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*Flu like symptoms possibly being a vaccine purge
*A revisit of facing deep fears
*Teeth and Bone issues
*Hearing rushing water
*Time loss
*Falling to the left again
*Shielding from harmful frequencies
*Ensa opened the tunnel 11/11
*Earth returning, bringing 'home' with her?

Deconstruction is complete in many areas and Construction of the new has begun. A new Dragon energy has entered in ordered to lay the foundational energies/frequencies/codes. A Minotaur, a white Water Buffalo, the financial Bull and the Anasazi all made an appearance this last week.

Apologies for audio issues and background noise, this will be rectified in the future.

*Lancelot, Merlin, Magic and Lanzarote Island
*Africa the Country and Toto song Africa, Eurythmics 'Here comes the rain"
*Dream time battles and waking with the wounds to prove it
*Psychic attacks, or are they?
*The Merge has begun
*Final Gatekeeper
*New messages from 'home'......and .more

*7th Wave progress
*12 Realms of time
*12 DNA strands
*Strange Sky sounds
*Black Sun
*Home team have broken through

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One thing I forgot to mention, HRC was seen as a witch, hanging over an old wrought iron gate with a broken back.

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*Blue Plasma Ray has arrived
*More from home are walking in as more from here leave to go home
*Walkins in High levels of Government the world over
*Claim your energy and REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE
*Justice is being served

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-Leeloo said her code is working and The D Waves computers have been taken offline
-Walk-ins...are you a walk in?
-Personal Time Line corrections
-Cleaning out the middle men
-Toxic relationships are cleaning up or moving out

Live Q & A

Live Q & A

Live Q & A

Live Q & A

*Energetic Dome came down...Breathing, compression feelings
*Followed by a Blue Energetic Wave
*Message: You are now living in 2 realms, you are home, open your eyes
*Original vision coming back online
*6th wave has ended - now we wait
*The Event.....Individual inside job
*All narrative playing out
*We are the 7th and final because this is where it all began
*Support is the fabric of the universe, the virus was ‘need’, in all creation there was never any lack until here
*UVC and 3ZB

Addressing some misconceptions and a little bit of history.

Leeloo message of the event date of July 31st

Just throwing some questions into the collective about UV rays, Wind Vortices and binary code

This will end in the biggest flash the universe has ever seen.......

Trust is the meme/emotion being challenged right now for many.

Secureteam10 video:

We are still in the 6th wave which has a lot more going on than first thought.

Earth has evacuated and no longer supports this construct..

Video referenced:

The 6th wave has begun which marks the beginning of the event and during the 7th, all will be seen.

*Sphere Beings
*Purple Frequencies
*Confirmation of the first 2 waves (2 of 7)
*Tesseract, Toroidal Fields and Sacred Geometry
*Argus, the oldest Dragon makes contact
...and a little more

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I am joined again by my friend and LMH Member Russ as he takes us through a small sample of the sky anomalies that have caught his attention over recent weeks.

I also give some details of a message received from 'Oliver' last night regarding a cleansing wave of 3zb that started last night my time.


The only way to explain current events is in context of the bigger picture

I feel we have tried to end this game many many times and it hasn’t worked, snakes and ladders.

We created a copy, temporary copy, end of 2012 we started moving into this copy space.

We were in the copy for 2013 through to 2016. The Mandela effect really became noticeable during this time.

January 8 2017 the clock was wound back, by who I don’t know, could only be wound back to the beginning of the copy space and they bought another year. During 2017 so many were noticing a repeat of themes in their lives going back to 2013.

During 2017 we were all working heavily in the energetic, making all the preparations, laying the groundwork in the energetic for this time, for manifestation into the physical.

I felt the original close, collapse around May/June 2017.

What work… is my feeling that what we perceive as dimensions is an artificial separation of time/space and consciousness….A veil or frequency fence was inserted and created these dimensions or levels as well as creating different brain wave levels and consciousness levels. During 2017 this was all coming down in the energetic, was all starting to become one and be cleaned up.
Lots of integration of fractals etc

First few weeks of 2018 until 18th……winding back the clock…..time was going by so fast

January 19 the clock started moving forward again, this time only buying another 3 months.

Again this is a repeat of 2017, which was a repeat of 2013 to 2016…..

Leading up to January 18 there was a feeling that the 18th of of the month, every month would be significant.

January 18, was the realization of the wind back stopped, another 3 months beginning

February 18th began with the feeling that leeloo’s poem was now relevant, for NOW and a series of events occurred that resulted in 2 of the darkest controllers being evicted from this space, all harvested light returned and with that energy a new universe created. There..

Today Allison Coe and I had an opportunity for an impromtu chat during a LMH members call which she allowed me to record.

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Crow777 video:

Annihilation was the filmed mentioned - A Netflix Original

March 4 - the beginning of the end?
Something is in the process of ending, this process began on March 4 and i feel will complete on March 17 in preparation for March 18, a new beginning.

*Our brains appear to be rewiring
*3ZB is in the atmosphere
*The beings at the very top of pyramid chose to leave
*Repurposed and updated tech installed
*Memories are returning
*The event, what is it really all about

Turning back the clock.....818.......Hawaii False Alarm...


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