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RuthAnnTALKS about Dr. Kuhn's Copper Masks, in this BRIEF, INTRODUCTORY clip. Please, search BitChute for the FULL CONTENT of this video message, WITH THE SAME COVER: "Dr Kuhn's Copper Mesh Masks". Since the entire video was stricken from the Tube, I re-recorded it from my phone and mistakenly cut out prematurely before getting a complete take; hence, the two clips, one 47 seconds and the other about 6 minutes in length. Sorry about this! Thanks.

REMAINING CONTENT of RuthAnnTALKS "Dr. Kuhn's COPPER MESH MASKS", introduced by a previously uploaded clip bearing the same cover image. Dr. Phyllis Kuhn, PhD in Microbiology, has designed a copper mesh face mask (available for purchase at Amazon) for use by those interested in preventing viral or bacterial particles from entering the mouth and/or nose. Copper, she declares, "zaps" viral and bacterial particles on contact, neutralizing them; additionally, she claims, if this mask is worn directly against the skin (as opposed to being placed over another mask), copper nanoparticles will deposit into the nasal passages, rendering greater protection. These masks, being mesh, are breathable. There is also additional content in this video, covering the Ivermectin protocol - unnamed, because my first attempt at broadcasting this message at YouTube was intended to secure its sharability (to no avail, as the algorithms stood sentry).

Questioning how the term "hoax" found its way into the political discourse, specifically with regard to the coronavirus pandemic.


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