➜ Bitmovio - (Ref: bitmovio-WeNzF)
Tonight i want to showcase an ethereum based video platform called Bitmovio that is currently on beta. Sort of hybrid model between vimeo and youtube in the sense that it allows documentary creators and such set prices for their movies. #BitMovio #Ethereum

I will do full review when the platform will do a full release of its features and content. There is potential with it, but it needs some heavy marketing as of now. #Crypto

➜ Discord -
➜ Telegram -

New Week of Crypto Airdrops to cover my friends. This week is bit more dry due to the fact that not many really great ones ongoing that are worth mentioning (or they've been talked about already)

In order to enter the exclusive GRND drop, you have to go on to this tweet and use the hashtag and @ as stated on the video and then post your ETH address in comment section -

➜ Vid.Camera -
➜ CryptantCrab -
➜ WINk KuCoin -
➜ Discoin -
➜ Advertising Token -
➜ Block Arcade -

➜ Thursday Ninja -
➜ Comet14 -

To be in the loop with latest airdrops, join announcement channel

Social media channels, go check them out
➜ Discord -
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See you next week geezers. #Airdrops #CryptoCurrencies #Crypto

Coming Soon.....
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Today we will be focusing exposing a big time scammer in DFL community who goes by the name of SONO (@someone_no_one) also sometimes known as Crypto Kid, LordFomosWhere or Lambooze.

He has worked on numerous projects like Void, Mero, Black Hole, Volcaneos (very likely), Claymore Token, Fuze (Maybe) and now more recently Transburn and DeFlash Token.

He will more likely launch lot more projects in future and offer marketing assistances. These are his two Telegram groups that hes running. #DFL #CryptoNews #Crypto

➜ Discord -
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Another week of Airdrops to cover, this we got bit less than last week, i felt like lot of the ones i were seeing required dumb app downloads and KYC's for peanuts and i feel like you guys don't care about low quality stuff like that. However i did manage to collect few worthwhile picks. #Airdrops #Airdrop #Crypto

➜ Arena Match Gold -
➜ Stratis -
➜ Novem gold -
➜ Allforcrypto -
➜ Stellar Gold -
➜ Arch Crypton -

➜ Aftershock -
➜ KutixToken -[email protected]
➜ eBomb -
➜ Trendex -
➜ Kaboom -
➜ Nuklear Token -
➜ Shuffle Token

➜ Deflash -
On every transaction the user makes, 5% gets burnt Immediately, WHILE 2% gets transferred to our Donation wallet, So if you are using the Token, You are supporting the Project!!!

While the users and well wishers can still donate ETH and tokens on our donation address, we still pretty much made us well equipped already! As long as we are being used for transactions, we will never fall short on funds. #ETH #DEFLASH #DEF

➜ DDEX -
➜ Boltx -
➜ Forkdelta -!/trade/0xe870bd7c40c1f1227637ded7b60456501d25a7b8-ETH

➜ Twitter -
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➜ Telegram -

➜ Hash Rush -
Hey today we look into an Alpha product called Hash Rush which is currently in open alpha, you can check the game out and play it yourself all you need is an email basically. You can't earn crypto with it yet and some of the core game mechanics are still in the works, but it is coming along nicely. #HashRush #Crypto #Gaming

Currently the rush token is not in exchanges and you can't buy it. So you have to wait for now.

Read more here !

Also check out my social media channels

I had an interview with the owner of Brapper token MCX about their project, how did they get started and more importantly about their future plans for mass adaption.


You can find more about their service and shortlinks at their website. They are planning also on increasing merchandise that they are selling at their website. #Brapper #Brap #Ethereum
➜ Twitter -

➜ NIX -
Tonight i will be showing how easy and fast it is to setup a LPOS Smart contract with NIX GUI Wallet (This works with QT Wallet as well) and there is no minimum amount of NIX you need to stake to use LPOS feature.

➜ KuCoin -
➜ Mercatox -
➜ IDAX -

There is lot more interesting and cool stuff at works on NIX which makes it a good project to look into more. Not many masternode coins have actual smart contract support or other real projects in the works. #NIX #LPOS #Masternodes

➜ Discord -
➜ Telegram -
Another week, another set of great crypto airdrops for taking. Couple of holder airdrops, erc20 tokens and brand new deflating tokens. Only one task here requires to go through KYC. #Airdrops #Airdrop #Crypto

➜ SUN - (KYC)

➜ OVR -


➜ SafeCalls -

➜ Civic - (NO USA)

➜ Komodo & ALGO -

➜ DiscoinApp -

➜ FailToken -

➜ Hypetoken -

➜ Satanic -

➜ Nekopay -

➜ Erazer -

➜ Mero -
Make sure to follow me on social media channels for future tips for other drops and other crypto commentary. People who want to list their airdrop in the videos contact [email protected] and maybe we can work something out

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➜ Hypetoken -
Hello DFL Gang, today i'm going to talk about very special project called Hype Token which is brand new ERC-20 Token on Ethereum Blockchain, that is combining elements of Inflation and deflation.

