Recorded before the region lock ._.

🎵 Honk Kong theme

STOPPING UPLOADS for a while...

Recorded before the region lock ._.

🎵 Honk Kong theme


🎶 Bucky o'hare - Red planet (normal/remix)
🏆 January Limited Area Restriction B 🐰


🎵 True martial arts advent! Yamagata Masakage*
👩‍💻 [絢爛]駿府城


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Just playing good games without music and using an editor to put my favorite kind of music on it. Encoding takes a while and the upload too.

Mirror in 'case some video don't work:

System: Lubuntu 20.4 (Linux)
Recorder: Simple Screen Recorder (Software Center)
Video editor: kdenlive/Olive (appimage)
thumbnail/crop/final adjustments: avidemux (appimage)
browser: Firefox (default os browser)
/no more... Im using a tablet Android now.

Video legends:
No icon - original battle theme
🎵 - special event theme
🎶 - custom music added by me
😆 - video speed increased
⚡ - video highlights
🏆️ - monthly mission (restricted units)
♍ - blind run (first difficulty)
👩‍💻 - 開発瓦版
👩‍🏭. - Dropped/Improved unit... For seasonal or gorgeous


In Soviet Russia all dislikes are thumbs up.

Looks like the game now is Japan-only!?
I could use VPN but... The world have alot of other GOOD games :)