An introductory look into to just 1 (ONE) chemical that is one of the MOST WIDELY APPLIED herbicides.

What does it do? What are it's benefits? What are the CONSEQUENCES of applying this chemical? When did Syngenta know? Is there reason to their madness?

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Be aware that Canada is NOW a terrorist state!!!

The next chapter in the Canadian saga.

Mr Soros and his friends planned this ALL along and the used the US election as a distraction. Canada we must not be USED to meet their ends: the destruction of the most powerful democracy in the world.

Our fore fathers fought shoulder to shoulder with our American brethren to defend Freedom,Liberty and Justice. The fight continues. We must NEVER stray from each others side.

Please don't go blindly into the night and believe the pablum they feed you or get distracted by the red herring issues they feed you.

Sadly, C-6 is now law but legislation can ALWAYS be repealed as long as the public demands it.

YOU have the power. The Government works for YOU. Don't ever forget that as you toil. Their job is reliant upon YOUR approval.

God bless Canada, United States of America & ALL people who desire FREEDOM.

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Originally recorded:
March 8,2017

A look at another potentially explosive aspect of the ongoing saga of The "Honourable" Maryam Monsef.

It's not just her birthplace. It's not just her birthdate. It could also even be her name. This may explain a LOT about where her TRUE heritage is..

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Originally recorded January 16,2017

This provides some background to the true nature of what is going on in Europe, who is behind it and why.

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Originally published Febuary 23, 2017

Remember, only the ignorant follow blindly in the footsteps of a fool.

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This story is vast in nature, however I will try my best to apprise you as honestly, factually and concisely as possible.

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Giant Wyrm Kevin MacLeod (
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Cora Vaucaire: La complainte de la Butte

The liberal party and George Soros have a special plan for Canada...

Maybe you should have been told.

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Recorded January 10,2017

Maryam Monsef, who was recently "demoted" to the Minister of Status of Women, has a background from which many questions arise. Who exactly knew of the blatant holes in her story?

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Recorded January 10,2017

A look at the changing birth-date of The Honorable Maryam Monsef. Please like, share and comment. I welcome your thoughts and input.

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Recorded January 6, 2017

Who is the real Maryam Monsef? An introduction in a series of videos on The "Honorable" Maryam Monsef. What did the Liberal Party and Justin Trudeau know?

Recorded December 31,2016

"Lightless Dawn"
Kevin MacLeod (
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A Proud Canadian that is tired of watching the world go to hell in a hanbasket. There are big forces at play. This isn't partisan. It isn't about liberals vs Conservatives. That is a "fast death" vs a "slow death" analogy. It is about SLAVERY vs FREEDOM and the war is on.

It is time for us to waken to the reality that this war has been being waged against us for a VERY long time. It is only now that the final push is on. We must break free of the chains that have been binding us and build a better world.

Tired of YouTube and their games (though I will play them as long as they allow me to but the door has been shown to many of us for a long time now).

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