➜ Livecoin -
➜ Sistemkoin -
➜ CoinExchange -
➜ Forkdelta -

Social Media Links

Make sure to check out their social media links to be wake for new possible airdrops and other announcements regarding the project. #HYPE #DFL #Ethereum

➜ Twitter -

➜ Bitcratic -
➜ Twitter -
Today i'm gonna do a showcase and tutorial guide how to use Bitcratic Decentralized Ethereum Exchange.

Since inception of the Blockchain Centralized Crypto Exchanges are dominating the crypto market and more than 95% transactions are taking place in such exchange. The objective of the Blockchain is to decentralize the world. Bitcratic is here to empower the decentralized exchange. Bitcratic is a decentralized exchange for ERC 20 Tokens.Bitcratic use off-chain order book with On-chain settlement.3

Every Ethereum transaction involves a gas fee which is paid to miners on the Ethereum network. On Bitcratic, Ethereum transactions are required for depositing, withdrawing, and trading.

If you're using Bitcratic with MetaMask, you can lower the gas price when you accept a transaction to pay a lower gas fee. We recommend a gas fee of 4 gwei if you don't mind waiting a few blocks for your transaction to confirm. If you're using Bitcratic without MetaMask, the gas price is fixed at 4 gwei.

If you're not using MetaMask, you can set the gas price from the "Gas price" item in the account dropdown (upper right).

Without getting into too much technical detail, a 4 gwei gas price corresponds to the following overall transaction fees: #Ethereum #DEX #ETH

➜ Website -
BRAPPER is an #Ethereum based token designed to help facilitate overall adoption of cryptocurrency into currently used platforms. Giving users the power of cryptocurrency by having them include their Ethereum wallet addresses in their current social media profiles. From Facebook to YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch, BRAPPER will make it easy for everyone to realize the true power they can have over their own privacy & financial future. BRAPPER is the BRIDGE to mainstream adoption. #Brapper

➜ Telegram -


You can find more about their service and shortlinks at their website. They are planning also on increasing merchandise that they are selling at their website.

➜ Twitter -

➜ MinePi -
➜ Twitter -
Today we gonna talk about Simulated mining, more specifically project called Pi Network (called MinePi sometimes) which is trying to create the next mobile currency following the footsteps of Electroneum and Phoneum basically.

Compared to those other two, the coins don't get sent out, they are locked until distributed is over. Also there is no other ways to get coins outside from mining with the App. There is powerful referral program, so more friends you get higher earnings you will receive, so you will get portion of my bonus if you sign under me. #MinePi #Crypto #Pi

➜ Twitter -
Another week, another set of great high paying Crypto Airdrops. This week we got 16 drops, instead of 20 like last week, i felt like +15 minute video was bit too much, so i'm trying to dial up the video to a faster one. #Airdrops #Airdrop #Crypto
➜ Meterqubes (20$) -

➜ Ultra -

➜ Elrond Network - (KYC)

➜ Stellar 10 XLM HODL -

➜ Reflexion -


➜ Authereon -

➜ Beetok -

➜ Stakd -

➜ Fuse -

➜ Ground token -

➜ MOAB -

➜ Shit Token -

➜ Staks Sats -

➜ Atomic ETH -

➜ Flamehyre -

For further contact for airdrops [email protected]
you can drop me some ETH tokens - 0xd3092810BfC5CC9393068840450c1dBCd42038ae
or TRX tokens - TASq5hkKvEtkG6Z694JjG7ZwYerd4Pez1b

➜ Join discord to be on loop for future airdrops -

➜ Fuze -
Today we gonna talk about Deflating token that innovated the space by creating first mega low supply token (that is about to be burned in less than 10 months basically)

This was also done regarding a video contest by them, if you want me to win and by participating on discord rains, make sure to leave a comment and like to this video.

