There are plenty of medical professionals who are against the covid shot. This woman exposes how our government will slowly kill us and how the so called vaccine works.

Another common and more obvious wicked sign that is constantly used in todays wicked time. A good lesson for anybody to watch.

Pastor Stephen Darby discusses why the LGBTQ agenda is here, who the true founder is and why its here. It all goes back to Lucifer.

A good brief on whatbis going on and why. Youtube would have banned this because it speaks truth. And truth is always censored there.

Sometimes you need a good laugh at these wolves in sheeps clothing. I always thought the dude looks evil and possessed. But as they say "truth is said in jest". Enjoy.

Whats going on exactly? Who are these people fighting in the so called "middle east" (which is NE Africa)? Lets Find out.

A LOT of truth is said in jests as they say. What the vaccines will due in the future and even what these hollywood celebrities do, they are basically telling on themselves. Don't ignore the signs. Open your eyes.

No its not normal for people to be....Magnetic..aside for aborted fetuses, what else is big brother putting in these Vaccines?? Of course the government will deny and deflect from the truth...After all, if you catch the devil with his hand in the cookie jar, will he admit it?? Or still lie about it??

TCA goes over the origins of the 12 tribes chart which many Israelite camps are teaching.

The original people of these lands. The differences compared to the modern day ones.

This wicked symbol is exposed for what it is. Just another symbol used in witchcraft and paganism.
Again this video is also done by TruthUnedited who has a youtube channel under that name. Check this brother out. He is good.

More signs n symbols explained. This video was done by Truthunedited whose channel is on youtube.

TruthUnedited did this video breaking down a few of some of the most popular hand signs we see today. This is done everywhere and people need to wake up to the truth.

Most, if not all of our Black celebrities and leaders are freemasons...more specifically they are Prince Hall Freemasons. In the End, they worship the Devil.

Operation paperclip? Goverment cover ups?. This was banned on youtube, because youtube doesn't like truth. Hopefully bitchute won't start censoring truth.

Those who you thought were women....are they??? A guy who goes by TruthUnveiled777 exposes the trannies and teaches how to spot them. A very good lesson for ANYONE who loves truth no matter how ugly it is.

The MAIN purpose? Destruction of dark skinned indigenous people of the Earth. Don't take the vaccines. The elites want us dead.

Even as a child, I was taught in school that the only thing black people EVER created was peanut butter. But this lie has been exposed. It was promoted to......promote white superiority. But people are waking up to the truth. These guys do a funny and educated spoof on the just a few of MANY black inventions in america..this doesn't include the math and sciences done by black people all over the Earth...that would take forever to list.
Don't hate white people. I know its you guys who will give the thumbs down on the videos. Don't drink the hatorade🤣. The truth my taste bitter to ya'll but its the truth. And the truth will set you freeeeeee🤴🏿👸🏿

Its funny how many people look down on the people in Africa. Truth is that they were rich and very much in power before colonization. Now the European nations have purposely kept them in Poverty, much like blacks in america today but on a larger scale.
John Perkins is the man giving the speech and spilling the beans on the corruption going on.

Many of the movies in Hollywood have mocked "black" people for many years. Of our ignorance and lack of knowledge of who we were BEFORE The Transatlantic slaved trade. The government and hollywood knows the REAL identity of blacks in America and those scattered from slavery amongst other nations as well. This Brother breaks down the symbolism in the Movie Title "US" and the hidden meanings. A very interesting look on movies. This is but one of many that is done and is proof these Hollywood devils know who we truly are.

Also for the people who thumbs down the video before even watching the whole thing...….Do the world a favor and go bury your head in the sand. Thanks :)

The Bible gives hints on what Yahuah The Elohim of Israel looks like. Something that was never taught in the churches. A good lesson for all who love the truth. This will definetly trigger some people.🤣
Specially caucasian folks. When real black history is reveal to them, they don't like it. The Bible is Black History. I know those who hate the truth will thumbs down this video. Specially the white supremist who think Yahuah (God) and Yahusha (Jesus) is white. Sorry folks, the people of the book are dark skinned melanated people with wolly hair👩🏿‍🦱🧔🏿👶🏿👍🏿🤜🏿🤴🏿👸🏿. The people Ya'll hate were created in Yahuah's image.

There is a lot of opposition whether Cornelius was of Israel or a Gentile. Brother Yarashalam breaks it down using the bible.

This May shock many christians on this topic. Once again Brother Yarashalam tells the truth on who created evil using the scriptures to back up his claim. Excellent video on this subject which is not taught in the christian churches.


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My Channel is mainly to promote truth of Black History and the Bible. History has been a white-washed lie as oppressors of many nations have re-written history about those they oppress. There are many books, research and documentaries about black history, done by black people. Its amazing the difference between black history taught by white people compared to black history taught by black people. The videos that I uploaded were originally downloaded from youtube before they can censor it and take it down. The truth is always censored. And many more hate or cannot handle the truth. Which is why when I post positive truths about black people on this site, it gets a lot of thumbs down by white people. I know the hate comes from them because I got a lot of white power comments and the use of the N word. So I disabled the comments because I do believe the majority of users on here are white and hate anything that is positive abouy black people in the videos I post. That Won't stop me from posting the truth as it is already out. I am passionate about my people who are Israel (Black) and love them as we are family. So ya'll racist out got quite a show these videos will play for you. Your future Judgements to come and the enmity that was put there. No longer will we look to white people for black history, but we will know our TRUE culture, heritage and identity. If you cannot handle the truth...oh well, but the white washed lies are being revealed. And nothing can stop Yahuah's people from waking up to the truth.

I will also post things that would be called "conspiracy theories ". Truth is stranger than science fiction as they say. The media, the government, the religions of the world, including christianity. The lies will be exposed.