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Who Knew Charlie Had Such Skills

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Jordan Maxwell Basic Slide Show (Hidden Symbols)
Basic Slide Presentation is a two-hour slide presentation done at a bookstore in Arcadia, CA in 1990 which was surreptitiously videotaped by a member of the audience. It covers all of the occult (hidden) symbols as used in organized crime, religious institutions, governmental seals, corporate logos, national coats of arms, and especially occult freemasonry. An extraordinary presentation which has gone around the world.

Their Jesuit Oath Exposed

Nonce From Planet Egghead Gets Into Trouble First Day On Earth

Movie Out Soon

Documentary about the Franklin Coverup and Sex Abuse In The Halls Of Power and Washington

Charlie Ward Is A Movie Star From Somewhere On A Roof In Baghdad, Iraq

This Needs To Be Out There. CNN Caught Report Fake Bomb

Have A Good Laught Thanks To This Moment Of Gold

A man is seen trying to escape from Buckingham Palace but fails and falls. This Happend a few years back. They said it was part of a show that never aired to tv. We don’t know who this was?

Netflix Original Documentary On Cults

Full Documentary Based On The Fourth Dimension

According To The MAN David Icke Q Was A PSYOP


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