➜ DDEX -
➜ Tokenjar -
➜ Bamboo Relay -
➜ Forkdelta -
➜ Bitcratic -!/trade/FUZE-ETH
➜ Opendex -
➜ Graviex -

You can find all their social links and bounty related information at their website. I suggest taking a look at those since you dont want to miss out on future possible bounties to make Fuze Tokens. #DFL #FUZE #ETH

➜ Twitter -

➜ Ultra Airdrop -
➜ Twitter -
Today i want to talk about very exciting blockchain project called Ultra (UTA) that just had its IEO in Bitfinex platform.

Ultra's mission is to build a first-class PC game publishing platform and ecosystem that puts an end to the current distribution monopoly by providing new opportunities to game developers, players, and influencers. #Ultra #ETH #Crypto

Steam, Apple and Google have created convenient ways for users to find and install software by means of important advances in digital content delivery — commonly expressed to end-users as “app stores.” The success of these platforms over the past 10 years has meant that users have grown to expect and demand the kind of ease-of-use and seamless purchasing experience that these platforms provide. However, this success has also produced a number of challenges for
the industry. These include:

1. Monopoly: Developers are increasingly having a hard time selling their software´outside of these walled gardens which result in large commission fees and loss of control over their own customers.

2. Discovery Failure
As the catalog of games continues to grow, gamers are having a
harder time discovering the right kind of content.

3. Missed Opportunities
The relatively new phenomena of streamers and gaming influencers has created a new opportunity for game marketplaces to reward andpay users for their play time.

Read the whitepaper here -

➜ Twitter -

If you wish to accept the challenge to journey to the far reaches of our Solar system, you will explore this incoming blackhole to try to understand it before it's continues its journey to destroy all other tokens in its path. If you dare join us on this journey you could well be rewarded with glory just for being there with us and taking part.

Our team of entrepreneurs and space explorers have observed the
currency markets closely and ascertained that the existing
solutions were insufficient.

We therefore created the Super Black Hole, (HOLE). To counter
inflation in the safe environments of blockchain.

Super Black Hole (HOLE) is a deflative erc20-token. Built on the
Ethereum network to be transparent, secure and fast.

With its 20% transaction burn, making it the most deflative
currency ever conceived.

A solution where the decrease of supply will increase the demand. - whitepaper

Join their telegram -

They are on these exchanges:


Addressing today of the recent Claymore Token Exit scam and current existing project called Golden Token that is running a deflating token ponzi scheme right now.

Luckily Mero (MRO) and Inferno (Blaze) have offered token swaps for people who held Claymore, in case you didn't sell them off yet.

Personally this situation was bad, i'm not a coder so i have no way to do vetting on smart contracts, which tbh should be job of exchanges and sites like coingecko for listing a project like this.

To clear my involvement was pretty much 1 video bounty like ive done out of other projects and thats it basically. I was in telegram private messages between CEO John and Cris too, both have erased their chat histories with me, leaving nothing behind if a lawsuit would commence etc.

I've turned down couple of promotional stuff in the past due to being sketchy projects, lot of things involving this project seemed rather legit to be honest, there was lot of listings on exchanges and obviously they had a whitepaper and some type of plans for future. So it was well put out exit scam i would say.

I've been asked to be part of the projects as well. These deals ive turned down because i want to be neutral and objective party that offers valuable information about coins and tokens, plus educating and teaching about crypto. If i will become affiliated in future, i will let people know publicly. #Crypto #BOMB #Claymore

You can swap your Existing CLM tokens at inferno here - or you can get in contact with Mero staff as well -

➜ Discord -
➜ Twitter -

➜ Masmic -
➜ Publish0x -
Today i'm going to share you guys very easy way to earn Stellar Lumens (XLM) a top 50 crypto in coinmarketcap and other websites. Masmic offers a platform for people to ask questions about any type of a subject and people who participate on answering and voting on the platform will be getting stellar as rewards.

It is like Quora that actually pays for contributions.However i'm not 100% sure about the long term sustainability of the website, as more users come in it might become more curated and you get inherently better answers for long term. #Stellar #XLM #StellarLumens

There are sometimes ongoing referral programs on the platform among this by voting and answering to questions you can earn stellar on the platform. Perhaps in future this will be expanded.

Obviously i also recommend taking a look at Publish0x as well.

Hey i'm turning this #Airdrop series now into a weekly one, every Monday new roster of new coins & tokens up for grabs.

If you are also planning to invest on some of these projects, do your own research and be careful where you put your money.

