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In this video, I illustrate the link between the great pyramid of Giza and the Tree of Like or Kabbalah symbol. IMO the Kabbalah was a tool, a sort of sliding proportionality grid used to design pyramids to a specific scale.

In this video, I discuss the location of the "lost" continent of Atlantis. According to legend Atlantis was a day's sail from the Pillars of Heracles and sank beneath the ocean during a great cataclysm. Scientists have identified this cataclysm as two asteroid strikes between 12,000 and 10,000 BC which melted glaciers, created tidal waves and resulted in sea levels rising 200 to 400 ft. Danny Wilten identified Atlantis in the area of the Azores using Athanasius Kircher's 1669 Map. I have expanded on this topic and included the Azores/Atlantis in my Worldwide Resonance Grid.

The Leyline that connects Temple Mount to Stonehenge has many megalithic temples along its track. These temples seemed to be spaced like a musical scale and track back to Adam's Calendar in South Africa.

India is dotted with temples and holy sites, but is there a pattern? The math doesn't lie.

What's the musical relationship between Stonehenge and the temples of ancient Egypt? In this video I pluck the strings of earth's most fascinating megalith.
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The worldwide energy grid, commonly called ‘Ley Lines’, connects temples and sacred sites around the globe. Temples are spaced to create or recreate the musical scale. Adam’s Calendar in South Africa, said to be one of the oldest observatories on the planet, appears to be the hub point for earth’s ancient temples. Each temple anchors a note on the worldwide ‘musical scale’.


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