, and I suggest you to participate in this experience next time. I still don't have access to our video (and I haven't brought a camera). So I prefer to borrow this clip they shared about the New Year's Eve Service at Hillsong Church. It was almost similar.

Merry Christmas! Still about Christmas, but this is another Christmas! It's January 6th that they celebrate Christmas for Russian Orthodox Cathedral in San Francisco. Another style of celebration and another space travelling through thousand years!

One of the performances that we often see during Christmas involves children, and Christmas is better known as children's festivity; this allows children to get in the habit of to be in contact with the environment of Christianity, like them of the Orcutt Apostolic Church. Have a merry Christmas and celebrate our Lord Jesus instead of shopping or gorging on foods.

Whatever what is told, it's time for Christmas celebrating like this in Church of England. Instead of staying at home, celebrating the Solaris (the paganian celebration of sun) and watching for horror movies, it's better to go to church and celebrate our Lord Jesus or to go to even the smallest evangelical concert and worship our God. Pray only our Lord Jesus!

I wonder if those Christians know their difference compared to other Christ's believers. I wonder if they can judge what others think. In front of this situation, I'm proud of my church, I'm proud of the pastor who teaches me, I respect the others. We have a great opportunity to serve Jesus in joy. Enjoy it!

Beside the fact of listening to the Word of God, and in the other side of evangelization or to be a choir, this is another ministry lay Christian can choose in church. Another way to serve the church, to help others (St Andrew's Presbyterian church).

We can see here the power and the transformation Jesus provides to someone who comes to him, how he changes entirely his life and all his thoughts.

A practice that each church have to do this time, whatever what they preach, whatever what they tell, as long as they teach to serve our Lord Jesus, even for Calvinists (even if I don't agree with them on this point), as written in Mat 28 : 19. An archaic practice that we have to modernize with event creator and designer in order to attract more people. It urge, view the debacle that reigns nowadays.

Must we swallow everything that is taught to us? What's the limit? Every churches don't apply fully the Bible. If not, for example, the Earth has been filled of living churches. But there is always something good in each church. How can we select them among everything each church offers us? How can we choose them? What's the criterion of selection? Only the Scriptures. And only the Scriptures. (Sola scriptura, and every Protestant accept this). If something they teach isn't against the Bible and can be proven by some verses of the Bible, without handling, we can hear it (it's up to you, if you'll accept or not after that). In contrary, we can enjoy ourselves to laugh for what they teach us. Here's an example of how we can teach those teachers, on our turn, how to serve Jesus. If we are wasting time to criticize the others about a dust, we can't progress.

What has to be the effect of praising God for every christian, as it's told by Pastor David Hall at LifeChurch St. Louis (Assembly of God)

Believers face the world when we believe Jesus as the Son of God, according to Pastor Steven Anderson (Faithful Word Baptist Church / New Zealand: Pastor Logan Robertson.)

Live in the freedom Jesus gave us, to benefit the fulfillness of the life in Jesus.

What kind of faith should we live if we want to be saved, according to Martin Luther.

Matt Chandler's sermon (Village church), explain us the magnificence of the salvation Jesus Christ has given us, regardless of our struggle.

Joyce Meyer nous explique comment nettoyer nos pensées pour se sentir bien dans la vie.

These are examples of practices prayers can do.


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