Normal Coins & Token Airdrops
➜ BTCDraft - (

➜ UBN & STO - ( + (

➜ BitPanda -

➜ DUSK (

➜ Blue Baikal (

➜ Rakun - (

➜ HXRO -

➜ Japan brand Coin -


➜ Maya Preferred -

➜ Serenity Source -

➜ MimbleWimble -

➜ ROBEE Airdrop -

Deflating Tokens
➜ Mero - (

➜ Sparta -

➜ Heaven Token -

➜ Ebank -

➜ Super Black Hole - (
If you want to have your project listed on next weeks or upcoming Airdrops episode you can leave a DM at or drop an email to [email protected] for further discussion. #Crypto #Airdrops

➜ Mero Airdrop -
➜ Twitter -
Today we're gonna talk about the lowest burn rate deflating token called Mero Currency with a burn rate of 0,001% and supply of 21,000,000 Tokens.

Mero Currency is helping spearhead change in the crypto world by encouraging mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments by open source development of payment options, first being a donation engine. We are also promoting and partnering with any cutting edge platform that is doing the job better then us. #MERO #AIRDROPS #Crypto

Social Sites
➜ Twitter -
➜ Telegram -
➜ Contract - 0x6ff313fb38d53d7a458860b1bf7512f54a03e968

➜ Altilly -
➜ DDEX -
➜ Bamboo Relay -
➜ TokenJar -
➜ Squirrex -

➜ Frag Token Site -
Hey guys, time to talk about newest Deflating / Self-Destroying token on the block called Frag Token. Max Supply 10,000,000 and 1% Burning rate, with infrastructure of Dapps.

➜ Contract - TPpLkxGeKragRC7qpiQjjtNmf6shXWi8i9

There will be a total of five airdrops, the first "Wave 1" airdrop of 1,600,000 frags was distributed on 24th June for eligible participants.
Wave 2 is an ongoing dappdrop for frag players and then once completed the next standard airdrop "Wave 3" will begin!
A total of 8,000,000 frags (80%) will be distributed through the five waves (with 10% for promo/contests and final 10% locked up for team). #Tron #TRX #FRAG

➜ Telegram -
➜ Discord -

Make sure to check out me on Twitter bois!
➜ Twitter -

Today i'm going to showcase a new Crypto Currency browser called Netbox Global, which just launched not too long ago. #Crypto #CryptoCurrency #NetboxGlobal
These links down below will get you free extra NBX, they are only time use only, if you missed them check link below.
➜ Download #1 -
➜ Download #2 -
➜ Download #3 -

A browser is a product that is an entry point to the Internet and its users are a huge community that is committed to network transparency and self-regulation. That is why we decided to create a blockchain-based Netbox.Browser, which users are distributed around the world and are able to join their forces to create a new transparent Internet access tool. The Netbox.Global infrastructure and its key product - Netbox.Browser - are the tools in the hands of a wide community of users, each and every one of which has and exercises their right to have a free global network owned by them.

➜ Official netbox website -

The Netbox.Browser is an application for PC and mobile devices, the main function of which, in addition to access to web-resources, is to maintain the functioning of the Netbox.Chain blockchain network. The Netbox.Browser is the first web browser that does not have a centralized infrastructure: all personal data of users belong only to them and decisions on the areas of development of the product are made by the community. The Netbox.Browser infrastructure is completely transparent and distributed, as it is stored without the use of central servers in the Netbox.Chain blockchain structures. An individual address in the blockchain network is assigned to each web browser; this address can store Netbox.Coins – the currency of the Netbox.Chain blockchain network. The larger the active audience of the web browser is, the faster and more reliable transactions are conducted in the blockchain.

As always do follow on Twitter
➜ Twitter - htt..

Here is Best Crypto Airdrops July 2019 with only one required a KYC, simple to do (small social media steps) overall worth is around 500-600$ ballpark if you actually go do all of them.


➜ Altilly Airdrop (

➜ Cadinex (

➜ ZB Airdrop (

➜ Coincasso (

➜ ProductProtocol (

➜ QDAO Stablecoin (

➜ PlasmaPay (


AIRDROPS (Deflating)
➜ Ethplode (

➜ Shrinktoken (

➜ Shit Token (

➜ Fire Token (

➜ FOMO Token (

➜ WILD Token (

➜ Aftershock (


I also recommend checking out Bounty0x for more bounties and extra earnings ➜

➜ Liteliger Discord -
➜ Twitter -

#Crypto #Airdrops #Airdrop


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