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AtomicDEX is a secure, non-custodial wallet to store hundreds of different types of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Komodo, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, you name it. The test version comes with a dozen coins enabled, and we are adding new assets with every beta release.

AtomicDEX comes with built-in decentralized trading features. Built on the industry’s most advanced peer-to-peer mobile-first atomic swap protocol, it lets you trade any coin to any other without sending your assets to an exchange first. Never give up control over your coins! #Komodo #Crypto #Bitcoin

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A multi-chain, decentralized-model platform designed to efficiently stream audio and video, where users and creators engage toward earning cryptocurrency. Tokens are not intended to be securities tokens in any jurisdiction. Please consult our full disclaimer at the end of this document. #tron #TRX #Beatzcoin

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➜ Tronhive -
The game BeeHive is a simulator of the economic model of a beehive, thanks to which you can earn TRX coins.

You can feel yourself in the role of a beekeeper, developing your hive, acquiring different breeds of bees and conducting improvements in the production process, getting real profit for it.

The game has two resources wax and honey. Wax can be bought or obtained from bees. It is used to buy bees, open a new framework and to develop the hive.

Honey is produced only by your bees, and it can also be obtained from other hives in your Bee-garden. Honey is very valuable, it can replace wax in case of its shortage, and is also used to improve production quality and is freely converted into #TRX. #Tron #Dapps

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➜ Full explanation of game among a Tronlink install tutorial

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Let's talk about #NEO based blogging platform called Narrative that was in last year, now been slowly releasing good updates including monetization among other things. It's not finalized and lot of planned functions are about to go live this year, in this video i want to overview business model and offer some critique of existing things. by far not an expert of the platform so i may had some things wrong, but nonetheless this is my take

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➜ DFL Mafia Contracts -
Today i want to share about a big project i'm working on right now called DFL a cryptocurrency service platform and a forum later on. You will be able to purchase many thing with DFL mafia tokens in this website.

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Hey another week of airdrops to share with you guys, sorry for being absent last week running your own token project sure does take lot of time in general. #Airdrops #Crypto

➜ Apollo Currency -
➜ Ether Clown -
➜ 888Bet -
➜ Huobi Litecoin -
➜ Netbox -
➜ Cudos -


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As promised here is Top 5 Mobile Crypto currency faucets that aren't half bad to try out

5) Xwallet -
4) BCH -
3) Stormplay - (Code - KVWLFLO6)
2) Coinverting BCH -
1) Coinverting LTC -

Enjoy the list and make sure to subscribe for future videos. #Cryptocurrencies #Crypto #Faucet

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➜ Dappstats -
Today i'm going to showcase a relatively new dapp statistic website called dappstats which was roughly launched less than two weeks ago. It is currently tracking EOS, TRX, ETH and IOST dapps. In future there is going to be implementation of Ontology and Ziliqa as well.

Thing that makes this platform special is dividend model which is paid via multiple currencies to token holders. The site will share part of the earnings of the website with the token holders - thats referral links and advertisements you see in the website.

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➜ Pecunia -
Masternode hosting service Pecunia platform offers: One click installation: 2FA: Payment currency: BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, SMART, XZC, ZEN, DEV, SYS, XSN, PIVX, DGB. Among hundreds of different masternodes to choose from.

Also you can DIOS and use alternatively ipv4 or ipv6 hosting.

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Collected best #Crypto faucets which arent too grindy or don't pay well. No KYC requirements or massively spamming ads sites, these are easy and cheap money for taking.
➜ Crex24 -
➜ FreeFaucet -
➜ AllCoins -
➜ Graviex -
➜ H20x -
➜ Coinbox -
➜ Endless Game -
➜ CryptoFaucet -
➜ IOST Hub -
➜ Cointiply -

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Here is guide how to stake, freeze and melt HYPE tokens with metamask. For specific guide on Trust Wallet (Mobile) please check out this article -

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Today i'm going to feature a Dapp that operates in waves blockchain called Waves Sea Battle, implementing the class board game into the blockchain, bringing that good old PvP Action back.

In order to play this game you need to have waves keeper extension or client in your PC. The game operates with wagers smallest being 0.20 Waves. You can choose opponent you desire from the site and then battle them if they accept the invitation. The winner takes it all, minus a small cut that the platform takes for themselves.

Overall its pretty fine detailed DAPP and it wasn't clunky or hard to use, quite simple experience.

➜ Tip Waves - 3P81P1Q3Q3DXh2QaAkPjATUNesMZ7DFRkup

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➜ Super Hero Website:
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Today i will share some my thoughts about EOS based game called Fast Super Hero that is currently on BETA.

Developed by FAST RESEARCH LAB (FASTECO), Super Hero is the world’s first 3D MMORPG based on EOSIO blockchain technology. Super Hero is currently in the beta testing phase. During this period, Super Hero has minimal functionality but, we are asking everyone to explore the map and share with us ideas and feedback to help create the most enjoyable MMORPG on blockchain possible, as we construct this mythical world.

We aim to create a mythical world full of adventure, exciting quests and epic battles. Players will roam the lands freely (as we open up new sections of the map over time), discovering new quests, mystical creatures and rare materials to craft weapons, potions, etc.

Heroes will be able to socialize in the game, and all asset-related data information will be chained. Game props will exist in the form of NFTs, and there will be many exciting functions such as treasure hunting, and dark shooting to come. #EOS #DAPP #CRYPTO

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Hey guys a new week and new pick up of #Airdrops to check out in the #Crypto space now. Been busy so thats why last week was cancelled and to be honest nothing worthwhile to cover either.

