This mission is pretty fun, I wish the whole base game was just this, instead of some stupid "technology bad" plot.

I'm sorry that this video lacks memes and shit, I still don't know what memes I should use.

also, in case you want to see the mission without random cuts:

It took me some tries, I tried it with the ADF-11, Typhoon and F-15C.
In the end I got bored of dying at the ships and changed to X02, although I'm not too happy about it. I will be uploading a more edited version 'soon'.

Well, we all got bamboozled and he found a reverse uno card. I'm happy that at least the cheese pizza part was false.

Anyway, I had to speed the video up a bit, it was faster this morning but the video quality turned to shit and OBS doesn't want to record chrome, unless I trick it. also I had to cut some parts where it was totally idle, the raw video was 10 minutes long.

• song name?
"Gran turismo 1 - Man of the world", by Masahiro Andoh and Ted Namba

#projared #popcorns #punishedjaredarc

TL;DR: "Steam and games launched through steam are lagging like hell."
This is a reason why I have to stop working on the RoR2's review (same lag) I was working on. I tried all already, except switching to the old piece of shit gpu I had and getting more ram. but getting ram isn't exactly cheap.

Recorded June 19th, 2019 roughly at around 13:38


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