This time we dont have any that KYC requirements, bunch of DFL, NFT's and also original blockchain projects up for pick ups.

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➜ USDX -
➜ ELAD -
➜ Spirit Clash (NFT) -
➜ Taurion -
➜ Ether Clown -
➜ Ash -

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Here is a bit of a review of Coil a blogging platform that is currently on beta that just received big 1 Billion XRP donation thats (265$ million) to improve the system and go for mass adaption?

Lot of things are still in beta phase, so don't take this as finalized project. I'm sure there is lot of things that can be done with such a high budget once they start get the gears rolling eventually.

I will produce more indepth review of Coil once they get more features down the line and do some updates that are going to change the economics on the site, which i believe they plan to do. #XRP #Coil #Ripple

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We're going to look into HB Wallet today a Ethereum based GUI wallet that in-built DEX and NFT Marketplace. HB supports all ERC20 tokens available, you can add them in the options.

The HB Wallet is currently available on IOS, Android, Windows & MAC. No Idea if there will be eventually a Linux support for it. #Ethereum #Crypto #HB

There is also a gatcha drop (NFT Type of airdrop) which sometimes appears on the wallet now and then that you can claim. I have no idea how often these happen, but its nice added feature.

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New Week of Crypto Airdrops to look into guys. Leave a comment below if you wanna see shorter videos (Less drops) or longer videos (more drops). Obviously if we add more, quality might vary lot more.

➜ Kucoin -
➜ Enjin x Coincodex -
➜ Nollar -
➜ Aftermath Island -
➜ Krypto Redeem -
➜ Snow token
➜ Frag
➜ XIO Token -

#Crypto #Airdrops #CryptoCurrencies

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Today i'm proud to reveal my first Token project called Ether Clown, which will be a DFL token with a unique twist that hasn't been yet tried in the space.

We will be releasing lot more information via our social media channels soon enough along with a website. Distribution likely start near end of August 2019.

Upon release of our website we will do a more in-depth whitepaper that has more info about airdrops and roadmap beyond for 2019. Also The DFL Mafia will be releasing info about the next project probably in 2-3 months or so.

The plan is to create a decentralized token as possible with very diverse and well put out airdrop strategy that has multiple phases. Ether Clown will serve as source of cross-promotion and also entitles you to future drops in our other projects in DFL Mafia.

➜ KuCoin Play -
Today i want to talk about great earning potential with newly released KuCoin Play platform where you can play minigames, complete social bounties and daily check-ins in order to gain hefty sums of tokens on the platform.

There is no KYC required on the platform, but it gives extra points, but you do need phone number text message verification however.

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➜ Bitmovio - (Ref: bitmovio-WeNzF)
Tonight i want to showcase an ethereum based video platform called Bitmovio that is currently on beta. Sort of hybrid model between vimeo and youtube in the sense that it allows documentary creators and such set prices for their movies. #BitMovio #Ethereum

I will do full review when the platform will do a full release of its features and content. There is potential with it, but it needs some heavy marketing as of now. #Crypto

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New Week of Crypto Airdrops to cover my friends. This week is bit more dry due to the fact that not many really great ones ongoing that are worth mentioning (or they've been talked about already)

In order to enter the exclusive GRND drop, you have to go on to this tweet and use the hashtag and @ as stated on the video and then post your ETH address in comment section -

➜ Vid.Camera -
➜ CryptantCrab -
➜ WINk KuCoin -
➜ Discoin -
➜ Advertising Token -
➜ Block Arcade -

➜ Thursday Ninja -
➜ Comet14 -

To be in the loop with latest airdrops, join announcement channel

Social media channels, go check them out
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See you next week geezers. #Airdrops #CryptoCurrencies #Crypto

Coming Soon.....
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Today we will be focusing exposing a big time scammer in DFL community who goes by the name of SONO (@someone_no_one) also sometimes known as Crypto Kid, LordFomosWhere or Lambooze.

He has worked on numerous projects like Void, Mero, Black Hole, Volcaneos (very likely), Claymore Token, Fuze (Maybe) and now more recently Transburn and DeFlash Token.

He will more likely launch lot more projects in future and offer marketing assistances. These are his two Telegram groups that hes running. #DFL #CryptoNews #Crypto

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Another week of Airdrops to cover, this we got bit less than last week, i felt like lot of the ones i were seeing required dumb app downloads and KYC's for peanuts and i feel like you guys don't care about low quality stuff like that. However i did manage to collect few worthwhile picks. #Airdrops #Airdrop #Crypto

➜ Arena Match Gold -
➜ Stratis -
➜ Novem gold -
➜ Allforcrypto -
➜ Stellar Gold -
➜ Arch Crypton -

➜ Aftershock -
➜ KutixToken -[email protected]
➜ eBomb -
➜ Trendex -
➜ Kaboom -
➜ Nuklear Token -
➜ Shuffle Token

➜ Deflash -
On every transaction the user makes, 5% gets burnt Immediately, WHILE 2% gets transferred to our Donation wallet, So if you are using the Token, You are supporting the Project!!!

While the users and well wishers can still donate ETH and tokens on our donation address, we still pretty much made us well equipped already! As long as we are being used for transactions, we will never fall short on funds. #ETH #DEFLASH #DEF

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➜ Boltx -
➜ Forkdelta -!/trade/0xe870bd7c40c1f1227637ded7b60456501d25a7b8-ETH

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